Friday, July 15, 2011

One step beyond ...

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Beyond politics, beyond partisansh*t, beyond madness even.

Caught a few minutes of duh Mooselimb State National Broadcasting Company (MSNBC), this a.m. (approx 4:45 a.m. PST). And them pattin' themselves on the back [for having one a'them icky Republicans on (the Mournful Shmoe program)]. In this case, t'was Congressman Ryan. Brave, gutsy mofo (furreal) ... sharing the frame, while the MSNBC *ss monkeys drop trow, and have a fluff party (in his face).

Ryan resolute, infinitely clear, implacable. But ... he might as well a'been speakin' Mandarin. You can turn the sound down/off (as I regularly recommend), if'n you want to more clearly understand the interspersed/following simian repartee ... of Joe and Mika (and the other assorted libturds in attendunce). And watch, just watch. The faces, and the eyes ... patronizing, deprecating, slandering, grimacing. The anger, the hatred seething out. The mental illness of these creepy filth.

Strap yourselves in people (a'course ... you're already strapped right?). Gunna be a rough ride. Real f*cking rough (yeah, I'll say it again). Myself ... not looking forward to what's coming. I simply am not (sh*t, the triple A's already lighting up the sky). The battle for America, civilization, and the World is underway. It is going to be a struggle of great length. A battle beyond comprehension. One step beyond ... Good vs. Evil.


Blogger Ronbo said...

Yes, I too, have seriously wondered if Leftards are really human beings - and after much study of the creature have concluded they are worthless parasite subhumans.

Jesus says to love our brothers...but the animal kingdom?

The Lord gives Man domination over the lower beings on this planet.

And your average Leftard is lower than whale shit on the bottom of the ocean.

3:10 PM  
Blogger AnechoicRoom said...

With the world in such a sorry state, many (too) are not focused on what is headed our way. They simply are just (and only) trying to get by, each day (and haven't clue one), dealing with rent/food/car. They may have indeed voted for the/their messiah [in their (ever so proud) ignorance]. But a few ... enough (Thank You L*rd) ... will awaken, from their MSM hypnosis/slumber. And indeed, will not vote to reelect der fuehrer.

Hence forth ... they (the newly awaken) shall be called, shall be known as ... The Disinfected (yes, you did in fact hear it here first!).

As much as I do find the libturd nation anathema. They are mere pawns in this global insanity. On the (Twitter) air ... unaware. Though I have no prob with 'wall duty', none [re: Madcow/Olberdouche/Lawrence (of Reseda)/Ed (the talkin' horse's *ss)/Assoc Press] ... when the revolution comes :-)

10:58 AM  

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