Monday, October 11, 2010

Carolina Garcia ... pure filth

What is that smell? Oh right ... it's Carolina Garcia.jpeg

So (as usual) having a lil spot'o breakfast this a.m. ... and reading my local smelly commie rag [duh L.A. Daily News, with editor (turdmonkey extraordinaire) Carolina Garcia]. And today's lead story ... front page, above the fold ... looks enticing ('Big or small staff? It depends').

Wherein Daily News staff writers (and they've got the awards to prove it!), talk about the actual physical size of local L.A. government. Blah blah blah ... (the fifteen various L.A. City Councilmen/women) ... thirteen staff members ... fifteen staff members ... twenty two (staff members). OK, kinda innerestin'. Then they proceed to recount the manpower staffing for (the five) L.A. County Supervisors. Blah blah blah ... twenty three members ... forty nine members.

Whoa there Nelly ... 49? Bbbbut everyone else has so few. Wuzz da deelio ... what's going on h'yar? Who is this profligate spender (that's flushing the taxpayers dollars down the turlit)?

And there it is, in the fourth paragraph, on today's front page (can I get a drum roll please) ... a "conservative Republican" (Co. Super Antonovich). Hmmm ... that's not good, not cool. But wait there lil blog reader ... it does get beddah.

That is ... if one actually bothers to to turn to page twelve, and read the rest of the 'article' (past the five small, measly paragraphs on the front page). I mean who wouldn't want to take a peek? Forty nine persons seems just so dang wasteful. Especially compared to the four LA politicos that were pictured/touted on the front page (they having only 22, 22, 15, and 13 respectively).

Still here? OK ... now we're getting somewhere (taking the small bit of time ... to look at/read the rest of the 'article'). And there it is (buried back on page twelve). Turns out every single City Council Member is given the SAME EXACT AMOUNT OF MONEY [to spend on staffing (1.06m)]. And the staffing budget for every single County Supervisor ... is uniform as well [but amount is higher (3.4m)]. And those city/county officials, in turn ... can allocate staffing levels as well their activity, contribution, work load/hours ... as they see fit.

So, we get one Co. Super, who spends their 3.4m ... on 23 staffers (Gloria Molina). And another (Antonovich), who spends his 3.4m ... on 49.

Carolina Garcia ... pure filth.

But merely par, for this (libturd trash) editor. Who practices omission journalism, Islamojournalism, misdirection, and obfuscation as a daily manner of course.

Keep scribblin girl ... I just love your work!jpeg

Keep up the good work Carolina ... scribble away! [Ya really gotta love such derangement, lunacy, and devotion to the cause (and such a ginormous capacity to guzzle KoolAid)].


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