Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Triggering sequence initiated, T minus nine and counting ...

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There are lots of theories, 'bout what's going on. In the Middle East, North Africa, and around the world. Even here at home (and London as well). What we're dealing with. Some are interesting, some absurd. Others (most of it anyway), Pure Unadulterated Propaganda.

Back in the day, I read/consumed/devoured on average, one to three books, fifteen to twenty periodicals, and three to six weeklies ... per week. And, each day, one daily (as well). It was a time I call my Walden. I stopped buying books, a number of years back, when I noticed I wasn't reading them. Yeah, I still read. But tis now nearly all virtual (save for the atomic daily at breakfast, an atomic weekly, and the occasional periodical).

Now, near six years in, and over seven hundred blog posts here ... of my musings and scribblings. I've accidentally stumbled upon (while perusing said same atomic weekly), a rather large gleaming diamond. I mean a big hunkin' rock ... already faceted. The stone cold crystalline distillation. Reality. Naked. And just wanted to share. If you take only one thing from me, only one from this blog, let it be thus:

Handsome and self-assured, Viharo speaks with authority in a digital dialect
as he connects the dots between memes and the sacred 'plant spirits' of the Peruvian Amazon.

"In the talk I play with the idea of intelligent plants discussed amongst the curanderos of Peru and the idea of intelligent computer networks discussed amongst western philosophers today. We created a meme onstage live at the TED Talk."

His meme explored plant and Internet sentience as a way to support the idea of social media replacing government as we know it. "It essentially refers to an idea that spreads virally called Google Consciousness that plays with the idea that the Internet could become sentient."

"The Google algorithm, especially the way we use it, is now actually a contender for being conscious. We use it as a metaphor for a collective intelligence or a collective consciousness with the participation between technology and people using the Web. There's a very credible argument to that. What is more bizarre to consider: intelligent plants or intelligent computers?"

His geek philosophy leans liberally into the work of American philosopher Daniel Denet, whose book Consciousness Explained, published in 1991, predated social media. Denet asserts that consciousness is a function of the brain and that Search and Wikis describe the process 'flow' in the brain as remarkably identical to how you could map search, SEO and PageRank on Google. "The way he [Denet] describes how the brain produces consciousness was a perfect description of the way the Google algorithm works."

Let me spell it out for you (if I may?).

Yes, virulent Islamism (and attendant anti-semtism), concurrent with sharia, and the requisite fascism. Kill, dead ... dee eee ay dee. And the baby raping moong*d deathcult employs all manner of method. In order to kill. Using blades [how many Jews have left this mortal coil, in front of an operating pocket video camera, while having their head sawn off? (Gurgling their last, for the entertainment of goat f*ckers [souveneir DVD's available at many mosques throughout the caliphate (no joke that)])]. Using bullets. And bombs. Lots of bombs. Bombs everywhere. Bombs ... everyday [be amazed, search YouTube for any (or combination thereof) of the following: Israel + missile/Grad/rocket/Katyusha/Qassam/Sderot/Ashkelon].

But now, we are in the new millennia. And as the ravenous insect horde devises ever more devious, and disgusting ways to slaughter Jews (bombs impregnated with both shrapnel AND blood thinning components). It is no longer the bombs, which are bringing the devastation. It's the bits. The bits of information. Zipping along through the virtual realm. That initiates the triggering sequence, for all the bombs. Is the primer cord, the fuse, the detonator. Texting the reaper.

As the libturd nation's brainless little bots [search YouTube for any combination: London or tube (subway) + chavs/hoodies/punks/gangs/bullies]. Decry those awful evuhl Israeli's: "The peace process! The peace process!" (in a voice by Hervé Villechaize). They blithely unaware, supremely ignorant (f*cking clueless) ... of the pillars of Islamism: taqiya/hudna. And as the Azan deafeningly bleats throughout the Middle East, and now much of Europe. Five times a day, sounding reveille: get your but back to the mosque (or at least pointed to the sky). All the while, it is Facebook that blaringly trumpets the global attack. Calling the ranks to arms. How, when, where to go, from which they rain death.

Bits. Data. Just one's and zero's, that's it. Nothing. And yet fully lethal as any bomb. One and a half billion empty vessels. Plugged in, hardwired to the data stream. Their nourishment, their replenishment. Their raison d'ĂȘtre. Their all. Facebook, replacing the Koran/imams/mosques Spinning out virtual hadith's by the second. Now, the colony's singular form of communication. Their only form. Infinitely powerful electronic pheromones. Commanding: Kill the Jew!

There is no peace process. And there is no peace coming. Gird you loins b*tches. Git rid of the dead weight. Get tight (but stay loose). Things are going to get unreal.

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And ... we're never coming home, we're never going to get the earth back. Sorry. And you better f*cking believe, I miss her, really miss her ... already.


Blogger Ronbo said...

What's really going on in the Middle East?

Satan and his number is 666.

First they came for the Jews...

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