Monday, April 07, 2008

Fun With Video

(Second vid via Weasel Zippers)

Tuesday, April 8

Fun with Politics

It's not the national election, determining the President of the United States of America. No. It's high school .... you know, cheating on your tests (smacking your gum, squealing with delight at the unbearable nothingness of being).

“I said, ‘Dad, if you change your party affiliation in time to vote for Obama,’ ” recalled Ms. Simpson, 22, an Obama campus volunteer, “ ‘I will get you the paperwork the day after the primary if you want to switch back to being a Republican.’ ”

Thus did Ralph E. Simpson Jr., 50, construction company owner, become a newly minted Democrat.

Or like watching summer replacement TV:

Call 1-900 Your Favorite Candidate Now. Operators are standing by. Each call costs fifty cents.

Friday, April 11

More Fun With Video .... Schism

Hahahahahahahaha ...

In this life, it be very easy to call someone stupid, or worse. I do it a lot. All the time. And of course ... especially while on the road. But levels of stupidity this low? This base, well ... actually hard to comprehend. Combine this with the life long Islamic society preaching, indoctrination, and inculcation of Jew hatred. And you get a very, very scary future (yeah, nothing funny about that).

This derangement is to be feared. And yes, I am afraid. But you will not find me hiding under the mattress. No.

I can save you the trubb of watching the vid ... the money shot/quote is about halfway through. Wherein the young girl in pink says (loose quote/paraphrase):

trained to be (G*d's) warriors,
only in a much funner way.
I don't feel the sense ... like to die in battle or anything. Like you would when you're actually going off to war, in the physical.

Don't quit your day job there Raed.

(Also via Weasel Zippers)

Monday, April 14

Fun with Reuters


Dhimmi Jimmy:

So ... these are the good kind of rockets? The ones that land in Israel ...

I found the actual caption (below), for above photo, a little well ... disturbing. Seems to me, the implication is, if harm should befall former President Carter. Then Israel shall be held accountable. Not any gangrenous murdering pustules. I can actually hear the left celebrating (the Jooish plot) now. As they daily do, with the AP Iraq body count.

Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter (R) looks at the remains of rockets during a visit to a police station in the southern Israeli town of Sderot April 14, 2008. Israel's secret service has declined to assist U.S. agents guarding Carter during a visit in which Israeli leaders have shunned him, U.S. sources close to the matter said on Monday. Carter included Sderot on his itinerary. The area is often hit by rockets from the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip and one of the sources described the lack of Shin Bet assistance there as particularly "problematic".

Al-reuters keeps on reeking.

Fun with Obama

Serial Subway Groper Arrested Once Again

Suspect Has Been Arrested 53 Times, Mostly For Groping Women On The Subway

He's just frustrated about jobs and the economy, Silly.

Wednesday, April 16

Fookin A .... AP gets one right (I guess it's time to head down to the nuclear fallout shelter?).

Carter embraces Hamas official at West Bank meeting

.... Carter also laid a wreath at Yasser Arafat's grave (another break with U.S. policy)...

During the graveside ceremony, a two-man honor guard escorted the 83-year-old Carter and his wife, Rosalynn. Carter placed the wreath on the grave, then solemnly nodded before turning away. Later, a Palestinian host told Carter that Arafat's resting place was temporary, and the Palestinians hope to move his remains to Jerusalem one day....

Thursday, April 17

What the f*ck is wrong with people?

Fresno Student Shot, Killed by Police Officer After Bat Attack

FRESNO, Calif. — A police officer shot and killed a 17-year-old student Wednesday ....

The officer fired at the student ... after the Roosevelt High sophomore allegedly came from behind and struck the officer in the head with a crude wooden baseball bat ...

The officer fell down dazed, and reached for the gun in his hip holster, but the clip fell out.

... the student came at him a second time, the officer grabbed a secondary weapon ... from his ankle holster and fired one or two rounds. The student reportedly died within a few minutes.

OK .... are we clear? (now here we go):

Silvia Carrillo, whose daughter is a sophomore at Roosevelt High, said the shooting did not seem justified.

"My son and my brother went to school here too, and nothing like this ever happened. I think this wasn't enough for him to kill the kid," she said.