Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Buraq the Magic Pony jumps the halal shark

They call him Bambi ...jpeg

(While killing a few goldfish at the same time).

What more proof do you need ... huh? Failing to divide this great nation ... into Black and White (though he tried ... and tried mightily). Barack Hussein Obama now seeks to divide the nations of the world ... into believer and infidel. Muslim and Christian/Jew.

Standing atop not just foreign soil. But upon consecrated Muslim ground. Khalid Sheikh Obama, duh twelfth muddy, unofficial head of the BRMDC (baby raping moong*d death cult). Takes up Islamist propaganda talking points. Having already previously tossed Israel under the HopeyMcChange bus. He now sidles up to the tattered, broken boned country, to pull his hand back, and let fly a mighty proud b*tch slap.

Standing in the capital, of the largest Muslim country in the world ...

Heyyyyy ...jpeg

... he tells Israel they cannot build homes. In the capital city of THEIR own sovereign nation, THEIR ancestral homeland. Standard Islamist fare/trope/tripe/misdirection [see ... if only them Jews would do what we Islamists tell them to do, they could have peace (in the mean time ... we will still keep right on killing them Jews ... every single chance we get)].

Rather than face the music at home (how do you spell subpoena). He puffs up his chest, while chillin with his mooselimb buds ... in Islamville. Meanwhile, back here at home, in America. Dum Dum Bidenski and Shrillary ... tag team Bibi. One ... holding, softly caressing Bibi's hand ... while the other whispers sweet nothings in his ear.

Yeah, we won the election, we sure f*cking did. But it ain't over yet, not by a long shot. A traitor ... lemme spell that correctly ... a TRAITOR ... now occupies the office of President of the United States. Likely foreign born, most definitely NOT a citizen, let alone Constitutionaly eligible to even hold the office. Raised in a foreign Muslim land, imbued with anti-American sentiment. And only. He is no American ... let alone a Christian. Or even a man.

We have a ways to go yet. Before this calamity is over. And things can get worse. A lot worse. A whole lot worse. It is hard to believe that it is even happening. That this nightmare is real. But it is. And events yet to unfold, will pound this unreality into our hearts, will sear our very souls. It will be unpleasant.

We asked the Lawd to help us on November Second. And he/she did not fail (Thank You L*rd ... THANK YOU). That does not mean King Hussein will resign ... will curtail these attacks on Americans, America, and her friends and allies.

It is up to us now. To continue to lay waste to those who conspire in acts of treason, against these United States of America. We will not rest. We will not be silent. Until this great nation has excised the malignant gangrenous cancer which attacks from within.


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