Monday, September 26, 2011

An age without reason ...

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Had a conversation yesterday morn, with a seemingly reasonable gent (yeah, bout politics). Mindful, watchful I was ... trying not to be aggro. We lightly touched on the periphery, and danced around the edges. So as not to offend one another. He, of the belief (having already voted for thuh Won), that der Fuehrer will in fact be reelected. And his failings all, every single last one, en toto. Can be laid squarely at the feet of the Repubs. Obstructionists, attacking the messiah at every opportunity, every exposed chink in his armor (even for a millisecond).

I asked if he didn't think Obama weren't oh say ... just a little muzzy? And he looked at me in near bewilderment. I mentioned whom the 12th mahdi called. The very first phone call he made, after winning the election, and becoming President elect (of The United States of America). Recounting to him ... it weren't Sarkozy, no. Nor the heads of state of Russia, China, Japan, Britain, Germany, India, Canada, nor Mexico. No. But to one Mahmoud Abbas, head of the PLO.

He said he didn't believe it, or me. He'd need proof. It was a simple bit of info, that I had passed along. Not very complex ... at all. And yet, it completely froze his transmission. He could no longer find first gear. Reality. He couldn't see it. He couldn't grasp it. He couldn't even recognise it. As if ... it no longer even existed. Never existed ... in the atomic. Reason had vanished. And yet ... he was a reasonable man.

Not too different I guess, to all those around the world, back when (day had turned to naught). Who could not get their heads around the automated machinery, that ran. Year after year. Day after day. Hour, after hour. Nonstop. Incinerating six million Jews. Because, well ... it just wasn't believable. Like the residents of the nearby adjacent towns. Seeing the continuous dark plume of human ash. Pulsing. Ascending ever skyward. Bellowing the overwhelming stench of death. And feigning ignorance towards.

We have been here before people. Yes we have. The obfuscation. The misdirection. The constancy. The uniformity of lies. The ceaseless Islamocentric propaganda. That now near all of MSM disseminates. Will ONLY lead to blood. In the streets here ... at home, and around the world. The ONLY question that remains ... which day, which hour, which minute?

Myself, made quite a concerted effort the last couple of weeks, to expand my reppetoire. Budgeting for some needed hardware (weren't cheap). Adding to the option list, at the ready. Now have four (options). And as budget allows, will in fact expand to five (but an entirely different platform, for diversity). Not looking to take on an army, nor even a platoon (tyvm). Just looking to sleep, a wee bit better, at night, in my own bed. In an age, now entirely without reason.

Got bullhorn?


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