Saturday, January 31, 2009

RNC Chair Steele


Well done Sir.

Deft .... even bold leadership. A responsible, exquisitely well timed display.

Need I say Thanks! .......

Here's how da big boys (or girls) do it:

Congratulations to Michael Steele, who finally beat out that actual Confederate slaveowning plantation owner to become the first African-American President of the United States! Maybe we should celebrate with something fun, like a national WAR WITH IRAN, hmm?


Even Obie and the (non) thin white duke, got in on the act after hearing the news of Steele's selection [though we couldn't exactly hear what they were saying (something about a beach)].

Thursday, January 29, 2009

All the Obie-Messiah Water the AP Can Carry


Find the hidden word:

U.S. pays $40,000 for killing 15 Afghans
By Jason Straziuso, The Associated Press
Updated: 01/27/2009 10:41:10 PM PST

TAGAB VALLEY, Afghanistan - U.S. commanders on Tuesday traveled to a poor Afghan village and distributed $40,000 to relatives of 15 people killed in a U.S. raid, including a known militant commander. The Americans also apologized for any civilians killed in the operation. .......... [Paragraph one, of ten]

The issue of civilian deaths is increasingly sensitive in Afghanistan, with President Hamid Karzai accusing the U.S. of killing civilians in three separate cases over the past month. Karzai has repeatedly warned the U.S. and NATO to guard against killing civilians, saying such deaths undermine his government and the international mission. .......... [Paragraph two]

Blah blah blah (blah blah blah) .......... [Paragraphs three through seven]

"Perhaps there may have been some people accidentally killed," Julian said as he looked at a mud-brick home where villagers said some Afghans died. "If there was collateral damage, I'm very sorry about that." .......... [Paragraph eight]

On the back of an Afghan army truck, U.S. officials paid $40,000 in Afghan currency to representatives of the 15 people killed - $2,500 for each death plus $500 for two wounded men and $1,500 for village repairs. ..........
[Paragraph nine]

Duzz we needs a leetle cluesky there dear blog reader, to help find the hidden word? Hint: ain't tabasco sauce, nor roller skating elephants, or even carbon fibre toothbrush.

Still stumped? Lemme see now ..... who's currently Prez? Is it Kerry? No ... Clinton? Uh uhn, sorreeee. Boosh? McCain? [Bueller ..... Bueller .... ].

Original ten paragraph link here:

From my local commie rag (L.A. Daily News). With the shortest net-shelf life extant.

Longer/unexpurgated ... Kansas City Star.

And a third alternate.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Rapture Watch: Day 9 1/2

(Via ChrissieCool)

Near day ten of President Obama's new administration. And all that we hoped for, all that we dreamed ... has come to pass.

The blind can see.

The poor are clothed.

The hungry fed.

The homeless (and or WestCoast shelter challenged) ... get a roof.

The most arid of deserts, made to bloom.

That tailgater on the 405, now only wants to cheerfully clean a little smutz from your bumper ... nothing more (what a guy, at 75 mph even).

Pelosi gets the shag she so desperately needs.

War of course .... nothing but a memory.

Ooond zee economy? Now belching billowing clouds of smoke and steam, as it streaks on [thanks to that trillion dollar torpedo (oops, sorry ... should read bailout)].

Inspiring Hollywood types to pitch in and bail also. (eeetsa miracle!)

The weak are made strong.

Every 7-11 starts to carry Schramsberg $2.99 a bottle. (Fook this post, I'll be right back!).

Toyota finally introduces an S model Prius (with LCOFC windings and rare earth magnets). And the collective orgasm shakes Hollywood high rise buildings, off their very foundations.

CNN gets their very own, newly created government cabinet position. The Dept. of Islamist Media.

Every Hollywood bimbette/poptart .... gets all the boobage they want (to further their careers and help stimulate the economy).

Every box of Cracker Jack, now comes with a genuine, sporto, automagic swees watch.

Every conservative blog starts to show stress.

Causing the right blogosphere to implode.

And every neocon blogger gets the brain transplant the left had been hoping and praying for.

Why even G*d his/herself, takes a week off ... and goes to San Francisco (but inadvertently manages to forget the requisite flower in hair.

And the Muslims? Praise Obie (can I have an amen brudder).... have renounced their hatred of Jews, once and for all. Gaza? Now a paradise of pure joy (and Yiddisha love). And Iran ... why she opened her very first amusement park [Disneyland no less (serving Hebrew National corned beef, pastrami, with Dr. Brown cream sodas).

All hail Obie, the One, the light, the way.

Greatest President Evah!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Reading the Leaves of Tea

Who am I ... where am I going to? Not in the twilight of my years, but now fairly ensconced in that which is known as meedle ayge. And finding myself, not to currently be in possession of anything resembling a dream [a fulsome flat panel with Blu-ray player don't count (and well I ain't into giving Hollyweird any mo my monet, a'tall)]. So, we're just waddling through life ... day to day. Not doing much of anything.

But once in a while, we are compelled to run our mouth off, here. Usually bout Mo's Bug Squad, and their willing executioners (ABC, CNN, AP, MSNBC, L.A. Daily News, et al). And related political events.

Day 3:

President Obama visits the State Depatment.

Well now Henry .... now we're dancing. (Was) lotsa talk how Obie, maybe was gunna take a step to the center, and lead from thereabouts [in spite of all the musings bout such (those in past who veered in that direction, from whichever starting point), or any further qualifications about its effectiveness (or even reason thereof ... practicality/expedience?)]. I must say I found his performance yesterdee interesting, very.

So yeah, I been preedy harsh towards Obama the last week or so. Here, and with various comments left around the sphere. Rather unsure of the man, not able to read the tea leaves. But he did show some of his hand, which cards he's holding. That he isn't entirely strangled by his own politics, knows some of his limitations, and is willing to make an effort.

Will he accrue anything from closing Gitmo? Who knows. Sure (possibly?) some political currency. Though its quantity/value/where it can spend/what purchase it may afford? May likely be quite largely different from that which he thinks, hopes or believes will be gained (he may never come to understand).

So let him have his first trophy, to place upon the Oval Office mantle. And cherish. To have a small measure of success/victory his first few days (or the perception therof). To parade/show off for the faithful. One would hope that work arounds will be made when needed/appropriate (likely by those willing to fall on the sword, to save the lives of others).

So he'll delegate for the time being: Israel, Hamas, Iran. And rather perceptive (and smartly), stand just to the side of the road (and not get run over by events). I am comforted [quite unlike just the day before even, when he retook the oath of office. Which I found alarmingly eery/creepy (third time he's done that to me. And when first hearing/reading about the second oath, said to myself: It's official, we're screwed. Seeing such as bizarre, foolish, and amateurish, to the n'th degree)].

Though myself largely a one trick pony, we of course will watch other aspects of the Obama Presidency with our usual/normal circumspection (though many a hound can be heard ever so woefully baying, as we speak).

Back to the media egg:

Is it just me .... or is near every talking head, reporter, newscaster, newsreader, program host smiling like a drunken fool? Delirious. In love. And proud to show off the tents the've pitched (in pants). For Obama [four years of that? Will indeed be tough (get a room already freaks)].

As far as the L.A. Daily News? Pretty much at wit's end. Editor Carolina Garcia unable to do the s i m p l e job for which she is paid. Edit. Still printing lies, big bright bold ones ... every single f*cking day. From wire services. Obfuscations, half truths, even (obvious) Islamist (provided) propaganda [Barzak can't continue to report from Gaza, unless he finds favor with Hamas. Without which, his 'reporting' would be umm ... curtailed (wink wink, nudge nudge)]. She ... no longer has any rationale for such. Neither business/corporate concerns, nor ignorance, nor laziness. None.

Islamist heathens joyously revel in submerging their hands, in the blood of Jews (their Imam/mother/father/teacher told them to do it). Carolina Garcia, what the f*ck is your excuse?

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The last neocon blogger in Christendom, to review Hopey McChange's inauguration speech.

OK .... first off, we really aren't interested in spending the remaining 363 days of Obie's days in office, talking slap. Calling him names. That'd be just so umm .... (what's the word I'm looking for?) oh yeah, liberal (though we still reserve that right as events may dictate). Just that Dear Leader was EVERYWHERE yesterday. In newspapers, on the radio and TV (and likely on every flat panel or web enabled device around the globe). It was creepy. Hearing Hope and Change over and over (and fookin over again).

Seeing CNN's cutaways during the live speech, especially the one from Time's Square, where a sea of humanity stood silent, motionless, feet anchored. Rapt, eyes skyward. Fixed, glued to the Jumbotron. Which luminously bleat out his image. While they hung on every word, utterance, or countenance.

By the time I had later completed the roundtrip to the dentist (including chair time betwixt rounds of battlebot on the freeway). I had easily (without exaggeration), heard Obie snippets/excises twenty separate times [interspersed with MSM's words of devotion and praise (we now have hope because we now have change). That is of course, when they (MSM) were able to actually pry their lips away from his thingamajig].

As of this Wednesday morning, haven't yet turned on the TV or radio (or visited any other blogs/websites for that matter). So cannot ascertain if in fact the Brain Gobblers from the Planet Stinky Pinky, have boarded their spaceships (with full stomachs), and left. Let alone unfolded the morning paper, to see what pool of iridescent hagiographic slop they will (without question) be squealingly wallowing in.

OK, so we'll now save you the troub of reading the whole review (you're welcome). Obie got on base (managed to beat the throw to first). Didn't hit it out of the park (or into the stands), let alone past the infield. But he did indeed get a tiny lil bit'o wood on the ball. Which is a good thing [I'm not (such a partisan hack) interested in seeing him 'fail' in/at the job (whatever the likelihood/possibility?)].

Not mainly because of content (we'll get to that in a sec.), but mostly the excellent delivery. He rehearsed enough so that he was quite comfortable with the speech. And able to deliver it confidently (not a small thing, but then the stock market didn't exactly smile in anticipation/approval of The Speech).

Getting past the Yo-Yo Ma/Perlman quartet, playing (in the cold) air (with or without electrically heated undies/g-strings?). Intended I guess, to help give him a little lift towards his preordained ascension. And skipping the fumbled (by whomever) oath of office, we get to the speech proper.

Credit where due:

1) He worked hard on the speech, and made a serious effort. Gave a good accounting of himself.

2) And he did (honest surprise) give a less vague representation of his (intended) place in the hierarchy of the war on terror [lacking any specifics (no surprise there)]. Using more robust verbiage than I had become accustomed to [though no, won't erase my doubts. For I know him largely to be a person not of his word. He hasn't earned my trust (and remains to be seen if he ever will)].

Debit column:

1) In trying hard to avoid any specifics [and of course controversy (don't want to tarnish that jewel encrusted platinum crown just yet)]. Will essentially be viewed by Iran, as a green light [a friend of each nation ... dialogue/engage friends (and enemies)]. Thusly looks certain .... he ain't onboard regards Iran/pre-emption. Will sit back. And Israel will be forced to go it alone. Shouldering the load for the world entire. And pert fair to say Israel finalized plans minutes after the speech (the operative word in the speech being: restraint). Exact timetable of course, to be determined (I'm guessing within the next eighteen months ... and yeah, take it to the bank).

2) Lots of jabber/feel good/kumbaya. In general a forgettable speech of no great distinction [after the Wright debacle, and his (Obama) then speech being compared to the Gettysburg Address. We kinda already get Obie/have his number)].

3) Yeah, certainly he wanted to toss the faithful a lil speck'o red meat, in gratitude. But after having already stabbed Dub in the back once, really was bad form/poor sportsmanship, to slap him in the face (during inaug speech, while seated proximily). With the take in strangers when the levees break bullsh*t. But then we already knew, he is sometimes completely unable to control his inner moonbat.


We'll wait four years, enduring Obie's weakness, undeceived by his idealism. Remaining undeterred by the vile and brutal hate of Islamists. Neither restrained in our desire to vanquish Mo's Bug Squad, nor to be firm and steadfast in the midst and throes of reality. While Obama keeps his hands in his pants (playing pocket pool). With his eyes half shut ... smiling. While ours, ours remain wide open ... unable (and unwilling) to mask a more serious demeanor.

Good Luck Mr. President.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Pure scum is ... as pure scum does

Gaza militants offer Israel weeklong truce

Immediately above is the (scummy) MSNBC provided banner, for AP story, 8:25 a.m. (PST). Only problem? So heavily distorts the truth (any of you remember the truth?), that reality takes a back seat. Is not on display [try as they might, the co-placement of (in its own right stilted): Move follows Israel's announcement that it would halt violence in territory. Does not invalidate such a naked, transparent assault on the truth]. Truly u n f * c k i n g b e l i e v a b l e.

But of course leetle blog reader, it does (in fact) go down hill from there. First paragraph of the AP penned story:

GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip - Gaza Strip militants offered Israel an immediate weeklong truce Sunday, but conditioned longer-term quiet on a complete Israeli troop withdrawal from the territory, militant leaders said after their men (Hamas) peppered (you know ... just like spicy salsa) southern Israel with rockets despite a unilateral Israeli cease-fire.

Words fail. Why even bother using/printing the word/term truce? I guess only Hamas can be credited with such? (by these MSM asswipes). And of course .... even while Hamas, continue to fire!! (this be what qualifies as a truce to the libs .... Israel stops, but not Hamas). Do these poor excuses for human beings over at MSNBC and the AP (and every single newspaper editor who runs AP shite without qulaification/edit). Even bother to read the (pure unadulterated) crap they write? At all ... ever? Banner: Gaza militants offer Israel weeklong truce (oh joy) Story: militant leaders said after their men peppered southern Israel with rockets despite a unilateral Israeli cease-fire.

Please (preedy) don't make me draw a diagram, for the libs to figure this one out. Again.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

It's the End of the World as We Know It.

And no ... I don't feel fine (flippancy only gets you so far).

Whether the approach of global conflict (and its certain arrival), be highly destructive to mudder oyth [? ... not the point being made here]. But simply existence is changing .... faster, faster than a Tofflerian minute. Newspapers printing the most odious of Islamist propaganda, as truth. Without any qualification. (Ostensibly?) under the pretense of fairness or balance. (Or hiding behind such, in defense of their defenseless positions). Though there be no excuse for ignorance [they're f*cking newspaper editors for crying out loud (lazy turds)]. Almost as if we made up the words taqiya and hudna.

Reality today be mighty ugly [but we ain't goin to fabricate a (fake) one (like MSM), just to onanistically please ourselves (contemporary journalism = getting paid to whack your own peepee), or (robotically for) our partisan masters]. But still tis in fact ... the end of the world as we know it. The global caliphate has landed, arrived, is here now ... TODAY. Corrupting whole segments of society, and governing the output of CNN, ABC, MSNBC and a host of others. As well (my local daily), the L.A. Daily News. Sharia? She didn't so much creep as leap across the globe, in but a single bound.

Truth now but a memory ..... and hope, real hope (not the dry powdered instant crap that St. Obie's been peddling) vaporus and immaterial. And my largely unflappable spirit, now degraded. By American media. Shoveling Islamist sh*t with their noses:

Disproportionate ....

Jews = Nazis ....

Geneva convention (you know, what Hamas wipes their ass with)/white phosphor. [Sunday evening, was watching ABC's (Allah's Best C*cksuckers) World News. And beyond belief, heard ABC whip it (whip it real good): Palestinian hospitals are filing up with victims of white phosphor shells. That pile o'shite so old, even the flies won't touch it. But not ABC. They prouder than a mofo, to paint a large bullseye on my Jewbrat arse (Happy Rammadan to you too)].

Hyperbole? (German) police broke into our flat and removed the flag of Israel .... But da Joos? Da Joos of course be the Nazis.

And any narrative other than the Messiah is here/every teeng going to be just fine? Or that the Joos are evuhl? (You know, people are starving in Gaza). [And really not that many Jews have died
(as oppposed to murdered). And well they're only Jews (right?)].

And Obie? Yeah, he already got his knee pads (strapped on). And come this Tuesday, January 20, 2009. Inauguration Day. We will get to see him smilingly take a swig from Hamas' pole (while using the word friend, when talking about Israel).

It's the end of the world as we know it. And no ... I really don't feel fine.

[Many links via Jack.]

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Thank You Mr. Mayor

Today, we got a brazen new assault on the truth.
AP .... peddling yet even more stories of Joos as Nazi genociders.
With little or no concern for reality [only their (AP's) partisan hackery/thuggery, and its preservation].

A little (context/background), for those so inclined. [From Israel Matzav (Via Gateway Pundit)]. Looking like some strange perverted video game, to see how many Pale casualty stats, Hamas can put up on the board. [Here's the latest JPost account ... (context is everything)].

Mayor Villaraigosa, I simply could not go another day, without saying Thank You (just wasn't possible). For standing and being counted [though the wisdom of such, for you today, may possibly be a little less so (I don't know)]. Something so simple ... so easy, merely a few words. And yet more valuable than mere gold or diamonds.

In breaching the partisan divide, you have shown yourself to be a man. Of conviction, personal integrity, and courage. What we here at this little unknown backwater, like to call leadership. It is my privelege to live in a city, where you Sir are Mayor. The significance and importance of your words cannot be overestimated. Meaning more than you may know or imagine.

Upon hearing your words yesterday, my spirit soared. Ever so greatly. The devil, he oft does not work alone. And he has now amassed a great army at CNN's Atlanta headquarters, the likes of which has never been seen before. Assisted at every turn, by near every reporter drawing an AP paycheck. When many simply cannot be bothered, for fear of social, or career imperilment. You Sir, spit in the devil's eye. And me? I got to watch.

God Bless You and Your's, all their days.

Unrelated :-)

Sunday, January 04, 2009

This is War!


Another day, another tall steaming pile'o libwuhl brain drippings. Somehow managed to sit and watch about an hour of CNN, last night (hope I don't catch anything). Now, nuttin more than Pale Sympathy TV. In tone, content, and coverage. A near endless parade of talking heads in Islamic scarves and headresses. Decrying those evuhl Joos .... I tried calling Gaza, but all their phones won't work (imagine that).

Cameras, remote reports .... seeking nothing but faces with frightened looks. Then ... Queen Noor: disproportional [word of the week (there will be a quiz afterwards)], and also cease fire this, cease fire that. Widdle Wolfie Blitzer all but screamed at off camera makeup/wardrobe: Where's the f*ck is my keffiyeh?!

A very clear effort was being made to differentiate CNN, from the Jooh Cabal Media. I've never seen anything like it (the global caliphate has indeed arrived). Endless interviews with poor put upon Pale's, mournfully asking: where is the world? [Like we/they would want to hang out in a cesspool, governed (yeah, I use that term loosely) by a death cult].

It ain't like Hamas had no warning [not counting phone calls by the IDF, to targets, a priori (get out of the building!)]. For seven days, planes flew overhead, dropping bombs. That would have been their first clue. Rather than surrender their rockets, lay down arms, and give the world peace. Hamas choose to hide among women and children (ooh what a surprise), and continue to indiscriminantly fire rockets into suburban Israeli homes.

CNN went on to cover most every single Palestinian demonstration around the world. Europe, the Middle East, the U.S.. (I can't say with a certainty, any of the reports originated from long ago ceded areas/no longer sovereign/no go zones in Yurrup?). As if numbers of demonstrations/demonstrators makes right/proves CNN point of view (The Most Trusted Name in Islamic News). One billion five hundred million Muslims .... thirteen million Jews (uh huh ... you do the warm bodies on the street math). Using them as props, letting them spew ... Israel is a state sponsor of terror ... blah blah.

Still watchin CNN, was near overwhelmed by Don Lemon (how do you spell fluff?). I thought sure he was gunna sprain his brain. Every time he tried to form a question about Israel, to his reporters in field. While trying to infuse his being with gravitas (that he can't buy anywhere, at any price. Even if he tried).

It went downhill from there (shite has that propensity), broadcasting threats from Hamas. On and on it went, with Hala Garani now at the helm (of the ship of the Fecal Broadcast Network). She endlessly serving up leading/softball questions, to her willing Jew haters ('average man in Gaza'). How are you coping ... how is your family .... what are things like there now ... who do you blame.

Dark times in the world people, and it changing ever faster. What is on the horizon is not pretty, and I am no alarmist. But the world now truly be at peril. U.S. media actively promoting Jew hatred. Galani's disdain and disgust palpable through her efforts to seem poised and erudite [that is between an infinite number of hair flips (hey Hala, it ain't a bar or nightclub. We don't want to date ya). And multiple emphatic mentions of how they/CNN/Hala want their coverage to be balanced]. All while running the usual streaming under banner, now showing (Pale provided) casualty stats.

Then we got Richard Roth ... the U.S. will never support Hamas because they consider it a terrorist organization (unlike CNN). After round a half hour, she proudly trotted out a phone conversation with a Jew, living is southern Israel (for a whole minute or two). And finally asks him what he wants. His reply, to live in peace. With his neighbors. But, she then closed out his comments with the applique: alleged (regards one of his comments). Need I say it gets better little blog reader, huh? She then directed viewers to her CNN blog (ain't life grand).

She then proceeded to make (attempted) comparisons to Lebanon, over and over. This streamed into some nonsense called "I reports". Where Jew haters around the world got to drop trow on the Yids (via internet upload to CNN). Prominently displayed in background? A protester's sign : end the occupation (musta bean anuther country that gave Gaza to the Pale's THREE years ago).

Then we got da real Queen, Chritiane Amanpour herself: what's the point, you won't wipe out Hamas. For real (seeing was believing). And not able to let go of her new magic word: civilian. Quite a trick, a woman suggin her own deek (maybe where the marbled vocal inflection comes from?). Oh well ... thems the media breaks right .... [like I was expecting something different? (CNN ... the most trusted name in shoes.)].

The ground assault will lessen soon enough. And some point in the hopefully near future, they will be able to withdraw. Events allowing (yeah, fingers crossed). That CNN is using their media might to fight a war, in support of Mo's bug Squad? Lovely. Just lovely. CNN is indeed playing with fire in their imbrace of Islam, taking video paintbrush to video screen. And painting jews with scorn, derision, and dislike. Planting the seeds of death of future Jews. Just as surely as the Mohammedans themselves. Evil is afoot. And it is CNN. Truly.

No shame, no moral compass, no minds. Only the proudest, shallowest partisan hackery/thuggery. Destroying the truth, to further and protect their tiny microcosmic juvenile kumbaya world view. I am sickened. This is now a media war. As much or more so than bombs or bullets. A war for hearts and minds.

Saturday, January 03, 2009

The New Narrative


Certainly the new narrative has been simmering/fomenting for a while. What has changed, is the open, proud chant ... Jews are murderers, Jews are killers. Jews are Nazis. And Israel, the reappearance/rebirth of the Third Reich.

Sure, war ain't purdy [only militant radical Islam celebrates with infinite glee, the intentional cold blooded murder of innocents (desecrating the corpses of the Jews, that they had already slaughtered in Mumbai. Butchering/mutilating by hand, the genitalia of a Rabbi and his cherished wife, as they lay slain in their house of worship)].

And yet ... a couple days ago, I watched some lib (in a split screen on/with CNN's Anderson Cooper/AC360*). And he (lib), with fervent solemnity (G*d himself phoned/sent a limo to take him to the CNN studio), said the following: silence equals complicity. And to his video side (split screen), august and sage lil Andy. Showing off his trademark manly man, cool steely stare, silent.

Yesterday ..... we got CNN's Suzanne Malveaux yammering: sparked protests around the world. And yet over the last few years, where be the world's protests against Hamas? As they, Hamas lob (favorite word of the terrorist denial press) ... you know, just like a harmless basketball pass to the hole above the rim, rockets into Southern Israel?

And .... well it's been only a few thousand rockets over the last couple of years? And not that many Jews died [nothing to see here folks (dead Jews) move along]. Heaven forbid, a Jew deigns to defends themself, against terror, against murder?


Israel gave Gaza to the Pale's Y E A R S ago [it is their's (repeat til blue in the face)]. (Then) Israeli hopes for peace, were followed by the election a death cult, to be a part of the Palestinian government in Gaza. Teaching intolerance, hatred, and the murder of Jews to Palestinian children. In their schools, and in cartoons broadcast on television.

And the media? Unsling with blurred rapididty, ladels. And drunkenly started feeding their faces with Islamist propaganda. Only to regurgitate it, when asked to report about the Middle East or Israel. You know ..... no food/water/fuel in Gaza (b'cuzz of them mean Joos). Lies so profound that idiots (MSM talking heads, and too many newspaper editors) repeat them, until they achieve ejaculation.

The most cursory inspection of a few prominent/leading right websites, would clearly reveal the truth [if one could even be bothered (hint: it ain't a secret, even to the blind. But ... that would be above MSM's pay grade)]. There is rarely a shortage of food or fuel, in Gaza [for the average Palestinian, during short periods of active war, possibly/maybe (what a surprise)]. There is even a thriving gray/black market for electronics, large flat panel TV's, and appliances. For Hamas though .... a rather hilarious joke that MSM simply cannot comprehend [this is where I'm supposed to draw a map for the libs, on how to get from concept A) to concept B) [where the food/fuel in Gaza actually is/who controls it (for propaganda gain, and terror operations). But that would be too obvious (better try again Elmo) snarf/snicker].

The New Narrative:

When Hamas intentionally kills Jew in their homes, with rockets? It is merely a form of protest (against tha evuhl Joos).

And when said Jew defends himself? He is a criminal. A Nazi. (So, I'm guessing an apology is in order).

Sorry, as a Nazi (secular Jew), that the planets remaining 13 million Nazis (Jews), won't willingly march into Gehenna, again. At the request of MSM. Or of course the planet's 1.5 billion Islamist's (you do the math).

To CNN, MSNBC, Reuters, AP, L.A. Times, L.A. Daily News, NYT's, WashPost I say .... deal with it. F*ckheads [and while you're at it ... go ahead and chain yourself to the gates of Isfahan or Natanz. Cuzz if'n yarr teenking Israel is gunna wait fo Iran to launch a rocket. Topped with their soon to be completed thermonuclear device? Think again f*ckhead, think again (wait, watch, see)].

Peace? Bring it on ya whiney lil beaches. Me, I don't have anything against dancing in the streets (Hamas however ... well). Until then? Real human beings, back here on this place we like to call Planet Earth. Have (through magic beans) discovered the clue that Hamas has left behind (We're going to kill you!!!!!!!)

Familial obligations keep me here. I'm not complaining. I LOVE AMERICA (heck ... I could even say it again). But make no mistake. I'd scrub IDF latrines, rather than stand by and watch while (literally) pounding computer keyboard.

G*d Bless You President Bush. G*d Bless the State of Israel.


If (and when) the world finally tires of killing Jews. I feel confident I'll no longer be of this earth. Until then .... feel free to walk up to this kike, shimey, hook nosed bagel eater, greedy/ dirty Jew. In the flesh, face to face, and call me a Nazi.

I double dare ya.

Thursday, January 01, 2009

All the Lies That Are Fit to Print

Front page, L.A. Daily News, January 1, 2009.

[We'll call today's post, Part One (on hand is an enormous mountain of atomic material, relating to the theme. The further effort ... ?)]

At this point, one has to believe the only thing many/most at the paper are doing. Is simply attempting to save their jobs/paychecks (if they can). Trying to give the appearance of a functioning newspaper, business as usual (everything's fine/nuthin wrong). But really ... there's no newspaper there. Gone, vanished. In it's place a melange of lies, half truths, distortions, (all jokes aside) even liberal urban myths (paraded around as reality whole), inexcusable ignorance, and (rich vibrantly colored peacock) proud partisan hackery.

Highlight such? (Yes, just like shoot/fish/barrel). Indeed a rather pointless waste of time. But occasionally the befuddlement ... is simply just too much (and virtual pen to virtual paper is required, in order to vent the buildup of hot cranial gasses).

Bottom of (pictured) front page, center, left of the blue witch image we get:

Hamas cold to cease fire
Israel sends more troops to the Gaza border in preparation for a ground offensive as Islamic militants and Israel intensify their fire.

Sh*t, if one had read even say ... oh I don't know, even one article in yesterday's L.A. Times. They would have easily known that Israel, has run out of targets (suitable) for aerial bombardment. And naturally, fire (by the Israeli's) has thus d e c r e a s e d. That simply would be known as a FACT on the ground (whether a land based operation follows of course remains to be seen).

Rather typical of the L.A. Daily News as a whole, oer the last year. Running literally hundreds (sorry, not an exaggeration) of front page articles bout the horrors of the economy. Again, rather limply self serving ... see uhh retail was down (a whole whopping) 8% for the Christmas season. And a ggggigantic 1.8% for the week preceding Chrsitmas Day [repeat: the horror (ad nauseum)].

So the economy (with certainty) will pickup. And Saint Obie (Yes Sir or Madam), will certainly receive sterling accolade. From the likes of the L.A. Daily news. For saving us.