Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Fear ...

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Walking the street with her naked feet,
So full of rhythm but I can't find the beat.
Snapping her heels, clicking her toes,
Everybody knows just where she goes.

Fear, Fear, she's the mother of Violence,
Making me tense to watch the way she breed.
Fear, she's the mother of Violence,
You know self-defense is all you need.
It's getting hard to breathe,
It's getting so hard to believe,
To believe in anything at all.

Mouth all dry, eyes bloodshot,
Data stored on a microdot.
Kicking the cloud with my moccasin shoes,
TV dinner, TV news.

Fear, Fear, she's the mother of Violence,
Don't make any sense to watch the way she breed.
Fear, she's the mother of Violence,
Making me tense to watch the way she feed.
The only way you know she's there
Is the subtle flavor in the air.
Getting hard to breathe,
Getting hard to believe in anything at all
But Fear.

What are you afraid of ... huh? Yes, IT IS COMING. It is. There is no stopping it (no if's, no and's, nor butt's). How? When? What method? Which locus, via which nexus?

I don't know. Dealing in specifics, exactitude? How could one possibly know. We can guess, yes we can ... we do have more an a few clues (to be sure). But exactly what is it? Why bother. Really (and does it make any difference). It WILL get here. And we're all fairly certain, that it won't be very long now. Not very long at all.

So, why worry, there is no stopping it. Hopefully, y'all have been preparing, getting ready for the party. Right. Doing your part, for the safety and security of you and your family. And in thus, you are calm, you are cool, are collected. Headless chickens? They're for eating. Don't be a meal.

Lose your head? And we lose our country. Keep it tight. Stay sharp. But maybe .... relax your sphincters, say a twitch or two? There isn't anything to be afraid of, if you've done what needs be done. Really. Let's use our diesel pusher bus, to lend hand, and save. Not to target. Nor in the panic ... run over the confused, over stragglers (though yes, there will be lots of em. Lots and lots of them. In the smoke, in the fire, in the melee that approaches).

When it does hit, stay home. Stay off the streets. STAY. Just sit yourself the f*ck down, and stay. Stay in touch [not just friends/family/neighbors (can you say walkie talkie?)]. But with yourself as well, connected to the absolute. G*d and Country. Do not surrender your principles. Nor your faith (getting harder to do by the second). For in doing so, you have already given up. And America ... well, she dies.

Yes, most days now, I do in fact shed a tear (not proud). Gripped in fear. Not who may break in, or who may burst through the front door [the first six inches are free (just the kind of guy I am)]. Nor even how many. No.

But seeing America die? Scares me, frightens me. Chills me to my marrow. I won't give in to fear. It will not dictate. It will not command. And it will not destroy me. I'll not let it. Left foot, right foot. One foot, in front of the other. March. Stand tall. Slings ... arrows? Bring it the f*ck on. Kill me? I could care less. Really (no braggadocio that). But my country? Well good f*cking luck with that.

I'd say fear me, but ... we are all too well aware ... they're too stupid. It's not gunna be pretty. No. It's not even going to be sensical. It's just gunna be. Take a break driver 8's, go on, have a beer (Miller time in 3, 2 ...). The worst is yet to be.


Blogger Ronbo said...

The First Bolshevik Coup in America is currently scheduled for September 17, 2011 at Wall Street in NYC.

The Reds are calling this, "Day of Rage."

The Tea Party Patriots may decide it's a putsch and open fire.

Yes, it is looking more and more like the small disagreement over the issue of freedom or slavery will be decided by "Iron and Blood."

6:07 AM  
Blogger AnechoicRoom said...

Saw a quote this a.m. (no attribution, sorry) ... "if you elect clowns, don't be surprised if a circus breaks out".

Everyone's trying to cadge some meaning, or glean a kernel ... that points to the genesis of events.

I'm tempted to say it's the stupid, stupid [but that would imply, I believe that I myself know (I will credit Chucklehead a little. Spewing out his orifice bout the rich, and their corporate jets).

Here's a link .... file it under whatever (floats one's boat):



7:11 AM  
Blogger Ronbo said...

In a street battle between blacks and Muslims, I hope the police arrest the victor.

2:33 AM  
Blogger Ronbo said...

Re-Posted "Fear..."here.

I see you're a Leonard Cohen fan as well? "I've seen the future, and brother it's murder!" My favorite song of his "First we take Manhattan, then we take Berlin."

I think Mr. Cohen may prove to be the prophet, because the end of the First American Republic will lead to the foundation of new and improved Second Republic.

So indeed, "First we take Manhattan, then we take Berlin..."

The Left may start the revolution...

The Left will be burnt by the Sun.

3:05 AM  
Blogger AnechoicRoom said...

Possibly, we will all get burnt. Life's changing, fast, faster, and yet again more ... exponentially/cyclicaly. Beyond that, what will transpire, be anyone's guess. But warm, with pockets of intense, searing heat. Wouldn't be going too far out on the limb [new post yet to follow (maybe)].

9:38 AM  

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