Wednesday, November 03, 2010

As promised ....

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Spent more than four hours (f*ck me), and at least half a dozen interrupted attempts (like back in the days of Windows 98 & dial-up), to upload me very first (!) YouTube vid, this morn [hint: if you don't have a fat/glass pipe, don't shoot in 720P :-) (so much for video blogging aye)]. Filmed [as it were (with one take/no edit [only bought one bottle])] yesterday afternoon, a number of hours after voting. And before switching on the tele, or listening to the radio. Without any official confirm of projections, or exit polls [I already knew (as you'll find out, immediately below)].

Didn't take a whole second ... to know, to see. What the election's outcome already was. As I parked, walked, and strode up to the poll, yesterday morning. Lot empty, no bustle of cars pulling in and out, like in '08. No hubbub, no line thirty deep running out the door. Spilling out onto the street corner [and no one to give me dirty looks (like in '08), as I then (unasked) helped/escorted the handicapped old lady with cane (who had just pulled in), into the poll (and thus she) completely bypassed the line (I went in and asked first, on her behalf, unsolicited)]. There was no buzz in ... no buzz at ... the hive.

As I entered the poll proper ... nobody was inside, no one was voting. Empty ... the null article. Creepy, yeah. But oh so clear, tactile concrete proof ... of Muslim State Media's endless torrent of filthy lies. It was an interesting six months. As we counted down each day, waiting ... hoping ... praying. But y'all did it. Did your part. Saved this great nation of ours ... G*d Bless You! Each and every one of you.

We're not going to waste a single fookin minute, measuring for drapes. We got us a big freakin axe. And we're gunna start swinging that mofo, the very second we cross the threshold of the House chamber (stand back). And bring down the faux, fraudulent, felonious, traitorous IslamoCommieJunta [it'll happen (would I lie to you?)].

The TEA Party IS the sh*t. Believe that. No, not a gratuitous swipe/knock at the GOP. But my little experience, with the formal Ella-font machine (in my iotaic experience as a 'volunteer'). Was disappointing ... to the max. Incompetent. Amateur, without redemption. I mean ... who the f*ck need's 'professionals'? Really. I don't know if Chairman Steele can do anything to rebuild (and what with Rovian arrows pointed at his back 24/7). I do so very value his public efforts on our behalf (Thank You Sir!). But the feesh here in Cali ... is dead, and ripe (Cali election results aside).

And daing/fook me .... Jerry F*cking Brown! Thanks Meg ... Thanks for your exceptionally lousy campaign. Thanks for your truly weak and unprincipled 'leadership'. Jerry F*cking Brown ... aaaaahh!!!!!

Anyway ... I'll get the ball rolling ...

(Ginormous crowd shouting in unison/metronomic drum beat, in deep resonant baritone):

Q: What do we want?

A: Constitutional amendments.

Q: How many do we want?

1) A Vice-President, who assumes the office of President, via the impeachment of his predecessor. Cannot commute/pardon any sentence, for any crimes, committed by his predecessor.

2) For any President convicted of treason (and or impeached for high crimes and misdemeanors), any of that President's Supreme Court appointments. Are subject to review/recall.

Y'all can ask Santa for whatever you may want. I may think of sumtin later ... but for now, I'll just settle for those two leel trifles [I ain't greedy (hey ... maybe we can relocate Hamastan too?)]. Anyway, Thank All of You.


YouTube direct link/URL (Via Breitbart, via Drudge).


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