Thursday, March 31, 2011

Oh no ... those damn f*cking Jews, they IRKED somebody!


Got around to reading Tuesday's paper, yesterday (Wednesday). And on page A10, of duh L.A. Daily News ... editor Carolina Garcia. Gets her IslamoCommie propaganda on, in very fine style (again):

Israeli call for Jews to emigrate irks officials

(Above is) exact banner used, by that stanknasty piece'a filth. In AP article.

Tunisia's government on Monday condemned an effort by Israeli officials to entice Tunisian Jews to emigrate to Israel. The "ill-disposed" call from Israeli officials amounted to meddling in Tunisia's domestic affairs, an effort to sow suspicion, and "an attempt by Israel to tarnish the post-revolutionary image of Tunisia," wrote the Foreign Ministry in a statement.

Of course ... sweet dear Carolina, left these (triffling little) parts of the article out (imagine that):

Tunisia's tourism industry has suffered after a popular uprising drove President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali to flee in January. Roughly two-thirds of Tunisia's estimated 1,500 Jews live on the Mediterranean island of Djerba. Djerba's historic Ghriba synagogue was the target of a deadly terror attack in 2002 that left 21 people dead.

The Israeli government cited "the worsening of the Tunisian authorities' and society's attitude toward the Jewish community." On the sidelines of one of many street demonstrations across Tunisia, several Muslim fundamentalists last month shouted anti-Semitic remarks near Tunis' main synagogue.

While A L L of the other newspapers, used the AP provided word: decries. Not Carolina, nooo. She teenks she now got game. Ees a playah ... in Joohate. It really is time, time to take away .... the fookin KoolAid [before all the libturds drown (see ... I gotta heart. I care for them steaming piles ... I do)].

Free KoolAid ... all you can drink!jpeg

But time ... she's an interesting thing. Always changing (and what not). So, elmo, tell us ... exactly ... what time is it?

Commandant Sitzpinklerjpeg

It's time to wake the f*ck up ... time to smell the freakin coffee (that's what time it is ... yeah mofo's). And in just a few more days, Khalid Sheikh Obama likely will have another surprise announcement (though summa'ya fig'rd teengs out already). 'Bout formalizing our relationship ... with the caliphate.

Just say no to Khalid Sheikh Obama.jpeg

And explaining about all the new construction underway. In Tehran. Of our new international Capitol. In concert with our BFF, Moo Moo (peas be upon'im)].

any mooselimb cawk'l doojpeg

So suck it ya Joo b*tches ...

A skinny kid, with a funny name ... Buraq Hussein.jpeg

There's a new (mooselimb) sheriff in town!

So peeps (hellooo), if'n ya ain' down with suggin dat muzz'e salami? Then maybe ... just maybe you oughta tell. Tell everyone you know. Everyone you meet. Everyone you see. Everyone. I mean EVERYONE.


There's a traitor in the White House.


And ya know what (no elmo, what?) ... I'm starting to get it now. [Call me stupid (go ahead)] but I finally figured out ... what the shirt means.


It's literal.


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