Sunday, November 14, 2010

The jokes just write themselves ....

Ya put your libwuhl hoof in ... ya put your libwuhl hoof out ..jpeg

"Administration officials praise first lady's interactions in India"

(Above in quotes is) Exact header, page A8, from my copy ... of today's atomic, local ... IslamoCommieRag [duh L.A. Daily News (though in linked version, they did manage to capitalize foyst lady)].

From link:

Michelle Obama danced with children and then danced some more. (And) she played hop-scotch ... For that, Mrs Obama won glowing praise from administration officials who said the events she did on her own in India were among the most successful of President Barack Obama's 10-day, four-country tour of Asia.

Won't bother checking/scanning/cetera ... but I'm gissin' I ain't da only fooh ... bloggin bout dis h'yar [no smiley face required (Ees vee all indoctrinated?)].

Ees vee all indoctrinated my little lieblings?jpeg


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