Friday, October 07, 2011

A ray of light ...

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Events over the last couple of days, have in fact given me a tiny spot of cheer. Seeing a few individuals (wearing GOP stripes), FINALLY come to their senses. Christie (sneef), tearing himself away, from his magic mirror (on the wall). Rubio, standing up, standing tall. Letting us know where his heart lies, believing in the Constitution (though yeah, he could use a lil refresher on the First Amendment). And of course Sarah. Finally finding a means of prying her (Superglued) buns, off the pot (geebus). After digging her spikes deep into Bachmann's achiles tendon (from behind). While Perry was busy, contemporaneously stringing up, a neck high mono-filament clothesline (from in front). And all the while ... MSM's playing its latest and greatest version of ... find the missing word (usually Islam/Muslim, in ALL reports of terror attacks around the globe). Now, in ALL current reportage of GOP candidates/campaigns (hint: Bachmann).

I give Thanks (mind looking skyward, while head is bowed). What we've lost, in the interim, because of the endless mud churned? Too much. Way. And exactly what that be (there elmo)? A clear path. To ascension. A buttress against the rampant fear and uncertainty. Comfort in knowing the IslamoCommieJunta's days are not only numbered. But knowing exactly who will shove that boot, all the way up Buraq Hussein's *ss. Uniting behind the REAL Constitutional government, in exile. While dumping the unrepetant Islamist traitor's clothes (keffiyeh's) out, on the White House lawn (come January 2013). A period of frightening, chilling unease. Entirely needless it was (but no, don't listen to me).

But in that tiny sliver of light (Thank You L*rd), still not enough to vaporize every single last dark cloud, on the horizon [even Herman's answers yesterday, on Glenn's radio broadcast ("mess with Israel, you mess with me/U.S"), same]. For we not only have a full (cockroach) blooded traitor, in the West Wing. We have far too many double dealers, on this side of the aisle/divide. People, who for whatever reason (?). Are not honest brokers.

Watching Brett's broadcast yesterday (on Fox), was yet another powerful mind opener. Michele Bachmann, dispatching the all star squad with such stellar ease, grace, and calm. Destroying them (completely), without hardly lifting a finger. They unable to hold even the tiniest candle. Effortless it was. Though it seemed even Brett was a babbling ... and repeating himself (yes, he was). Though Congresswoman Bachmann ever so gently informed him, she had already answered his question (and had clearly done so, with potent accuracy and firepower).

But the most telling, saddening, was Hayes, of the Weekly Standard. We now clearly able to see, the Beltway's double dealing, cowardly ways. He, doing his Tavis Smiley impression (when Tavis was 'interviewing' Ann Coulter). Pointedly (and quite proudly) asking inane questions, as if in fact it were a real Presidential debate, among candidates. And Hayes himself, be one. Pedantically playing piddling lil pisher games of gotcha (how f*cking embarrassing).

So the last week or two, round the sphere, I kinda stood down (a tiny little bit). Everyone knows which hammer I hold. There weren't no point in pounding the same nail. But it was indeed warming, truly comforting ... to see Michele Bachmann. Reaffirming all of the reasons I believe she isn't just what we want. But is exactly what we need.

A leader of men

So shut the f*ck up already ... and drink your tea, b*tches.

I mean it.


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