Monday, May 02, 2011

Will America survive ... until November 6, 2012?

JPEG/bloody mess

Y'all still think that stanknasty cockroach is simply stupid ... huh ... do ya? F*ck, this nightmare without end is NOT random. This PURE F*CKING EVIL is no lucky accident. The devil, it doth walk among us, self amused ... pleasantly smiling. There isn't one American bone in that freakin Mooselimb traitor's body. Not even a ligament people. Wake the f*ck up already. Please ... really ... get you one of them thar clue thingies:

If it looks like a filthy IslamoCommie traitor ...
If it walks like a filthy IslamoCommie traitor ...
If it talks like a filthy IslamoCommie Traiotor ...


Me, most taken with the right's fratricide, their enthusiastic willingness to engage in such. And the tenor thereof. Looking a lot more like the left (than right). Whupin' them long knives out quicker than Ed the talking horse('s arse) can coin a Trump put down ['bout Trump whupin' out his (thing)]. The book ain't out yet (though millions of copies are selling now). And the Repub bus already be rollin' over near everyone. Though no one's even seen it (the book), let alone read it.

And yet still, we have not seen an actual contemporaneous atomic birth certificate. No. We haven't. We have been shown a (virtually assembled?) digital copy/scan/rendition, of a local Hawaiian doc (C.O.L.B.)... supposedly on file. No one in the public domain has seen it.With their own eyes. NO ONE. Let alone held it, touched it, or examined it. Everyone seems just so freakin happy to take Obama's word (are you f*cking kidding me?). Would it not have been an even greater PR coup, to have done so. Holding it, an atomic doc in hand, high, aloft? Look ... see ... here it is (I'm an American!). We still have not been shown that which Chucklehead ever so proudly mentions in his book. An actual contemporaneous atomic birth certificate (and yeah, they are in fact two different things).

We are in deep f*cking trouble people. A lying, fraudulent, felonious traitor occupies the office of President. Having knowingly assumed the office with the prior knowledge, he is not even eligible, under multiple clauses/sections of the Constitution. And yet the whole of the libturd nation, and their gold plated cloaca ... MSM, call me racist (any one of ya freaks ... to my face ... any ring in town. ANY f*cking time). Watch, wait, see ... as that losing political strategy plays out [and that won't be purdy, I (absolutely) Gawrantee].

Buraq Hussein ain't just putting points on the board, no. He is quite masterfully running up the score. You people are being righteously schooled. Hellooo ... the train's now left the tracks. The danger? It is real, it is now here, there is no need to wait. And you have'nt seen nothing yet . Hell's like that. Me, I'm not just frigthened, I am scared to death. Truly. And wherever you may be ... if you listen closely, you can hear my screams.

G*d Help Us All.


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