Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Chester the Molester Soetoro

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What a piece of filth. Anyone who believes Barack Hussein Obama, has more than a snowball's chance in hell ... of being reelected. Is out of their freakin ever lovin mind (no if's and's or but's). He won't even be nominated, by his own party (though yes, one could argue Pelosi's reelection portends yet even more madness/derangement/lunacy/idiocy). Let alone last out his term. Before being removed from office, under rule of Constitutional law (just wait. Just watch).

His mother WAS a stanky whore [I won't even bother scrounging for the link/jpeg ... of the evah so wuvly, sittin nekkid (hint: Dunham nude). In front of a Christmas tree (ho, ho, ho)]. And Barry Soetoro, was NOT raised by his mother/grandma ... but by a gay transvestite. In a third world country. Barack Hussein Obama is a freak of the highest order. A coward, a traitor. Nothing more. Nothing less. And could not be described as being anything even remotely proximal to ... 'American'. In any way, any shape, or any form.

The current brouhaha over the TSA's security regime, masks the underlying truth. The increasing sickening reality. Of the all too real danger, this Nation faces. Not externally or just/only from Islamists. But from within. By the faux/fraudulent/felonious President. Who now daily victimizes us all.


Not a wit, bit, iota. Has absolutely nothing to do with the safety of our citizens, or our nation. It is only about power. Just, only ... the power of Barry. To impose his deranged will ... upon us, the people of America.

Who in their right mind thinks a sexual assault is what this Nation desires, when going to visit Grandma for the Holidays?

No one.

Only Barry, only that bag of sh*t thinks he can supersede the Constitution, of these United States. At whim. Only Barry proclaims to the land: "flying is a privilege, not a right" (and this, from the vaunted Constitutional Law Perfessor!). And only an idiot (in this case traitor), would completely ignore the impact his fascist retainers have, on business and the economy (in these now increasingly desperate times).

It's real simple (yeah it is).

People simply won't fly. And in turn, the (quite large) specific economy related to, the (equally large) indirect, and the general ... will all be impacted. And not just a little. This economy needs no tipping point, no further help in being pushed ... over the edge ... into the abyss. But this is exactly what Chucklehead IS doing. Spell it anyway you want (or paint it, color it, shade it)?

There is nothing funny about Khalid Sheikh Obama. There is only danger and extreme peril. For this Nation. And all who hold her dear ... cherish the very idea.

It no longer amuses me, to continually play word games. In describing how I feel. Dancing around the head ... of a sekrit soyvice pin .... ya know ... wouldn't it be great if Bambi slipped and fell in the shower (real, real f*cking hard/boom shaka laka)? Or ... choked on a chicken bone (cue John Belushi, doing his Mama Cass/Liz Taylor impression). Or Barry, deciding he wants some toast, while holding a fork ... sitting in the tub, taking a bath (a girl can dream). Or maybe ... uh playin golf, on a wet grassy hill, during a major lightning storm (looks like a three iron there chief!). Let alone coming up with new synonyms, for (a bag of) excrement.

Tuesday November 6, 2012 will officially demarcate the terminus of this nightmare. And it is coming, fast. Until then, we remain on station, on guard, keeping watch over this great Nation. With a more than wary eye, for the traitors who attack from within.


Addendum, 5:45 a.m.

It never stops. The boosheet, the lies, the obfuscation, the misdirection. (Via Drudge).

TSO's are now (obligatory drum roll please) .... victims!

From link:

"Aviation security blogger Steven Frischling said he has received comments from TSA front-line screeners complaining of verbal abuse.

'Molester, pervert, disgusting, an embarrassment, creep. These are all words I have heard today at work ...These comments are painful and demoralizing', one unnamed TSO posted on Frischling’s website.

Another said: 'Being a TSO means often being verbally abused ... when a woman refuses the scanner then comes to me and tells me that she feels like I am molesting her; that is beyond verbal abuse'.

'The thing to keep in mind is that stress affects screeners as much as it does travelers', said Tom Murphy, director of the Human Resiliency Institute at Fordham University ... 'While senior government officials explore how to achieve optimum security in less intrusive, and therefore less stressful, ways my recommendation to travelers is to try to see this from the screeners’ point of view'.

Guy Winch, an expert on the psychology of complaining and customer service and the author of a forthcoming book, 'The Squeaky Wheel', is concerned with the stress levels TSA employees may be experiencing this week on the job.

He explains ... the 'emotional labor' TSA workers must do ... Winch says having a mental health professional on staff or available as a referral 'can be crucial in helping the people who did not make these rules but are charged with enforcing and implementing them nonetheless'."

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