Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Ann Curry Does Tehran!

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Wow, holy moly ... deranged libturd porn at its very very best. Watch Ann ... sugg that mooselimb meat with wild abandon (you go girl). See Ann ... sugg five hundred Shi'i Islamists in one truly amazing video session! One penis ... redolent with goat, after the other. More sucking, than the sound of the U.S. dollar going down the crapper (wear earplugs!)

Warning NSFW!

[Bet you think I'm joking (forty four seconds ... just and only. That's it. As much as I could take)].

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Video link direct

And remember that guy, that intentionally threw up, on another, at a baseball game, not too long back? Hey Ann, ya wanna go see the Dodgers? I'm buying ... skank (b'sides ... it'll provide a nice contrast ... to all that jihadi spoot, that's dribbling down your face).

Be sure and tune into Ann's next stunningly brilliant, Pulitzer prize winning journalism tour de force. As she plays the lost Eva Braun tapes, and explores the softer side of Hitler. Don't miss it ... on Today, tomorrow!


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