Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Call me stupid ....


As the Hoffa story builds, and gains traction, I didn't pay that much attention (before). Sure, yeah, sh*t doo smell ... nothing new there (aye). But now? Well fook me ... call me stoopit (you know ya wanna). But I just realized, yeah ... I did (five a.m. PST). One James Hoffa Jr., Teamsters union pwezzidunce. Called MY mother, a b*tch.

Hey Jimmy, yes YOU. Bring your fooking army, do [bring two (sheet, bring three)]. ANY RING IN TOWN. Any time. Go 'head ... call my mother, a b*tch, to my face. Talk's cheap. Look me in the eye, and disparage my mother. Then ... we'll get to see what you got. Really ... (you say you like a good fight). This is a standing offer. 24 hours notice is fine [do bring some handwraps, and a properly fitted mouthguard (and I'd recommend having someone else drive)].

As for the guy who thinks America has fifty seven (Islamic) states? And that the woman who raised him, was a racist. What is there to say? Failing to castigate Hoffa, and of course instead ... thanking him, on the same stage? Smiling, proud. Ever so (like the first time a child goes to the bathroom, by themself. And not in their diaper).

We'll deranged lunatic fantasy is now reality. The Reich Ministry is in full swing, 24/7 (Carolina Garcia/Associated Press). Stumbling, tripping over themselves. Straining ... for that ever so precious Iron Cross. With which to adorn their stuffed shirts.

Triggers people (we ain't talking Roy's stuffed mount, nooh). They are everywhere, they are all around. And they are already spring loaded, ready ... waiting ...

Sept 20th's U.N. vote

QE3 (still could happen. And it will be catastrophic. Beyond anything).

Or some unknown, yet to be snagged virtual trip wire?

Perhaps the expected?

Even though just about no one's mentioning the obvious.

Or yes, strangely ... someone falling asleep at the tanning salon?

Possibly even the normal ... everyday?

Shoot, maybe ... somehow, you just forgot your ticket, and they wouldn't let you past the gate?

Who knows ... exactly. But predicting the future, in general ... now easy. All too. There's nothing to it anymore. Riots are indeed headed our way. Open lawlessness. As well large scale global conflict. The only questions that remain? Which cities? Which countries? And of course, how many rivers ... maybe even oceans, of blood.

This is the course the faux, supra-constitutional Islamist traitor has charted. The fuse is lit (hurry up sez Chucklehead ... hurry up!). Autopilot's now locked. Fasten your seatbelts, pull em real .. real tight, collision in T-minus 8 and counting ...


Blogger Ronbo said...

Note To Me:

Add Jimmy Hoffa, Jr. to "Automatic Arrest Without Bail" category on the PPL - Patriotic Proscription List - as a dangerous traitor to the Republic.

1:13 AM  

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