Friday, April 22, 2011

Snagged a gatt yet?

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Them crows ... they be comin' home now ... to roost. Congratulations Chucklehead. You, and Rachel Maddow, and Ed the talkin horse('s ass). And Chrissy Pissy Pant's Leg Tingling Wet. And the herd of Obama arse lickers ... over at CNN, and MSNBC. And AP, CBS [yeah, Hitler had his fans too. Yes, yes he did (why do I feel like it's 1938, and all I hear is the sound of breaking glass?)].

Lay hand on me? You had better f*cking believe I will do the time. When will this madness end? Not soon people. Not soon, I can tell ya that. Had a post, half in the can yesterday (prolly won't see light). And the pedestrian minutiae of life sometimes, it simply overwhelms.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012.


All hands on deck. Battle stations. This is it. Forget everything else. It don't matter. One day. Just and only one. Decides our future, our Nation's future. Throughout all eternity. Forever.

Yes, there are some brave men and women out there. Fighting the good fight. In times dark, in times despairing ... (Louisiana State Legislator) A.G. Crowe, last night (>7 p.m.) on CNN (while some bald faced lying, CNN/talking head, libturd harpy, squatted and shat upon him). I giss CNN's just to stupid ta know, the more they try to beat the birthers up, and the more they ignore the Amazon bestseller list? The more pure oxygen they add to F.A.E. that's bout to ignite this nation's biggest political firestorm, ever.

Or, Rep Allen West, last night on Greta ... "low level socialist agitator" (truly OUTSTANDING ... Congressman).

A few, not sure what's gunna happen. Some, even believe Buraq Hussein has a chance of keeping his jewel encrusted platinum crown (as head of the OIC and Arab League) ... come Nov 6, 12. Well it ain't going to happen. That piece of filth IS done. He is already circling the bowl. We stand guard until then.

Got gatt?

Addendum, 12:30 p.m.

Put down any comestibles in hand/at mouth (soda pop etc.), before clicking link.

Saturday, April 23, 5:30 a.m.

We're not going to bother installing/embedding the original LiveLeak hosted vid.

From experience we have found the players/consoles ... from say Sh*tfile, cannot be trusted. At all. Period. In Sh*tfile's case, redirecting the whole site entire. And LiveLeak? The last time I embeddded? The player went to generic default, no longer played the hosted/embedded vid ... within only a few short months.


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