Saturday, September 03, 2011

Butt f*cking *ss to mouth maggot!!!


Three thirty a.m., west coast/pacific standard time, CNN. Running for almost the full half hour (til nearly four a.m.). One T.J. Holmes. A butt f*cking *ss to mouth maggot ... extraordinaire. Without equal. Heretofore unmatched by ANY other b.f.a.t.m.m. Past. Present, or future.

TJ really really tries (yeah he does) to distance himself, from CNN's rooty tooty fruity lemon[ade (though quite diligent, not to let anyone see his inner struggle)]. Manly fashion layouts ... suave man about town. With equally suave chica (on arm). Crisp ... well tailored suits, (oh so silky) foppish ties, perfect hair/makeup. And yet, I've left steaming piles in the toilet, that had more heft. We have crossed the Rubicon people. And we aren't coming back. NO we ain't (you're going to have to find someone else to hold your hand and tell you lies).

Our cool, steely CNN talking head T.J. Holmes, "interviewing" one Wayne Bell, publisher. Of a book. A children's book. A children's coloring book, titled: "We shall never forget" (you know, the 10th anniversary of 9-11).

Sickening TJ is. Revolting scum. Pure unrefined libturd filth. Full bird colonel, in the Reich Ministry. Quoting C.A.I.R. [yes, there really are pieces of excrement, who do so, ON THE AIR (far beyond ignorant)]. In defense of his mindless idiotic blather (about said coloring book):

"sparked controversy"

"gives an improper impression of Muslims"

"images of the Twin Towers burning and other CONTROVERSIAL images"

"a different approach to 9-11 anniversary"

Berating Mr. Bell ... over, and over, and over again. For thirty straight minutes. Trying, like every other apologist for evil (with mooselimb meat stuffed in their mouth). To repaint the events of September 11, 2001. Trying to scrub any reference, all reference to Islamists. To facts. To the truth.

After shatting in Mr. Bell's face, continuously, for thirty whole minutes (I'm sure the vid will be up soon, unless CNN intentionally sees fit to suppress it?). Tea Jay trots out one Alonzo Washington to "counter". And with Mr. Bell no longer in studio, no longer up on shared screen, no longer a participant (past tense). We hear good little Alonzo, sugg that mooselimb deek too (slurp): "I don't think he is being 100% honest."

And you know what? He and Tea Jay are right. Absof*ckinlutely. Cuz everyone knows ... Islamists didn't launch a major terror attack on U.S. soil. Noooh. Everyone knows, it was the Jews!

To your face TJ?

Any time.

Any where.

Any place.

With so many Islamist symp's infecting media, infecting government, even ... the White House. Cheering the caliphate's advance, and beyond. Tis a foregone conclusion. Riots WILL hit cities American. And great war, global war WILL hit countries earth. There is no going back people. It has already begun. As G*d is my witness.


Blogger Ronbo said...

The title of a movie sums up the next act in this current unfolding tragedy - "There Will Be Blood."

In fact, "Rivers of Blood."

3:53 PM  

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