Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Lying Sack of Sh*t ...

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All the lies. All the lies Chucklehead has told. All the lies KSO (Khalid Sheikh Obama) tells. Bold lies. Bodacious lies. Bald faced lies [right to our faces. Without compunction (just like a good sociopath does)]. About HCR: "costs down" ... "you'll get to keep your plan/doctor" ... "no govt. funding for abortion."


And yet ... he keeps right on. Telling more. We've seen your work *sswipe ... why bother? The mask is off. The whole world knows you are a fraud. A complete fabrication (Bubba: this whole thing is the biggest fairy tale I've ever seen). Ya ain't foolin anyone (anymore) ... cept yourself [and of course ... the deranged lunatics/libturds/MSM (Brian Williams above, Wolf Blitzer, etc.). Still merrily swinging from your deek (slurp)]. Ya really think you can sell us some more of your shiny, polished crappola ... one more time? Geebus.

Tell ya what Chucklehead .... show us (I dare ya):

1) The complete, Hawaiian atomic file [not that silly little photoshop/computer generated nonsense you (ever so righteously) keep yammering/chest pounding 'bout].

2) Your State Dept records (including how you traveled to Pakistan, on an Indonesian passort, while attending a U.S. college ... where you were registered/recieving aid ... as a foreign student).

3) Your academic records (not to worry, we already know you resigned from the Illionois State Bar, rather than face prosecution for perjury). Then, and only then ... will we cease to question your 'birth certificate'.

But I know it will never happen.

You are filth. Truth will out (wherever the f*ck you were born?). Even somma the buzzards on that sh*t wagon (OK, call it a bus) you are driving. Are now falling off. (Finally) overhwelmed by the stench of you. Everytime your sainted visage graces the small screen, I am filled with revulsion (can't change the channel quickly enough). Shoot, I couldn't even get past the five second mark, of the above vid. And I tried. And tried. Just couldn't do it. Could not get any further ... than five seconds. And ya can't pay me. Five seconds was all it took ... to see. See you lying again. Like the sack of sh*t you are.


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