Friday, May 21, 2010

Rock steady

Rock steady ...
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Karl Rove:

"The Democratic theory that voter anger would fade ... once health care was passed ... was undermined Tuesday. That anger remains and likely will persist through the November elections.

Republican intensity ... continues: The Democratic turnout in Kentucky declined 8% from the last midterm, while GOP turnout rose 27%. In Arkansas, the hot Democratic Senate primary produced a 15% increase in turnout from four years ago—but the GOP turnout more than doubled, up 122%.

Even though Pennsylvania Republicans didn't have serious statewide primary fights while the Democrats battled over both Senate and gubernatorial nominations, Republican turnout was up 46% over the last midterm ..."


While tis hard to predict anything now, with any certainty (165 calendar strikes, until Judgement Day). And one cannot argue, anger will fade before then. Will only rise [seems to be the dedicated, unwavering plan of the mooselimb junta (looks like they really don't even have to try, to inflame ... nonchalantly throwing firebombs ... as they sleepwalk)].

We may pass some sort of breaking point before then. Impatience. Frustration. Rage. At the corrupt traitors ... who have overthrown representative Constitutional government.

I know we will do well on November Second. It's the days between now and then ... that worry. Each day passes, and each day we are treated to yet more ... unbelievable insanity.

This is not normal.

It is wrong.

It is evil.

And yet, the synthetic beings who populate the libturd nation, genuflect before the privileged filth in DC, who've thrown wide open the gates of hell.

I know, I do believe ... that on one day approaching, Khalid Sheikh Obama's faux, supra-constitutional, criminal, felonious, hydrogen filled enterprise. Will come crashing down back to earth in a fiery implosion. Indictments handed down. Perp walks the order of the day. Simply the laws of physics. And I would give even odds ... Articles of Impeachment, WILL be handed down, in the new Congress.

The crimes against logic, against reason, against a couple hundred million citizens ... of this great nation ... will not stand. We have a long way yet to go. We will most certainly be bruised. We may be bloodied. We will be subjected to countless more insidious and vicious attacks. By the vermin ... who unashamedly soil the White House.

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Sickly, bizarre death ... by a thousand diseased-rat bites.

For the Marxist, fascist, mooselimb antisemites, there will be no reprieve from the guv'nor. No free pass from St. Peter, for the national treasure they wantonly destroy. They will yet still try to take us down with them. In the muck, the mire, and the filth they live in and breathe.

It is far too easy to get ensnared in the frass, they quite proudly manufacture and spew ... now every second, every minute, of every day. Consumed in the fire they've set to this cherished country.

November Second will get here.

But will we?

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Only G*d knows.


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