Monday, January 31, 2011

This will not end well ....

This will not end well ...

2011. World in turmoil. Islam in ascendence. The caliphate growing ... growing in size ... growing in power. With each passing second, each tick of the clock. Helped along by the automagic IslamistPropagandaMachine/MSM. That events currently unfolding ... in the Middle East. Have nothing to do with Islam. Nothing at all [though if one forcefully squints, they can sometimes make out the teency (minor obligatory) MSM footnote].

Twenny fo seven .... crankin that sh*t out. Lie upon lie [upon lie (eet's the Egyptian economy stoopit!)]. By filthy editor after filthy editor [like that stankhole .... Carolina Garcia, uh duh L.A. Daily News (which now reads like the Huffington Post/Daily Kos .... bearing NO resemblance of any kind, to a "Newspaper")] ... regaling us with today's latest, libturd brain drippings:

Twenty-five arrested at protest (Pg A4, Monday, January 31, 2011, L.A. Daily News):

a secret conclave of wealthy conservative business people met to discuss political strategy

Aaaaah!!!! Oh my G*d ... a secret conclave of wealthy conservative business people (kill em .... kill em all ... kill em now). And they are meeting to discuss ... political strategy (why hasn't Obama/Holder/Pelosi/Reid done anything yet to stop them .... WTF is going on?!).

supporters who had rallied to complain that corporations were being given unfettered control of the nation

Everything will be better (when it's) under (complete control of) the caliphate ... [you are getting sleepy ... your eyelids are getting heavy ... (trust me, wuud Al Huh lie to you?)].

The activists were protesting the conservative political agenda being furthered by Charles Koch and David Koch, the billionaire brothers who own an oil conglomerate that is the largest privately-held corporation in the U.S.

What do we want? Free gas (for our Japanese Prius').
When do we want it? Now! (Course ... there will NEVER be any mention of Guv Moonbeam's oil trust).

Signs read: “Tea Party Founded and Funded By The Kochs.”

I guess they are to be pitied? [still wouldn't keep me from hurling a loogie (juss da kine uh guy eyeam)].

The Koch brothers have funded the effort behind Citizens United ...
(and) ... can secretly spend as much money on political efforts as they desire.

How stupid can a liberal be? Only the L*rd knows [we have yet to witness the depths of this insanity. Things will get worse ... they will ... all too sadly. And strange, how we n e v e r hear about the 750 million dollars Khalid Sheikh Obama spent (on his campaign), some of it culled from o v e r s e a s/the Islamic Middle East).

Erwin Chemerinsky (dean UC Irvine law school): Citizens United was one of the worst losses for democracy in American history (UC Irvine ... the institute uh highya learning where summa the intramural soccer squads ... are named after Islamic terror groups).

DeAnn McEwen, co-president of the California Nurses Association: "The Koch Brothers’ agenda is most definitely a death panel agenda."

[Deeeep DeAnn ... d'ddeep (hold hands/sing kumbaya)].

Out on Bob Hope Drive, protester Lauralee Davis said she drove in from Yucaipa. "I want the Kochs to be stopped from buying politicians, tea parties and think tanks."

Yep Lauralee .... that extry $20k a month from the Koch's, sure helps with my budget! Yes indeedy [oond gee, I wonda where the money came from for all the matching, imprinted sportswear that the crowd's wearing? And all the commercial pre-printed signs they are carryin/waving? (anyone done biz with a silk screen shop? ... That IS a very nice chunk of change)].

Course, Carolina's choice of news service, for this article, left out all the Code Pink(o) photos [strange that, cuz evra-one knows they are the ultimate arbiters of truth, justice, and the (commie) American way]. [Photo #7: freedom of speech ... (but not for you!)].

Reality is going to hit ... sooner or later. And it will hit hard. War is coming to the world. And with traitors in our midst, things will get ugly. Mighty ugly. This will not end well.


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