Friday, May 06, 2011

In Focus

That b*tch Custer couldn't carry my jock strap!
jpeg/Blumen' freak

Now they have eyes ... that they can see. The whole of these entire United States of America. Are now able to see, clearly. Who hath supra-constitutionally ascended to the office of President. Someone who would presume to stand next to, to surround, to drape and wrap themselves. In the actions, deeds and accomplishment of others (as he has done each day this week, and continues to do so ... this very day).

And yesterday afternoon, whilst availing myself of a lil liquid refreshment. It came to me ... (hey you, yes you) eureka! Why I myself did not jump up and down, like a hyper-caffeinated circus clown (during a bi-annual performance evaluation/revue). Upon first hearing the news of the demise, of one Osama bin Laden. America's number two enemy. An evil so great, few among us would have bothered worryin' bout our manicures (or our designer shades). Before gittin' real busy on that now piece of fish sh*t.

And that would be hearing the news, about the death of our number two enemy. From out the self satisfied smug mug, of one Buraq Hussein (they heard my scream in Haides). Woulda been one thing, if maybe a friend or an acquaintance, or say the neighbor (while passing in the driveway) ... had mentioned/delivered the news. Like when I heard about John Lennon, my brother calling personally ... the moment he had heard (cue Paul Simon). Or say some random local channel, no name talking head, on their smiley face morning news show.

But there he was ... that walking talking piece of sh*t. That filth. That traitor. That malignant gangrenous pustule. Eyebrow cocked, head tilted, platinum and jewel encrusted crown ... fashionably atilt. Ever so proud. Delighted. Giddy (tingle/tinkle). Bringing us the news ... himself. That everything was fine now. Everything was going to be alright. Because HE had vanquished the dragon. And we were now safe ... he was in charge. He Buraq Hussein ....THE GREATEST ENEMY the United States of America HAS EVER KNOWN.


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