Saturday, March 26, 2011

Dear G*d

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I 'member back, back when the above song came out. And, not paying too much/particular attention, to the lyrics ... liked the line about the price of beer (though the song was in fact later deleted, from any following copies produced/sent/shipped retail). Watching it now? Kinda wow. Just 'nuther self righteous know it all libturd, goin' on ... goin' off (like The Clapper).

Me, largely secular, but most certainly have come to terms with my previous atheism [(which was) just a normal function, of my previous existence ... as a libturd]. And have in my being, a bent much more accepting of other's belief and devotion (yes, of course ... even respect). Even if I myself are not a formal participant [temple just seemed so strange as a child. And well, the Beatles were breaking out all over the radio (the Rabbi didn't really have a chance. And see current recollections by major domo's of the Politburo [and their then closeted love affair with same])].

So, what's your point elmo?

Ummm, f*ck .... we are in so much trouble. So much danger. In the extreme. Simply horrific. Almost passing out my grasp, comprehension. And yeah, towering over my calm and well being. Last night, 5:20 p.m. (PST) ... tele resting on MSNBC, oond Lawrence O'Donnel, yammering out his pie hole:

freedom fighters

While he was describing our newest bestest buddies in the whole wide world. [As Khalid Sheikh Obama hizself, forcefully (but still smiling all the while [why I call him Chucklehead]) shoves his uncut meat, all the way up Israel's *ss]. And of course (spontaneously), out my own pie hole, real LOUDLY comes: oh gawd! A moment of disbelief. A moment ... of anger, rage ... this can't be happening. And yet ... it is.

Seeing a preety good chunk of the world, now falling under the spell of the Baby Raping MoonG*d Death Cult (yeah, sure, ok ... dominoes). One cannot but see it in Biblical terms. And a person of sound mind, cannot but also see simply a battle. Being waged. Between good, and evil. And yeah, maybe I do need to get my sawry arse ... to temple (no atheists in foxholes aye).

And then like a day before, Thursday late/Fri morn, on PBS ... Charlie Rose. Interviewing Julian Schnabel. More unf*ckingbelievability. As Julian Goebbels regurgitates standard Islamist talking points ... settlements biggest obstacle to peace [do I have to explain this to anyone (and no, I'm not being snide)].

And by his side, some (Pale?) temptress (yammering out her pie hole): self interest opposition. (that would the object of their all consuming hatred ... ya know ... Joo's).

Propaganda Everywhere. Unceasing. Unrelenting. It's like ... just like ... exactly like ... Invasion of the Body Snatchers. Cept it's real, it really IS happening. The world, is hunting Jews, once again. And the President of the United States of America. And near all of MSM, have joined those ... who are waging the attack.

Only time will tell if I have the ability to persevere. I will however say ... get strapped, stay sharp, watch your six. Yes, please, pretty please do. For the battle between good, and evil ... has already begun.


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