Friday, December 17, 2010

Sorry Bambi, I don't care if it is Christmas ...

I don't care if it is Christmas ...
by Leigh Rubin

A profoundly disturbing week for news. Sure, was a bright spot or two ... somewhere in there. But the larger picture disturbs, and greatly. Have a (lengthy) post in the can, bout the usual disgraceful lies, of Muslim State Media. But can't be bothered. You know ... all the regular unending stench emanating from AP/Al Qaeda Propaganda. Or maggot Android Cooper, last night, doing a celebratory dance over the demise/virtual remains of one Colonel Lakin. And leel Andy, ingnantly (but ever so proudly/pointedly) parroting all the lies [as if doing so, makes them true (and yet they pay these freaks. Money, real money)].

Or ... hearing/seeing a tiny snippet of madcow Behar, doing some CYA/identity politics ... Winona Ryder: Mel Gibson once called me an Oven Dodger. She of course ... being Jewish (who knew?) [I've gone a whole lifetime, called a shimey to my face (bazoom was drunk/could barely stand, [was] no point in remodeling his face [his lucky day]). But n e v e r heard that one before (anytime ... anywhere ... anyplace Mel [rings on me fingers/bells on my toes])].

Kobe signs a major promotion deal with Turkish Airlines. Yet another/one less avenue of entertainment, that will not pass my eyes again. Let alone set foot in Staples [nice work *sswipe. I guess that pink rock bankrupted ya huh? Bummer (and sheet ... Tiger's now out walking the dog, and you ain't)].

Or oh so cute weedle anarchists, attacking the Prince and his Missus... off with their heads (how Tweetastic!). Greeks ... firebombing police, in the streets [and those clowns, standing in the line of fire, and not returning same (tossing one back doesn't count)].

I'd like to think the other shoe will drop, soon. That the lid will finally come off the treason being perpetrated by the IslamoCommie junta. Who have situated themselves at the head of the GOVERNMENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. And of course, insanely, Obama serves as the gatekeeper of his own atomic file in Hawaii (trust me, would I lie to you?). As well his State Dept file [the Whole Entire World knows Obama traveled to Pakistan, on an Indonesian passport (but not the AP/ABC/CBS/MSNBC/CNN & maggot andy). I giss the libturd nation's just too f*cking stupid to get their (puddin' filled) craniums round that one]. Unavoidable truth ... TRUTH motherf*ckers. And yet, somehow, the Private Idey Ho's manage to avoid the truth. Every minute now, of every day.

Me, no longer as hard wired to the data stream. Disheartened, waiting, waiting ... for the future to arrive. Whence G*d returns this country, unto its rightful owners. The people. The American people (though globally, 2011 is indeed shaping up to be a nightmare of truly epic proportions). In the meantime, I will wish all of you a Sincere and Merry Christmas.

G*d Bless, Elmo


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