Friday, October 21, 2011

It's All Too Much

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So many links. So many sites. So many clips. So much news. Bout events troubling. Events disturbing [seeing the true face of the Islamists. Orgasmically beating Khadafi, to a limp bloody pulp (lots of khalifa goats went to sleep lonely, last night)]. It's all too much.

What can one do?

Turn off your f*cking TV's. Yes. Put away your iPads. Uh huh. And give your freakin Twidgits, a rest. Please. Even tune out Beck, and Rush? You betcha. T h i n k f o r y o u r s e l v e s. Limit your exposure to the endless nothingness. Yes, do read, do look, do concern yourself with.

But measure your dose.

Balance. Keep your balance. While everyone around, loses theirs. It is a black and white world (oh nooooo elmo .... you foogin, racist, teabagger!). Keep it that way. Right. Wrong. No middle ground. No areas of gray. No compromise. The deluge of bits, the tidal wave of info. The fifty foot onslaught ... of MSM/Reich Ministry propaganda, will drown you. Stay on shore. Feet firmly planted. Do not get swept away. Swept up in the blurred reality. That too much brings.

Keep it tight.

The GREATEST ENEMY the United States of America, HAS EVER KNOWN. Buraq Hussein Obama, is counting on your confusion. Your disillusion. Your tiredness. Your imbalance. T.E.A. or nothing. Be it Bachmann (and West), be it Cain (and West). Stand tall. Stand firm. Do not budge. Do not bend. Do not waver. Do not back down. Do not turn sideways. Do not flinch. These aren't words people.

This is reality.

TWO MONTHS. Two months mofo's, two. That's it. That's all. America has just two months to live (bet you think I'm joking). The caliphate's waiting ... in the wings ... to jump up and down. On her grave. Hang tough. Stay sharp. W a t c h y o u r s i x (again, I'm not joking). Stop any unneeded, uneccessary expenditures. Budget only for bottles (water), bullion (not soup), beans (I prefer black), and boolits (not pointed). And maybe, just maybe ... we will make it.

I know, it isn't easy. I know, really I do. Sickly I feel each day. Nauseous. As I peruse the insanity. Sometimes frozen with horror. Each of us must give something. Each of us must do. Each of us ... must act. Each and every one of us. Whatever muscle you can bring to bear. For our dearly beloved ... sickly, suffering, dying America. You bring it motherf*ckers.

That isn't asking for too much.


Blogger Ronbo said...

Once again I say, "Great minds think alike!"

Yes, THE DAY is coming, friend Elmo.

3:35 AM  

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