Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Got umbrella?

YouTube direct link/URL (advance/skip to the thirty second mark).

Yeah, six weeks a bit long between blog posts [and I haven't even ventured out onto the greater web, in nearly the same interval (yikes)]. Made a little (regularly scheduled) pit stop ... for some under the hood/chassis maintenance (and wasn't much in the mood/mode). No matter.

While we the seeing, we who have eyes ... call the ball. The blind and wretched libturd nation, and their supplicants in the Reich Ministry. Continue to purvey their puree of lies (free spoons and bibs to all viewers/readers of CNN/MSNBC/AP/NBC/CBS/ABC/NYT's). Unceasing propaganda. Steadfast, firm in their ignorance. Proud (mighty) of their derangement.

And as the caliphate grows ... from diapers ... to baby steps ... to enervated/agitated juvenile. Left foot, right foot they now march. Across the globe. Cheered on here at home. By the left/Hollyweird/MSM/6' cockroach Buraq Hussein (and his passel/possie of stanky critters hiding out in the cabinet).

More clashes will emerge. Not only/just on some unseen sun baked Middle Eastern desertscape. Nor the borders of a tiny besieged country (smaller than a postage stamp). But here. At home. In America. On the very streets where freedom and liberty once dwelled. The system (as it were), will begin in some manner ... to breakdown (cue Tom Petty). As the shifting earth begins to tremble. As the foundation weakens under the constant hammer blows that the filth, cowards, and traitors now deliver. I cry. I cry in fear .. for what is yet to be.

As faith in our government, our institutions, and our leaders begins to wane. Those who think the Constitution a quaint anachronism, will become emboldened. While others, others will simply panic (can you say Nagin's N'awlins).

What exactly will transpire? Only the future knows. But if you're anywhere near a major metro area ... say L.A., S.F., Seattle, Chicago, NYC? Then t'would be prudent (if you've got the ducats) to at least put in a three month store of food/water/fuel/batteries. At minimum. And a six month cushion would not be paranoid (no Sir/Maam). Ooond if'n ya gotts a lil extry jingle jangle in your coin purse? A fair supply of boolits (various calibers), bolts, and blades ... a good mix thereof. Will insure you've got something to hold (other than your johnson). When the proverbial dookie hits the fan. The question of course ... how much shite, and how big the fan?

The ease with which the traitor Buraq Hussein swings his sledge upon the Republic. As the Reich Ministry wipes his brow [and his butt (Maddow: "unlimited corporate money is financing the Tea Party"/July 7-MSNBC)]. And the speed with which those blows now find purchase. Chills me to the marrow. All the while weedle Timmy Pawlenty takes swipes at Congresswoman Bachmann [singing Lady Gaga's praises in the same breath (that's some leadership there aye)]. And Hume mindlessly gets his Santorum on, and does same. And f*ck, don't even get me started on the unbelievably large army of Kapo's ... Stewart, Bloomberg, etc., dribblin' Buraq spoot down their chins.

We shall indeed prevail upon Tuesday, November 6, 2012. Yes, we shall [I'll be surprised if the mooselimb turd isn't impeached before then (though I shouldn't be)]. With help from some unexpected stalwarts, fiercely clinging to the crags [Gutfeld, last week (among the mild ribaldry) ... simply doing some reg'lar old school journalism/who, what, when, where, how (yeah, freakin remarkable it was, to see what the past once once looked like)]. But it is a long journey. A trying journey. Both sacred and profane. And where once was a great America, we may arrive to find only destruction ... only desolation. We may see only barren smouldering remains? On that eve, will the true extent be known. Will we be able to scavenge the remains ... huh? Will we be able to piece the Republic back together? Praying she survives the raw, yard long Frankensteinian scars.

This is the time. This is the place. This is the moment. Live free ... or die mofo's. We take up the standard (just try to remove it from our hands ... go 'head). Unmoved, unbowed. At the fiery gates of hell its very self.

Addendum, Wednesday, 7:30 a.m.

This war, this war will be like no other. Will be fought on many fronts. On many fields of battle. In ways heretofore unimagined. Ways yet to be revealed. It will sear our hearts. It will confound our souls. It will weigh ever so mightily on our spirit. And, as I've said a thousand times oer the last while, it has already begun ...

"News Corporation has withdrawn its bid for BSkyB, Sky News City editor Mark Kleinman has exclusively revealed. The media group feels the situation has become 'too politicised' for it to continue with its takeover offer, a senior source told Kleinman."

Yeah, sure, of course ... a media war/virtual war/cyber war only part of the looming clusterf*ck. And that lovefest? Will be the largest the world has ever known. So, someone's got a stiffie for Fox, like that's news right? Cept of course, as usual, tis ALL smoke and mirrors.

How duzz ya know dat elmo?

Was watching a few minutes yesterdee, of the C-Span. Some coverage of British gubment hearings, into the affair. And well whuddya know ... the activity wasn't central, let alone exclusive to Fox (or begun at their behest?). Seems the info stolen/hacked was sold/vended/distributed to over three hundred different journalists. But ya'd never know that if you wuzz watching MSM's delirious, bash Fox orgy [maybe put on some latex next time, before reaching for the remote aye? (It's scary out there)].


Blogger Ronbo said...

Excellent post!

This is Ronbo, brother of Rambo and stalwart advocate of a Second American Revolution whose motto will be, "DEATH TO TRAITORS AND MUZBOTS!"

Yes, things are bad for the country just now, but like a revolutionist once said, "The worse it gets, the better for the revolution."

We should feel honored to be alive and healthy in these dark days - a revolution is something that comes along only every few hundred years on the average, and the losers - that I predict will be the Left and the Muzbots - will be legally put up against the wall and shot.

P.S. I notice you're a pal of DTD. He's good people and quite the polemic artist.

4:27 PM  
Blogger AnechoicRoom said...

Thanks :-)

I'm not sure exactly what will happen. And everyone has their perch, from which they expound. But I see many, many sea's ... teeming with a vast multitude of cacophonous symphonies. All tuning their instruments of anarchy, of nihilism, socialism, fascism, and Islamism. Passing their time. Waiting. Til that singular moment whence they get their synchronicity on.

When? Where? How?

My feeling/expression derived from cleaves that are beginning to appear in our society. And those cleaves are growing, ever wider (the Reich Ministry's hammers never sleep).

The insane complexity of that which is unfolding. And the speed with which it is gathering/busying/readying. Efficiently hides the shape, masks the form ... of whatever is out there. Whatever is coming.

What will be the vector?

How contagious?

Cold? Cough? Virus? Flu? Or ... hemorrhagic fever?

The future's so fookin bright ... I need welding goggles.

2:47 AM  
Blogger Ronbo said...

Easy for you to say, Andy:-)

Yes, the REVOLUTION is brewing in Ye Olde Tea Pot.

And like Prophet Leonard Cohen said in 1984, "I've seen the future, and brother it's murder!"

3:02 PM  

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