Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Hold on mofo's ....

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Any way you can.

In six hundred days, some of this madness WILL end. But before then, there'll be hell to pay. And Beelezebub ... he don't take plastic, nor PayPal (and rumour hazzit he doan take U.S. Dollars no mo neither). He wants a pound of flesh (and we ain't talkin virtual).

As world events wash over ... grab hold, grab hold of something. Grab hold of anything. But grab hold ... and hold on. As world events unfold, as madness and insanity attack ... attack reason, attack good will. Attack the human spirit its very self. Find you an anchor. A big honkin' anchor (whatever it may be). But hold on and don't let go. Not for a moment (not for an instant).

Make sure that anchor is immutable. Unmovable. And cannot be stolen or taken away. Of course (could be) family, friends, church, neighbors, community, furry friends, your personal pastime/hobby, volunteering at the homeless shelter, a daily walk in a verdant park. Whatever? But find something, and arc-weld your person to it. Or the weight of the onslaught ... will rip and tear. Will crush. Will destroy you.

It now has me nearly paralyzed. With fear, and dread. Horrified. Unable. For two entire weeks. To even bring myself to go online. Even once. As the filth, cowards, and traitors who comprise now near the entirety of the fourth estate. Now assemble, now muster their ever growing fifth column. For their final push, the final battle, the final destruction ... of America.

I know not what the world will resemble days, weeks, and months from now. But global Islamic revolution IS indeed underway (no pigment of my I-magic nation). Surely, MSM at some point, will take a breather from their torrid tryst with the jihadi. One would think ... right?


The lies will keep coming. The stink of libturd propaganda will fill the air, for many a year. There is no escape. The AP now calling it only a wee bit of: Sunni-Shiite sectarian strife (strife ... you know ... like a bad hair day). And a Saudi soldier, he was shot to death yesterday ... by a mere protester. And all we have heard for years, and years ... from da mooselimbs ... was for the U.S., to stay the fook outta the Arab Middle East. And now ... the fookin Islamists are begging, BEGGING us to bump uglies with Khadafy (on their behalf!).

Large scale conflict is coming. There is no other possible outcome. No one hardly even blinks at open anti-semitism any more. At all. And tis only getting worse. We have yet to witness the true extent of the upcoming horror. But it is coming.

And as the information age morphs ... into the mobile info age. The populations of the world aren't getting more more informed (let alone smarter). No [whuddya expect (with only a hundred and forty characters ... huh?)]. (And f*ck me) Charlie Sheen's now a folk hero ... people lining up ... to pay ... to see and hear ... Charlie. Charlie, who just the other day, actually trotted out that (ever so) moldy, decrepit canard, to proudly display: (how can I be an anti-semite?) ... when some of my business associates are Jewish.

Which (very long way round) takes us to Japan. And what comment can I make? What can I add to the discussion? Not much really. But simply, we'll go with the car we brung today (jalopy that it is). In this case, the International Red Cross (and in turn American). Gettin all Rahmbo with it (never letting a disaster go to fund raising waste). As the small screen is peppered, nonstop, with all things Red Cross.

You know, them wonderful cats with the (red) CROSS. And whose Islamic member states, fly a (red) CRESCENT. But them Joo's, f*ck em and their Star of David. Me, no personal experience with ... but too many, far too many aberrations in the past. Even the recent (I read half the comments in thread .. eye opening). But yes, of course, donate. Give. As YOU see fit. As you can afford (or not). But perhaps, maybe ... be a little circumspect ... this time around. Whom you so choose to (donate to). Of course, you could skip the upcoming Violent Torpedo of Truth tour? And donate those funds, to those now suffering in Japan (if you can bear the thought of poor Charlie ... running out of booyah).

Be wary my friends. Please. The world's changing, changing fast. And obviously, not for the better (unless you have a penchant for goats). Few days ago, I saw a young woman, skipping. Literally. Down the sidewalk. Earbuds firmly planted, Ipod blazin'. Merrily traipsing through life she was [skip to my Lou ... (Mary Lou)]. And my first thought, upon witness to such. Was yes, bemusement. Perhaps even a lil twinge of admiration/jealousy. Able to be so impervious ... so oblivious ... to reality.

Addendum, Thursday March 17, 12 noon

I read the news today, oh boy . . .
About a (un)lucky (wo)man who (didn't) make the grade;
And though the news was rather sad,
Well, I just had to cry—
Couldn't bear the photograph . . .

Occasionally, will backtrack from/out my referrer's log, to see who/what/where ... is visiting (here). And today, this morning, came across one (originating site) that seemed interesting. A search/er from Gewge ... inquiring data/info bout ... Lara Logan.

So, poppin' over to the particular page (I won't give you the search terms) of search results [that my (clicked) link was among]. Found something quite disturbing. Actual details, of the attack on her person. You know ... the ones that CBS left entirely out of their (five days after the fact) report [t'would appear there are pics, a huge number of eyewitness', and yes vids (rather than come to her aid, they kept right on filming)]. As the whole of MSM pretty much ignored the ramifications ... of the event [while Shrillary and Chucklehead were (and still are) singing the Kumbaya/Democracy shuffle].

I'm not going to provide any links. Sorry. And really, I don't recommend you take a peek. It simply WILL turn your stomach. WILL make your skin crawl. Mentioned here, only in the context of truth. Reality. Where we really are in the world ... today, this minute. What is REALLY happening, NOW. Not what Muslim State Media/MSM so beneficently doles out ... to us non-liberal, non visionary, non elite rubes. Or of course, what Commandant Sitzpinkler tells us.

Ya know ... all those highly educated, literate youths in the modern Middle East. Righteously yearning ... demonstrating ... for Democracy. But, taking time out from their busy schedules [of building a Democracy (with respect for human rights/blah blah blah)]. And with joyous abandon, savagely crush a human being into near nothingness. Because she was a woman, a Westerner, and not an Islamist. Like them.

You MSM pieces of filth ... you can try ... try and paint over the base ugliness of Islamism (even with 24k gold leaf). Misdirect ... away from the medieval barbarity. Obfuscate ... lie like a rug. Try and keep us from the truth (all your pathetic, vile, disgusting days among us). But truth, truth WILL out.

And I have no doubt, if there is a hell ... there's a special, reserved section (cuzz even the reg'lar residents can't stand the smell of those who debase this great nation, the world, and the human spirit whole. While masquerading as journalists, reporters, or providers of news).


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