Thursday, November 25, 2010

Barry slurps Jong-un's junk

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[And daing (me) ... first time I’ve noticed ... the freakin dildo dropped his muy expensivo watch! (And yeah, it IS Thanksgiving, and decorum sez the post's title ain't in keeping with the Holiday [tough teeties I say ... but do feel free to enjoy your Holiday, as best suits you (Please do)])].

"Stands with South Korea"

Wow, think of that one all by yourself there Bambi, did ya? Is that umm .. like uh .. double secret probation? What's that Chucklehead ... I can't hear you (take that freakin Nork wang out your mouth b*tch). Stands with South Korea, shoot ... maybe you'll do some heavy lifting, like maybe picking up the phone even:

"Obama told (So. Korean Pres.) Lee, in a phone conversation yesterday, that he plans to place a call to China to urge its cooperation ... (and) Robert Gibbs said in an e-mail late yesterday that Obama would make the call to Hu in the “next several days."

OMG Bambi ... say it isn't so!!!

I'd add the obligatory bwahaha here, but there really isn't anything funny, about Chucklehead, anymore, at all (titled IP header, in above link: obama-call-likely-to-be-spurned-as-china-s-north-korean-support-holds-firm). Sorry to say folks (really), but we now ... well and truly ... are at the precipice of the abyss. What transpires in the next few days, weeks, and months. Decides the ENTIRE future of this nation. In perpetuity. Throughout eternity. As well the world. This Nation now, it teeters ... teeters precariously ... in the balance.

As KSOT (Khalid Sheikh Obama the Traitor) lies prostrate, before Young Kim (Bambi ... with mouth agape, and tongue straining/reaching). The Nork's will become even more emboldened. And Iran ... same. As well Al Qaeda, Hamas, Hezbollah, Islamic Jihad, Abu Sayyaf, Ansar al-Islam, Jemaah Islamiya, and every freakin deranged lunatic/third world despot, every single last pretender. As they now all, can ever so plainly see, there ain't nuthin dangling under Barry's skirt. Let alone anything between his ears. Both empty. Both a void.

Things can, things may ... spin out of control. And quicker than anyone could possibly believe. As our currency further erodes/weakens/shrinks/disappears ... intentionally (Thanks ever so much Chucklehead). As the debt climbs/mounts, as the deficit expands by the second ... TSO's are now literally shoving their hands down our pants (you can't make this sh*t up). (Living under) fascism, not freedom ... is now becoming our all too real world existence (in these United States of America). And as separation of (liberal) church (MSM), and state, becomes completely invisible/non-existent. I know not if/when the decline will instantaneously go vertical. But it could happen, make no mistake.

What to do?

Wait? Until the new Congress is seated? Maybe. Until the Supremes finally rule on Deathcare? Until articles of impeachment are introduced? Who's to say. But the devil's here, and he is here now. And he wants his due.

At risk to my person, my being (drama queen elmo), I might suggest one member of the Praetorian Guard, just one. Sidle up to the mirror ... for a cold hard look. Then muster the clarity, muster the fortitude, and then master the courage.

This is not a game.

This is not a joke.

This is not a drill.


Or ... maybe ... perhaps ... something just a wee bit more subtle (like suggesting yet another round of golf, on this Thanksgiving Holiday)?

And (unfortunately) just more sh*t ... you simply cannot make up (truth is indeed stranger than fiction) ... via Drudge.

I say fascism. Tumescent. Joyous. Unrestrained. (Also via Drudge/more sh*t you just can't make up).

Ans that f*cking turd ... burning OUR money ... like it's going out of style (faster than he can print it!)

.... Oh yeah, Happy Thanksgiving (as it were).


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