Thursday, May 19, 2011

The train has now left the tracks ...

The Arab Spring
jpeg/ghost train ......... courtesy of Brett W

Oblivion awaits (the Arab Spring is ushered in by the Traitor in Chief).

'Obama to pressure Assad, offer aid to Egypt'

"... Obama will argue is that the United States must help nations modernize their economies and give job opportunities to their young people so that democracy can take hold and thrive ...

The president plans to forgive roughly $1 billion in debt owed by Egypt to free up money for job-creation there. And he will reveal other steps to bolster loans, trade and international support in Egypt and in Tunisia, the two nations seen as models of hope ..."

Stupid? Moron? Dolt? Imbecile? Freak? Bzzzz ... nope, sorry ... wrong answer. TRAITOR. It ain't democracy as we know it. Merely a word, a mask, deflection/misdirection ... from the ascent of the Muslim Brotherhood (and the caliphate). Nothing more. Nothing less (it's what traitors do). Model of Hope? Yeah, in some IslamoCommie wet dream (Egypt, where during a protest for democracy ... a Western woman was nearly raped to death, by hundreds chanting ... Jew! Jew! Jew!). While thousands watched.

Yeah, let's give them billions of dollars. Sure [why not (and at the same time, free up 30 Billion Dollars, for al-Qaeda in North Africa/Libya!)]. And, since our economy is firing on all twelve cylinders (vroom). Let's concentrate ALL our efforts on: giving job opportunities to Egypt's young people.

Just more/same ... ISLAMIST PROPAGANDA ... from the President of the United States of America! [jihad/terror is the result of economic inequality. You know, rather than the obvious ... decade after decade (after decade) of inculcation. Preaching intolerance. Teaching hate. And in turn, if we don't help the poh leetle dears ... expect more jihad/terror (our fault!)]. What a piece of filth Chucklehead is ... a steaming puddle/pile of diarrhea.

While watching Khalid Sheikh Obama tonight [fair to say, that won't be me (you don't have that kind of money)]. You can more easily/readily enjoy the broadcast, by shouting out really loud. At the set ... STFU you piece of sh*t! (Trust me, it works!)

To wit:

"the Iranian Revolutionary Guard has dispatched 65 agents via four planes, filled with guns, ammunition, and other military equipment, to Damascus during the past week. This is the second such convoy that has been sent from Tehran ..."

"... frenetic deliberations between Iranian and Syrian authorities have increased ... the frailty of the Assad rule would weaken Iran's influence in Syria ... the operational plan is to bait the Israeli government and incite unrest in the region."

"... the Ammar Ops HQ has begun coordinating with Lebanese Hezb'allah and Palestinian groups ... distributed 600 heavy firearms set up and situated in designated areas ... the operation has been planned in such a way that the role of the Syrian government is minimized ... giving it an air of a more impromptu and spontaneous confrontation. "

"... the Ammar Ops HQ, which also has branches on the borders of Syria, Lebanon and Israel, is essentially intending to wreak international havoc and fan the flames of regional chaos."

Another link ...

"There is a great deal of speculation that in the wake of bin Laden’s killing President Obama might try to curry Arab favor by striking out at Israel."


"There are some reports the President will do just that in a special Middle East address planned for delivery at the State Department on Thursday. The reports are that the President will issue new demands upon the Jewish state to unilaterally withdraw to 1967 borders and make other concessions in the name of the peace process."

Those would be the indefensible '67 borders. Only a proud Jew hater would even dare suggest such. The most proud. Yep, best ... friend ... Israel ... ever ... had. Not 100% sure why Buraq's gunna come all the way out ... of the Islamist closet, tonight? I can proffer ideas, synthesize. Thinking I have a fair idea? (still, I won't share). But, I've said it before, and I'll say it again ... the lid comes off this can of evil global destruction ... this year.

And remember back, when the Islamists took over the Church of the Nativity, in Jerusalem? For weeks and months. Using the pews as an open sewer ... urinating/defecating ... for weeks and months. Now, we get domestic loons/goons (also on a mission from Allah), desecrating another House of the L*rd:

Wanna call me a genocider .. to my face? Huh. Ask me how many children I have killed? I will break yours. Guaranteed (money back if you recognize your face in the mirror). I've had enough. Really (you can take kumbaya ... and put it you know where). Bring it on. I'be more than happy to do the time, no f*cking joke (been there, done that). Don't believe me? Feel free to try/see ... go 'head ... I double dawg dare ya [been awhile since I cut my knuckles open on someone's teeth (quite obviously, many of you ... are better men/women than I [ain't proud])].

At 4:03 in above linked/provided/embed vid (Pale propaganda):

"As we were disrupting the service to honor Israel, Israeli forces were opening fire on peaceful Palestinian protesters along the Syrian border."

Sickening bald faced lies.

Here's the deal people ... they believe them, they really (really) do. Passing them along ... as the ultimate truth. Exactly how it began, on one cold steely November night ... in Germany, in 1938. But, my sweet dear little bubbie, you don't have anything to worry about ... nothing at all ... if you're an (Islamist) friend of Obama.

Friend of Obama's ... on Facebook!
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