Thursday, March 24, 2011

You can close your eyes ...

You can close your eyes
jpeg .... Via Freaking News

For all the good it will do. You can stick your head in the sand, bang your head against the wall (if'n ya please). Won't change a thing. America is now circling the drain. And the filthy Islamist traitor, Pwezzidunce Hussein, is on knees, yelling at the swirl. Screaming, as it heads down, around ... towards the sewer ... faster!

A million clues. We were given a million clues. One F*cking Million. But noooo .... I'm a racist. A violent member of those horrific monsta's ... the drinkers of tea [ergo white, greedy (blah blah blah ... ad infinitum [go f*ck yourself Rachel Maddow, ya stanknasty piece of filth])].

So many clues. Me, didn't miss them though. Didn't keep my pie hole zipped. Spoke up. Spoke out. And not quietly (lost a few virtual friends along the way). Surprisingly, a few of the people in my atomic circle (I rarely discuss politics outside the virtual), have developed the understanding ... that things ain't right, at all. Are in fact starting to come around. I ain't a wingnut. Just your average, everyday Joe. Who loves this country ... so freakin much. And seeing that turdmonkey Hussein sh*t upon her. Saddens me so. Fills me with such great loathing and revulsion.

One of the first clues?

"Mr. Obama recalled the opening lines of the Arabic call to prayer, reciting them with a first-rate Arabic accent. Mr. Obama described the call to prayer as 'one of the prettiest sounds on Earth at sunset'."

F*ck, I can think of a t r i l l i o n things that sound prettier. Sh*t ... the playlist of most anyone's iPod just for starters. Uh course, your list ... of a trillion things, might be a tad diff than mine? But I feel comfortable, that it doesn't include Commandant Sitzpinkler's first choice. At all.

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He ain't President people. And very likely (with ZERO proof on offer, to dispel) ain't even an American (not counting what we already know is in his heart). We're in trouble. DEEP f*cking trouble. I'd say sound the alarm, but I've already worn out the rope, the clanger, and dun cracked the bell. This is it people. It really, really is (and truly, wouldn't it be great, if I really wuzza winged metal fastener ... and was wrong?).

Lawd Gawd Hussein 12th Mahdijpeg

But his treason is real. It isn't fiction. Isn't my imagination. L*rd G*d Obama, 12th Mahdi, head of the 57 states of the OIC, leader of the calipahte's building committee (in Libya). Raping America, in the *ss (with a big shahid eating grin). I hope I live to see the day, whence the mask is ripped off. And stepping back (to let the voluminous plumes of sulfur fumes rise), we will ALL see the face of evil.


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