Saturday, January 15, 2011

A tip of the hat to you Sir, Chairman Steele.

jpeg (cadged from today's Drudge)

While I've often plinked my Thanks, for Sarah's hauling ... of so much of our water. We have been equally blessed ... by the efforts and hard work of Michael Steele. Seeing Priebus yesterday, beaming from the podium, saying: I'll keep this short. He then proceeding to recount his life story ... from diapers to disco. And all I could do was roll my eyes ... back up in my head. Geebus. F*ck me. Harkens (back) to the saying (from antiquity) the Pale's never miss an opportunity ... to miss an opportunity (for peace).

And now ... the similar. Repubs never miss an opportunity ... to flush an election down the turlit. If you fookin clowns want to spend all your energy ... in some holier than thou, cross town scrimmage? Go f*ck yourselves.

Me, not much interested in all the behind the scenes beltway muck (why I don't hang at Dan's anymore. Too disheartening. Way). Though yeah, it does indeed shine a light, on the unsavoriness of some of our own [got an oyster at the ready, to hawk up for Rove (and Krauthammer is making himself near totally irrelevant, by the minute)].

Mr. Steele did keep a light and jaunty step, over the shifting Tea infused ground. Managing where I thought few could. And really, few if any could (have). He was a highly valued asset. A trusted blade. And if he weren't righty enough? Go f*ck yourselves. Really. The country's now cirlcing the porcelain bowl. And you freakin clowns are playing auto-whackamole. We're here because of his sweat, his labor, his skill, his dedication and his hard work (pulling along with the rest of us). Not in spite of. Amid the insane, revolting/sickening I D I O C Y of MSM'S 24/7 self perpetuating propaganda (like a f*cking machine, they are crankin' that sh*t out). Mr Steele fought the good fight. A leader. Who will always have my trust, always have my support.

Take a few weeks off Michael. Relax. Enjoy yourself. Please, please do. And enjoy some time away, away from the freakfest .. the runaway freight train, racing pell mell in a blur ... right off the edge of the earth.

You Sir, have earned it.


The Repub party ..... boldly going nowhere.


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