Friday, February 18, 2011

There will be blood ...

There will be blood ...

How much? (A big peesadoodie IS about to hit the big fan). I'm thinking maybe rivers, in the streets of cities where order once prevailed. And yes ... you had better be scared. It really is coming.

Every other day now, I have to fight back the tears of dread. And in turn push through the paralysis that the unfolding horror instills. Force myself to put fingers to keyboard ... to plink. We are in for a rough ride. Brutal. Agonizing. Chilling. Daunting. Perilous. Alarming. Heart breaking. Mind crushing. Bone shattering.

Whether we are ready for it or not. Whether we want it ... or not. And yes, whether we believe it ... or not. It is now at our doorstep. Hug your babies, kiss their mother. Hold them close. Hold them near. Hold them tight. But hold them. For the world ... our world, likely will never be the same. Death will probably be our companion for many a year. I know not how this will end (or when). Nor definitively, the nature of any of the battles waged. Though yes indeed, we have stumbled upon a few clues (the non seeing impaired individuals in society anyway):

The supra constitutional felonious traitor, who now heads the IslamoCommie Junta in D.C., will indeed side against our allies. And in turn, embrace our enemies (though I'm fairly confident, that after Khalid Sheikh Obama is finally impeached/resigns/or somehow holds on until November 6, 2012. None of the 57 states of the caliphate, will be ringing him up with any job offers).

Our way of life will suffer greatly under the burden. Normalcy will vanish. Its reappearance not certain. Countless microfractures will begin to appear upon on Lady Liberty's face. Great, long jagged rips and cracks will grab and pull at her robe ... as Obama busies himself with a jackhammer. And Netanyahu'll be doing his dangest, frantically trying to keep the earth's core from going forever cold. Forever dark.

Pay attention

You just might wanna start stocking up on (if you haven't already):

First Aid/Emergency supplies
Fuel (alternate facility for cooking/wood/propane)
(And don't forget 'bout Fido and Fluffy please)
Get all necessary maintenance performed on your ride ... need tires? Get em. Don't f*ck around. Just do it.

Be Prepared for any possible communication outages and interruptions. Ya know ... juss like the ones in Egypt and Iran. No f*cking joke. Do establish/develop as many alternate info streams and platforms as possible. As many alternate avenues of connection/communication. CB, shortwave, ham, walkie talkie (close/in town neighbors/friends), cell (maybe get a cheapie second/extry ... from a prepaid carrier/provider ... for redundancy/peace of mind), cable, satellite ... whatever. You MUST be prepared for the interruption of the flow of information at critical junctures. It will happen. And it will scare the sh*t out of you (don't panic). Be mindful of your dependence on them, develop your own independence and confidence in your own thoughts, your own beliefs. and your ability to perservere.

Count on CNN, CBS, the AP, MSNBC, and NPR continuing to butt f*ck this country ... every single day ... every chance they get. With glorious proud abandon (they've already launched Chucklehead's reelection campaign ... full steam: the recovery's booming, Obamacare is better than crack, and Democracy's breaking out all over the Middle East). DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE their depravity, nor their level of sedition [don't drop the soap in front of Karl Rove for that matter (lead, follow, or get the fook outta the way ya freak)]. My local PBS affiliate now airs al Jizz (zera) nightly (in hi def!). And if ya haven't seen it lately .... it WILL put the fear of Al Huh in ya [unbelievably smooth, polished ... with lots of Brit accents, herds of anglos, Savile Row ... Chanel ... they ain't playing (I can only imagine IRNA and WAFA are next in KCET's programming lineup)].

Me, held back comment on the obvious, when the Logan/Cairo story broke, a few days back. Uncertain, not knowing the timeline of her evacuation/treatment/repatriation [extending the benefit of the doubt (security/safety)]. Though I was indeed sorely tempted ... to sarcastically reference her yet to be/upcoming (we assume) media event. But I didn't [however, if you do the link. You will find the the first embedded link (to CBS, coincidentally enough). The content of that link, HAS BEEN CHANGED IN ITS ENTIRETY (to a completely different article, written six months later than the Jill Caroll/press conference item that was linked [you can't make this sh*t up (we'll just call it ... future linking)])].

CBS complicit in news coverup

Very Highly edited for clarity:

Lara Logan was repeatedly sexually assaulted by thugs yelling Jew! Jew! As she covered the fall of President Mubarak, in Cairo (last) Friday. The brutal and sustained sexual assault, by a mob of more than 200. Lasted roughly 20 to 30 minutes.

As reporters reveled amid giddy celebrations in Tahrir Square, CBS failed to report the attack. Sitting on their own story for five days. Only when other media had the story, did CBS break the news (having over 200 young, Twittering, democracy activists gang rape a female reporter. While screaming Jew! Jew!, doesn’t quite fit their narrative).

[I told you this kind of shit was going to happen ... been tellingya. Told you over, and over, and over again].

(And Please ... if you can ... I beg you) Teach your children well ....

YouTube direct link/URL

They can only take what we surrender. I may be discouraged. I may be dispirited. But I will never quit. I will never bow unto the caliphate. I will never die ... upon my knees.

Into the dark unknown we now travel.


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