Sunday, October 31, 2010

I told you it was over ....

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[And ... I told you to speak up (as well)]. The fireworks start, somewhere roun' the two minute mark. You can skip to there, if you want. You'll miss a few quotes (no big), like:

"Now my hope was ... that we'd have both parties putting politics aside."

(What ever you say ... sweet, dear, Chucklehead).

"We believe we can bring people together."

[And if you really believe the sh*t I'm selling (cough ... smokin')].

"Republican leaders in Washington ... they made a different decision."

[Drum roll please Maestro .... Booosh's fault! (What a sad, deranged, delusional, disgusting clown Commandant Sitzpinkler is)].

Approaching/a little before the three minute mark (after/once the heckle is in full swing):

"And we're funding global AIDS ... and the other side is not."

I thought it was the CIA that created/funded the world wide AIDS epidemic? [Now I'm (kinda) confused? (Help me Mr. Wizard!)].

After the three minute mark (and Chucklehead's now found his groove/verve):

"So ... what we would suggest ... I think it would make a lot more sense ... for you guys to go to the folks. Who aren't interested in funding global AIDS ... and chat at that rally."

Translation: You know ... the white racist (African baby) killers!

At 3:30 ... the body language, inflection, and demeanor/disposition show clearly. How much peril we face ... how much danger this country is in. Frightening. Truly. Just frightening.

3:40 ... and the crowd gets their we are (indeed) indoctrinated props on ... chanting Obama ... Obama ... Obama ... Obama. Skeery (f*ck me).

Coming up on the four minute mark, Bambi's bathing in the glorious glow ... of his legion's admiration (and if you put on your x-ray specs, you can see his jimmy's gettin jiggy with it!).

After the four minute mark: "Alright ... alright you guys have made your point ... you guys have made your point, let's go. (Pedanticaly/with pointed finger) Now look! ... Let me understand ... everybody ... we're alright ... (pleading) come on guys."

We're alright? No f*ckface. We AREN'T alright. And you most certainly ARE out of your freakin [ever (self) lovin'] mind.

4:30 ... he's lost his grip. Out of his element, completely ... totally. Hasn't clue one. This sh*t's hard to stomach [I got real f*ckin butterflies here (and I don't know if I can continue ... geebus)]. Horrific.

5:00 ... finally begins to dawn on him (you can see the little light go on, when he cracks a smile) ... he's been humiliated. Has humiliated himself (doubtless he'll be able to figure it out. That he's humiliated the entire country as well. Filling us with great fear, horrible dread, and loathing. And heretofore unmatched unease, as this ever darkening cloud ... surrounds and envelops us).

5:15 ... "Hey ... listen up."

Could it be any clearer, any plainer? This guy has no connection to America. None. Zero concept even ... of what it is to even be an American. "Hey" ... are you f*cking kidding me?

Geebus ... I need a drink (dang ... haven't had breakfast, and it's more an ten hours till noon!). It will get worse ... unfortunately. Until the new Congress is seated. Is in place. Has removed the gavel. From out the filthy hands of the IslamoCommieJunta (and the traitorous Congresscritters). We will be in for a very rough ride. Hang on. Hold on. Tight.

No dildo ... phuk U!jpeg

Be be sure to keep your pie holes ... unzipped though. So you can tell that diseased vermin ... to go f*ck himself. All the way up ... with a red hot poker. Should the opportunity arise.


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