Monday, June 07, 2010

Joy and beauty (among the desolation, destruction, and despair).

Got to the Israel Solidarity Rally in Beverly Hills yesterday, late. Due in no small part, to L.A. Daily News' editor, Carolina Garcia. Printing the wrong directions. Sure, tis possible ... she merely retransmitting info provided to her. But the reality is, Ms. Garcia traffics in lies bald faced, rampant masking, disinfo, misdirection (in this case literally), and obfuscation. On a continuous, daily basis. Every single fookin day (every hour of every day). Without end [ just like 98% of MSM, with sheet fur bwains (lie + lie = truth)]. And in such, I simply would not put (the intentional act/it) past her.

Me, attended my very first protest rally in April. Along with a million other Tea Drinkers. And with my second in mere months, now am regular OG ... a veterano.

Sure, parking was a beyotch. But I gotts two feet ... so finding the prize (an empty, unrestricted parking space), a half mile from the rally, tweren't any obstacle. Walking ... arriving upon the shore ... of a sea of Israeli flags. Smiling happy babies in strollers, children dancing and giggling with joy, grandma's singing. And yet how strange ... 2010, and the need to publicly demonstrate. Reaffirm. In the flesh. In body. That we will not walk into the ovens. Again.

Many highlights [missed the beginning of course (and didn't stay late)] ... Daniel Pearl's father, local elected officials standing ... being counted. The whirly above, the mobile command post, the long ordered array of black and white cherry tops. And of course uniforms, ever present and visual.

... The many Jello mellow pooches, sporting Israeli flag bandanas [mebbe why there were no Hamas counter demonstrators (snarf. And well, the Twilight Zone episode bout the hound and his devoted master, at the pearly gates. Meeting up with the faux St Peter, just might apply)] . And without question, the woman gingerly toting the pocket dog puppy. It so cute, as to render one incapable of mouthing anything other than baby talk.

And the numerous compliments received, for my sign (weren't I the proud papa). Didn't catch Michele Bachmann, or Jon Voight (may yet scout for any vid present on the web?). But Chuck DeVore ... dang. Pile drove the point all the way home. With a single, mighty, slammin blow. This guy's no fish eggs on a dollop of creme, atop a miniature pancake. He gets it ... really gets it.

But the larger light, the greater joy and beauty that I bathed in, while attending (and that glow lasted many an hour after, into the night). Was provided by an ocean of non Jews. Who suited up, strapped on their boots. And marched. In unison. To oppose evil. Christians, Evangelicals. From all around the globe (readily obvious by the large range of varied languages entering ear).

But it was the many, many (many) groups of Mexicans throughout. That brought a tear, or two (or three) ... to mine eyes [Bright Lights/Big City (never go anywhere without your Raybans)].

Imagine that ... knowing in their hearts, without qualification. That I am not a racist. And the unspoken understanding, that we share a common belief ... in the goodness of man. That doing the right thing ... isn't a question. Standing up, speaking out, not remaining silent. In the face of evil. Is a call every person of conscience and moral construct must answer.

Insanguine too, that there exists the need ... to demonstrate, what a moral compass is [and how it works (but I think CNN, MSNBC, AP are still baffled by the word "over", printed on both sides of a piece of paper)]. But in the doing, filling me with the greatest joy. With every collective shout in Spanish: Viva Israel! (this protest rally thing could be addicting).

The nightmare that is. The political sh*t storm, the traitor media horror that befouls us (and who orgasm every time they p*ss on Israel). Will continue. Unabated. For days and weeks and months to come. This is our reality. But in this stenchful ugliness that pervades. Men and women of character, of conscience ... remain undeterred. Ready and willing ... to fight darkness and evil. As does the tiny country of Israel.

We do not fear the darkness.

We will never surrender.

Charged, filled with an inner light.

That shall remain lit as long as one person of conscience.

Still draws breath upon this earth.


Blogger Jewel -The Testy Infidel said...

It surprises me how far people go to enshrine their lies. The lies they tell, knowing they are deceiving, the lies they believe, not caring if they are false, and the lies they tell themselves, desperately hoping that they will prove true if enough hysteria is generated.

6:43 PM  

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