Thursday, April 28, 2011

Playing on the Freeway


As a child, I remember playing on the freeway. For real. No bull. The expansion of the nation's interstate system was still underway. And coincidentally, a new one just happened to be built, bisecting my very own neighborhood. And for an entire month, while they were sweeping up, painting lines, adding markers and exit signs. Our little merry band of thrill seekers would ascend the onramp, and parade around on their Schwinn Stingrays [not that I myself was so blessed (with such a fine ride)].

Not too diff than watching all the talking heads/chattering class yesterday ... pontificate. About the timing of Buraq Hussein's announcement/release (birth cert). All of 'em missing by a country mile. "Bernanke" was heard, as the proud call of a few. Others, suggesting it be a winking bit of hyper-partisanship. Wrong. Dead wrong [though Fred Barnes didn't completely give up the entire ghost (good show Sir)].

These people in the IslamoCommie junta, who have overthrown representational Constitutional govt, are evil. Plain. Simple. Evil and dangerous. Treason be their game. Their are no depths that they will not sink to, in order to achieve their goals. No aerie they will not climb. In order to hide, mask, and deflect ... away from their undertaking [literal (the death of America)].

Just like Pharoah having gone to extreme lengths, to hide his true intent/activities .... of launching an attack on Libya, taking us to war. While standing a world away, on another continent. By specific plan, and only by plan. No one suspecting for a moment ... what was about to take place.

Same yesterday, and the timing of the release. Not happenstance, no. But by concentrated, concerted plan and effort. ... coinciding with one thing, and only one thing. His appearance on Oprah (yukkity yuk Chucklehead). This is the space they occupy. The world they inhabit. And it has nothing to do with you or me ... the electorate. Or even those on their side of the aisle. Or about mere politics, or even simply the job of running the country. It is about doing as much damage as possible. Without being seen. Without being caught.

That's it.

Unless you have previous experience? I'd recommend playing somewhere else, other than on the freeway. Really. Obama ain't slowing down. Nope. Pedal is now fused ... to the metal. Speeds are increasing. Impact won't be pretty. I guarantee.

Don't like the birthers? The subject? Want it to go away? Maybe stop haulin' the Dem's water for them ... aye. And get you one of them thar clues. For the IslamoCommie junta will not stop. And they most certainly will not slow down ... for anyone or anything. Neither birther, nor Barry Ball Burnisher (look at em glow!). Buraq Hussein's allegiance is to the caliphate. That's it. The all. The everything.

Buraq Hussein is not a failure at:

Deepwater Horizon
Iran, Egypt, Libya
Health Care
Etc. ad infinitum


He is a success. A great big freakin' raging success. At treason.

Addendum, 6:30 a.m.

Even Hitler had help. Why yes, yes he did. He did not do it alone. He needed Goebbels, and the Reich Ministry. If you do nothing today, at least treat yourself to this vid, you wont' be sorry [I get a nickel for every viewing (ummm ... that would be a lil jokey there)].

YouTube direct link

(Via NewsBusters/Noel Sheppard)


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what a cock sucker. . . .

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