Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Return of the Blood Libel

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(With much trepidation) well now, here we are. In a moment most unsublime. This is insane. One of America's top commanders, leading generals ... is making the Islamist's arguments, for them. Now ... taking time out ... from all the back room negotiations/deals (with the Taliban) and money transfers (to the Taliban). To also be their mouthpiece. Sliming, smearing citizens of these United States, of America. Wiping the blood of its' soldiers upon (see ... it ain't the Taliban that's killing people. Nooo .... it's them Tea Party people!).

It's Bob. In his backyard 'burban abode. Booting a barbarian book of bile, on the barbie. Merrily blowing off a little steam. Getting a little sun, a little exercise, while taking his first amendment right, out for a stroll. As is his wont, just because he can. Like back in the day ... (remember) when we still had a Constitution? What a weenie ... Petraeus. Geebus ... fascism never sleeps. Cripes. I am ashamed of what is happening to my counrty. And now ...


I fear not the Taliban, the Islamists ... the bugs who come creepy crawling in the night (come and get me). But the smiling cowards and traitors who have sidled up among, alongside us [to your face Petraeus? Anytime. Anywhere. Anyplace ... *sswipe (now go f*ck yourself)]. Hey, maybe we should cut out the tongues of all those critical of Islam ... huh? Shut down all the TV stations that don't sook Bambi's swizzle stick (Faux News!). Maybe ... we should shove all American women ... into Burkha's? [You'll get used to the oppression, objectification, and slavery after just a couple of centuries ... (trust me)]. And then (of course), take your young daughters to the Obamacare clinic, to have their clitori crudely sliced off [with a shard of glass picked off the ground (as the intellectual offspring of the Taliban, [without fail] do a million times a year)].

Cuz you know, we wouldn't want to do anything (anything at all) to upset our new bestest buds ... now would we (and/or take away another deranged pyrhic, partisan political victory from Bambi). Just more of Chucklehead's divide and conquer strategy [Taliban = Friend, American (whitey) = Enemy]. (Now his ONLY mission, before being removed from office, by rule of law) destroy this country, turn it into a thousand Bantustans [anyone happen to notice Barry's (instantaneous) change in vocalization/inflection/dialect, during his dog speech? What a piece of crap (most smelly) ... fomenting, with cold intent. Racial discord].

Anyone in a conspicuous position of leadership, who suggests YOU have the blood of American soldiers on your hands? IS a tool of the caliphate. Sure, yes, you CAN take such ... into consideration regards the governance of your actions. But if you self censor, in advance, worried 'bout what the goot foogers back in the stan might think? Then you ARE a dhimmi. You have already surrendered ... to the caliphate.

One thousand five hundred years. One and a half millenia ... of rape, murder, and mayhem have preceded Bob (in his backyard 'burban abode). Not the other way around. If anyone so much as flicks a booger in the Islamist's direction, MSM and Bambi are there ... with pitchforks and lit torches: : fight against negative stereotypes of Islam, wherever they appear.

The Constitution is OUR'S (mofo's).

This country is OUR'S.

It is not the private property of the TRAITORS in the White House [who wipe their butt's with our flag. And use the (written on hemp) Constitution, to do nothing more than roll'n smoke J's, out on the Truman Balcony].

Sure, you may not want to burn a Koran, kewl [shoot, you may even disagree with me (oh no!)]. And, you may not use all of your Constitutional rights (on any given day). But they are YOUR'S. To use. Anyday YOU want. Anyday of YOUR choosing. And NO ONE CAN TAKE THEM AWAY. Unless .... you surrender them first. This is America. In this country, we ARE free. The supra-Constitutional caliphate will only be in power, until November Second. After that .... just let 'em try to tell us what we can ... and cannot say. Let alone think.

MILLIONS of American casualties did not fight. Did not go to war. Did not sacrifice ... their bodies, their souls. Oer the centuries. Merely/only to allow fascists to tell them: put a sock in it (so as not to risk 'insulting' our enemy). What you do. What you say. Is for YOU to decide. And you alone. And no one else. Tell me to STFU? Libel me with the blood of my fellow Americans? I'd say I was laughing in your face, but I'm pretty sure everyone knows ... I'm spitting.

Disagree with me? Feel free. Do. Please. Your right. As an American. And I would not have it any other way. Just the way we do it HERE … in AMERICA. One person … one voice … one vote. No one speaks for you. In America ... YOU get to speak for yourself.

So, while (skanky) Auntie Beeb gets her (stanky) frillies all uproarious (again): "will lead to bloody wars and reprisals" (ostensibly quoting al jizzera) ... "is an unprecedented attack" (on Islam) ... "Muslims in fear for/of their lives" (no, really).

Clinton, Holder, Petraeus [who had prior, arranged contact with the Associated Press (this was not lone wolf/off the cuff stuff peeps)]. Arguing for you, to surrender your Constitutional rights. To the freakin caliphate! Not hypothetically. Not theoretically. Not for the sake of argument. Not maybe. But now, today, this minute. We ain't in Kansas no more people. We're somewhere I've never been before. Somehwere I've never seen. And yeah, my circuits are sparking/shorting/arc'ing (tyvm). And yes, I am afraid.

But I'm gunna stay cool.

Gunna stay calm.

Difficult that may be.

Keeping my eyes on the prize.

Judgement Day.


Fifty five days .... and counting. In the mean time, we ain' gunna shut up. And we ain' gunna drink the f*cking Kool Aid. Sorry.

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Just the kinda folk we are.

A M E R I C A N S.

And don't you forget it.


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