Sunday, September 05, 2010

Tha-noo-noo (really new) memes ...


Number One:

Obama ISN'T the Manchurian Candidate (no Siree Bob). He's the ANTI-Manchurian Candidate:

Commenter number seven! Going by the name of "picomanning", (Oregon) timestamped: Sep 02, 2010 @ 01:20 AM ...

Obama (is) a carefully planned diabolical right wing conspiracy ... Obama was indoctrinated sometime as a teenager through the use of sophisticated hypnotherapy and post hypnotic techniques to be 'contradictorially reprogrammed' by retired CIA operatives.

His career ... and progress as a rising left wing political star, had all been planned and manipulated. His school records and birth certificate ... hidden with full support of left wing power! ... His personality was 'created' to be engaged in power building and climbing, up the scientology stairway of leftist politics.

The ... motive was to cause as much damage to the liberal wing of the democrat party as possible ... "The reality says it all. The falling leftist dominoes are in play"

Cuz you know mane ...... it's da Joo's fault (as usual). A (most) clevah (supah seekrit) cunning plot (by the cabal) .... again! (Gratuitous bwahaha here).

Number Two:

You fookin (pasty) raaacist Rethuglican's didn't win in November. No (leesten to me mane). Ya didn't, you didn't beat us, nope. Cuz we didn't vote .... neener neener neener! So there.

The new meme ... we didn't vote. Ergo ... you didn't win! jpeg

What's most interesting about the link? The August 31 comic, doesn't even exist!

Of course, the flip side of meme Number Two is .... DIEBOLD! But for the life of me, I haven't a clue why we didn't flip the switch before/on the last election? Right (woulda saved a whole lotta heartache methinks). Not that I go to, or attend any of the meetings, of the supah seekrit Joo cabal [not that I was ever even invited (bastards!)].

Number Three:

Not new new new, but ... still fairly recent (none the less) ...

Pearls Before Swine direct link/URL

... you know, them evuhl white folks. Rich and greedy. Greedy and rich. Buying the election. They been pounding this one (with a ten pound sledge), since Meg tossed her hat in the ring (and Carly). Over and over. And over again (bang bang): "large amounts of money" ... "clear concern at the amount of money" ... "billionaire" (run for your lives!).

Even though the DNC actually has MORE money on tap [as well ... the usual suspects/pieces of commie excrement (from link: "The combined spending with SEIU and other unaffiliated unions on congressional and other races this year could top $100 million")].

Lie upon lie, upon lie. A f*cking blizzard. Non stop. Twenny fo sebben. HANG TOUGH mofo's. Keep your cools. Show em your/our resolve ... on Sept 11. Smile in their faces. They can't beat us. They cannot. AND now THEY KNOW IT. Go 'head ... let em fling doo, all they want [it suits them (Emperor's new clothes). It'll wash off. The subpoenas however? Good Luck You Pieces of Filth. Good Luck.

And, since Commandant Sitzpinkler said da war in Eye Rack be ovah ... [(and)we met our responsibility]. I was wonderin (as bloggers do), does this mean we have to give back all the oil we stole? (Just askin).

And ... since we're on a roll (jelly or Kaiser ... take your pick) .... in (barkin/baying/howling) moonbat brigade group think (kin ya say Oprah's new protoge ... Rosie O'Donnel). 9/11 was an inside job [and, according to those of similar brain wave frequency (Stormfront) ... that would be tha Yoo's (as in you and me)]. So really, if one does indeed employ tin foil hat brigade reasoning (as it were). A mosque, directly in the shade of Ground Zero. Makes all duh fookin sense in the (deranged, microcosmic) moonbat world.

All we are saying ... is give terrorism a chance. jpeg

Blah blah/YMMV/No cockroaches were harmed in the writing of this post [though Keith Olbermann IS gunna need hospitalization sooner than not (but hey ... I'm starting to actually enjoy the insanity!)]

Photobucket gif

(Can I get a woo hoo?)

November Second approaches! (Careful ... don't zippit too fast there Bambi).

yuk yuk yuk ha ha ha jpeg

Ooops, sorry (thought you forgot your hat). My mistake. jpeg

Clowntime's almost over!

Smoke em if ya gotts ... jpeg

So ... smoke 'em if ya gotts ... (I'm still on da wagon/tyvm).


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