Tuesday, October 05, 2010

This is not a game. This is not a joke.

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This is not a drill.

Couple weeks back ... the entirety of MuslimStateMedia/Traitor Media (along with every slimy, filthy f*ckin' libturd talking head in their employ). Was going on and on (and on and on) about one Derek Fenton. And how this o n e American was going to cause the whole world to convulse, shudder, and break its axial restraint. Simply by burning a very small piece of paper trash ... in public. In the light of day, on a street corner (... the horror!).

And his crime so great, so unbelievable, so horrific, MSM dare not show even one single image (cuz they don't want to start a global conflagration). Derek Fenton, American, exercising his First Amendment right, IN America. ON American soil, in an American city. As protected under the Constitution of these United States (you remember the Constitution don't ya?).

Failing to paint Mr. Fenton with the blood, of the victims, of the ceaseless terror of militant radical Islam [see the Taliban doesn't cold bloodedly slaughter people (with malice aforethought), noooo. It's them Tea Party people!]. A few weeks pass, during which time there's not one single mention of Derek Fenton. Anywhere. Anyplace. On any MSM platform.

Then last week [just/only two weeks after Derek's incredible pulp (fiction) massacre] ... whuddya know, there it is. Muh local smelly commie rag (that's right, you guessed it ... the L.A. Daily News), runs this AP crappola. But (instead of a file photo, of one Donny Rumsfeld) splash about one of the most heralded libturd propaganda images.

Carolina Garcia at it againjpeg

A U.S. soldier, with a large vicious dog, getting in the face of some poor put upon "insurgent" (in custody). Like uh ... that's not going to inflame the syphilitic loins of some jihadi? [MSM: do as WE say ... (not as we do), you f*cking conservative *ssholes].

And then last Friday, watching skanky Aunti Beeb, diddle herself into a frenzy. Going on and on (and on and on), 'bout some uniformed Pakistani soldiers, executing some Taliban (with blindfolds on). Showing us some grainy cell phone vid. And dwelling, with gusto, on the enmity they (the Beeb) are producing. Only to abort the now lengthy orgy (slurp) at the very last moment [propaganda interruptus ... "images to shocking to show" ... so we won't (even if we don't show the boolits flyin' ... we're still going to show you the video, of their bloody lifeless corpses ... none the less/TYVM)].

But it doesn't stop there .... no. Flipping open Saturday morning's atomic, smelly commie rag (thuh L.A. Daily News, Oct 2). And what do we have? Yeppers. Some more.

It is hard to fashion exacting rhyme or reason to/for the actions of those in media. Sure, one can very easily say they are (quite seriously) deranged partisan operatives. Clinically mentally ill. Who haven't clue one about journalism. Let alone the real true gravity of their actions. Or even any understanding (any at all). Or that they even care ... a single iota [just like that piece of filth (soon to be impeached/former president) Khalid Sheikh Obama]. And 9-11 trutherism, is now paraded around by all and sundry (MSM) ... as mainstream (see ... those nice Islamic terrorists didn't incinerate 3,000 human beings, no. It was them greedy fookin Jews!).

Acting without compunction, ONLY in pursuit of putting points on THEIR own personal partisan scoreboard. Flippantly attempting to bring about their OWN prognostication (like militant radical Islam needs an excuse ... any excuse at all ... to murder). In fact though, they are destroying the bedrock foundation of a free America. As MSM willfully destroys the truth, during their self immolation (of the fourth estate). Lying prostate at the feet of the Luo anti-colonialist traitor, and his bestest buddies in the caliphate.


Loud and proud they are, cheering like lunatics ... the arrival of the fascists and the IslamoCommieRevolution.

Knowing not from which our freedom is derived (nor having any understanding thereof). Hardwired ... to their (sampling with lossy compression) iPods ('til their ears bleed). Thumbs all a'twitter ... glued to their Blackberry's ('til their thumbs bleed). In between bouts of PS3/X-Box/Wii ('til their minds bleed). Completely disconnected. From the real world. Having no relation to ... (the) atomic and gravity [kid ... ya wanna fly? Ya gotts ta learn how to land (chief)].

In the Oborg's derangement, somehow ... they are of the belief that the caliphate's arrival will bring about their long dreamed of utopia. Mindless ... insipid. They will destroy us. They will destroy you. They will destroy this country. Even ... merely ... for their own amusement. These filth among us, care not a whit for their fellow human beings. Have no moral compass. Care not even for themselves. They have not the tools to fully participate in this rough and tumble world, rapidly spinning out of control. Relying only on the pablum that John Stewart et al, daily spoon feeds them. Supremely confident ... in their ignorance.

Tyler Clementi didn't die (only) because he was gay. Simply, wretchedly ... because he was different. An individual. Not like them. And therefore worthy of nothing but scorn, snarkasm, hazing, belittlement, intolerance, and humiliation (same for conservatives or members of the Tea Party). Mr. Clementi coulda been the first visitor from outer space,or he coulda been the first concert violinist to play behind his back/with his teeth (or even setting his instrument afire/smashing it at concert's end). No matter.

Raised on hedonism, nihilism, and (holier than thou) Hollyweirdism ... these libwuhl morons spout drivel, nonstop [behold our scintillating insight! (the planet's melting. You're white/you're a racist. Obama just needs more time/is misunderstood. Did I say you were a racist?)]. And with open arms and a blind eye ... welcome the caliphate and attendant sharia law (under which women are enslaved, gays are murdered outright, and Jews are tortured).

The Oborg [as well the titular head of the BRMDC (baby raping moong*d death cult) Obama] vociferoulsy champion a (fifteen story) monument to the practices of Islamism. At Ground Zero. But won't lift one single finger, to actually save the life of another human being. To them, nothing has value, nothing has worth. Existing only to spit on principle, or disavow reason. Shatting on freedom of expression and the First Amendment. Hipper than thou ... is their all. Their everything (in their nothingness).

All the while MSM prints all manner of obscene lie, upon lie, upon lie. Misdirection upon misdirection. Obfuscation upon obfuscation. And omission ... upon omission. They determining what info we see ... are privy to. ONLY they decide who gets to see what. ONLY they determine what is the truth. ONLY they. And certainly ... not the citizens of these United States (and especially not them Tea Party folks). I've never seen anything like it. It's as if the Oborg (and their members in MSM) really well and truly occupy some sort of unknown, unseen alternate universe/dimension.

It is madness. It is insanity. And it is evil ... Pure F*cking Evil. And without question, it IS dangerous. Twenty eight days. 28 (and only). Hold on people, hold on for dear life. Hold on to YOUR country. Hold on to your family. Your principles. Hold on and pray. For ...

This is not a game

This is not a joke

This is not a drill



Blogger AnechoicRoom said...

"Lying prostate at the feet of the Luo anti-colonialist traitor, and his bestest buddies in the caliphate."

Should of course be ... prostrate.


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