Friday, October 08, 2010

The Meek Shall Inherit an IslamoCommieSh*thole.

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Only watched the vid once so far [I want to savor it (and I haven't yet watched the 'seal falling' vid!)]. And it is a world entire. Of valuable information. Clear. Pure. Unmistakable. Displaying a piece of unadorned filth. Excrement. A shiny, well polished turd ... steaming up the ether. And this piece of sh*t has situtated itself in the White House. Now heads the government, of these United States.

Does the Luo anti-colonialist traitor stop the assault? No. Does he emplore the crowd to respect different points of view? No. Does he honor his own (filthy) lie to honor and respect those who do differ? No. Does he invite debate? No. Does he question his accuser? No. Does he stop his political speech?


He goes right on ... merrily spewing his filth, derangement and lies (about unemployment, the economy, health care, and Repub campaign financing). And pointedly allows his lunatic sycophants to openly assault and batter another American, in his presence. Physically defending HIS point of view.

This isn't what leaders do.


But it IS what Khalid Sheikh Obama does. And it isn't what Americans (at heart) do (unlike the firefighters in Tennessee who showed up, just to watch a man's house burn. Not lifting a finger, because they hadn't been paid).

Me ... greatly admire, without end, the vid's producer(s). And find the individual(s) to be truly Great American(s). Brave. Courageous. Jubilant lovers of freedom and the Constitution. And while I wouldn't intentionally go within a hundred feet (shoot ... a hundred miles) of any of the sh*tfests, that Khalid Sheikh Obama is now holding around the country (at taxpayer expense), near every day (does this turd ever do a single day's work?). I find the concept worthy of unanimous and universal support. Everywhere that piece of filth goes, every single time ...




(Hint: rolling up your thin/flimsy 'I love Bambi' sign, into a cone/megaphone helps). Yes, bring extra help, do. Plan. Station your operatives inconspicuously, a slight distance away. To capture the images of the insect horde, feasting on the remains of the Constitution. Me, like I said, I won't get anywhere near these freaks [I do know my limitations and so no need to test (wink)]. So, you have to indeed be ready to give blood, when these cockroaches attack. Not a great plan. Not one I'm fond of. One I wouldn't normally think of/consider/proffer. But it IS a Thorsian Hammer.

(Shoot ... bring a prop if you're feeling frisky?)
. And it will further help bring about a more rapid end, to the parasitic infection which now plagues us, and attacks us from within. By the faux/fraudulent/felonious/traitorous IslamoComieJunta. Not only won't Obama be reelected, he won't even receive his party's nomination (should he somehow last long enough to not be removed from office, by rule of Constitutional law).

And today? (Via Gateway) "Americans deserve to know who's trying to sway their elections—we can't allow special interests to silence anyone who stands up to them." Insane, deranged f*cking lunatic. And I cannot wait for Judgment Day.

On and on, these turdmonkeys proudly fling doo. Some might call it politics: "To give (Dem) Adler an edge, (Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee operative) Ayscue had recruited a then-unidentified man to run as a third-party candidate. That candidate would act as a spoiler to confuse voters."

I call it election tampering. And this is ALL, this is EVERYTHING that Khalid Sheikh Obama is now doing, nonstop, 24/7.

'Barack Obama accused of exaggerating terror threat for political gain'

And .... it seems like Chucklehead's now handing out Medals of Honor, just like candy bars. Naked, staged, empty partisan nothingness ('twer me, I'd wait for someone else to bestow the honor/tyvm). Just like Gloria Allred, majordomo of the left coast political ambulance chasing corps (that's pronounced 'core' Chucklehead). Except first, she saps Nicky on the back of the head, with a blackjack. Before tossing her into the middle of the expressway. To be run over by strangers/all and sundry. And only then ... does the ambulance show up.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Second vid (copy/paste .. just to lazy to strike the html):

One physical assault clearly visible, and MANY threats clearly heard.


3:24 PM  

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