Friday, January 21, 2011

On second thought ....


Had the tele on yesterdee .... soyfin duh channels. And there ... (whuddya know) be Michael Steele, hizself. On Rachel Maddow (excuse me/wtf?). Happy. Smiling. Carrying on. And I ask myself .... he sellin' a book? Peddling a movie? Like uh Michael .... what's the deelio?

Me, not actually going to dig up/hunt/find/take a look/watch the particular/specific content/banter (as in more than the fifteen or twenty seconds I did watch). It's Rachel fookin Maddow! (never happen/ya cain't pay me). But I was more than a little surprised, to see Mr. Steele, in Maddow's company (understatement).

Is it possible that Mr. Steele is really that clueless? Or is there some superseding element (that) I am missing? [One could say ... maybe ... he's just giving form, to all this rampant talk of bipartisansh*t (we keep hearin' bout)]. Inescapable was the feeling, no one else wanted him (on their program). And thus, to what purpose, what aim ... his appearance (there)?

In such, one could see maybe, what they (as in me) might have been missing. He is lacking in a rather vital function. Critical discernment. So, while he had made a mistake or two/three over the course of his Chairmanship. I thought that normal, under any circumstance. And felt comforted he was in our arsenal.

And then, when putting Priebus side by side, alongside Steele (on the run up to the election for Chairman). One couldn't help but ask ... is this some sort of joke. But, tis no joke. Priebus, and all the rest who stood welded to their votes, through seven rounds of ballots. Already knew ... while the new Chairman appears worthless in near all endeavors involving a public forum (maybe he's some wunderkind administrator?). The (projected) timer on the (potential) teeking boomski that was Steele, has been silenced.

Course, that's not the same thing as saying the ship's currently headed in the right direction (noooh). Only that your intrepid blog host mighta been suffering from a little foot in mouth disease (omg). And all the many strong plus' that I felt Steele brought to the job. Not worth the angst (of now knowing, how close we were to possibly going off the rails). Now Priebus is the one ringing the bell ... Priebus' blowing the whistle. And just like before, everyone's got their own little agenda, their own blinders. As the whistling locomotive steams down the track towards 2012. Myriad uncertainty grows, surrounds, and envelops us ... with each passing second.

And that's the only thing we can be sure of.



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