Saturday, April 23, 2011

2011 A.D.


The gates of hell ... now a'swung wide open.

Takes quite the solid coupl'a citizens, to beat up a tranny (on the stroll?). While the real men watch [and film, laugh, and crack wise (you know ... just like ... exactly like ... every single last freakin third world Islamist sh*thole [where they are demonstrating (beating/raping/killing kafirs/gays/Christians/Jews) for democracy])].

Then last night, watching Johnny Mac. Oh so proud. Ceremoniously ... strapping on his second place knee pads [with a crescent/star flag in the background no less (are you f*cking kidding me)]. And then alternately take a swig from the rebel's peckers, and then Obama's (and then back again).


The voluminous flames, now all around. And everywhere the blinding gleefull smiles, of the devil's minions strike. Long knives to the heart, the soul, the spirit of existence. This is the year. This is the time. And this IS the day. Henceforth, we will not be able to recognize our world any more.

It is gone.

And its return? Yeah, I'm going to really have to work on that hope thingy. Faith? That's between Congressman West (and his G*d). If he doesn't run? Won't be a crime, no (and it ain't like he's gunna caucus with the libturds, if'n he don't). He'll be here with us (Thank You L*rd). Whom so ever bags (and then discards) that steaming pile of dog sh*t ... our sweet dear Traitor in Chief ... Buraq Hussein.

We're gunna bring it f*ckface. YEAH WE ARE. We're going to toss your sorry stankbutt in the dumpster, on November 6, 2012. Where the fook you belong. Along with all that treasonous IslamoCommie filth rummaging around in that portapotty, you call a mind. Start packing dildo ... start packing.

In the mean time? Yeah, them flames ... they will scorch. And they WILL burn. And it will hurt. A lot. The Middle East won't be getting any quieter (nor any of the other Islamist hot spots that are being completely ignored/obfuscated). To the contrary. World War III gets underway this year (yeah, it really is. Sorry). And the economy? Yeah, real good luck with that too.

2011 ... the gates of hell, are now wide open.

Yes, most certainly I could use a little (more) hope, a little (more) faith. Even practice some (more) charity (take my own advice even). But reality's a taskmaster that shows no mercy. Unrelenting. And in the face of pure evil, one's spirit cannot help but ebb. Being disheartened's only normal. Though we sure could use some good news now, couldn't we. I'm going to wait, and see. Until the afternoon of November 6, 2012. Untill then, I'll do my part ... whatever that may be.

So get your firesuits on b*tches.



Today. Every single one of you. No crying. But if you need help? CALL OUT. Stand up. SHOUT. Fight. Stay off your knees. Give whatever you have. Whatever you've got. Your all. You're everything. Anything less, just won't get it ... it won't.

For the devil, he don't take chits. And no, you can't text/email the spit, to his face. It has to be delivered, in person. Me, I gotta lot of spit. Say hello Beelzebub ... if you're in the 'hood? And I'll break you off a little (yeah I will).


Addendum, 3:00 p.m.

Freedom and democracy come to the Islamist Middle East ... woohoo!

Hopes that post-Hosni Mubarak Egypt would be a beacon of free speech suffered a blow last week when the country’s ruling military council sentenced a well-known blogger to three years in prison ... Detained March 30, Sanad was given a quick show trial without his lawyers present and convicted of “insulting the military establishment” and “spreading false information.”

And yeah, greater war IS coming. DO NOT BE MISTAKEN. Anyone who doesn't understand that "right of return" is merely/only/simply code. Code ... for the destruction of the State of Israel, and has no business, none, negotiating anything, anything at all pertaining to. War is coming, it's just that simple. Big war. And guess what? Israel is no longer going to surrender land, any land for peace ( ... AKA pieces of dead Jews). Those days are over. Likely, they will take some back (no joke). In advance of the UN and the IslamoCommie junta, attempting to play the '67 border game (again). TTFN (that's the f*cking news).

Hamas, PA reject any peace plan without right of return

The Palestinian Authority said that it would reject any peace initiative that requires Palestinians to relinquish the right of return. Nabil Sha’ath, member of the PA negotiating team, said that the right of return was a basic right, which the Palestinians couldn’t give up.

(And) calling on the Arab and Islamic people to support the Palestinians’ right of return, Hamas said it was strongly opposed to the new initiative. “The right of return as a legitimate and sacred right and no one could give it up,” Hamas stressed.


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