Sunday, March 29, 2009

blah .. blah .. blah

Yeah, coupla months a little long between blog posts, sure. But it ain't like ther'z much of anyteeng new on de Obama front [three more inches of amateur partisan bulldookie (clowntime ain't over), followed by a foot or two in mouth. With the satellite showing a (stimulated) headless chicken (dance) coming in from the northeast, oond a very strong chance of liberal spittle in the morning]. Though yeah, we will indeed credit Obie a measure of decisiveness regards Afghanistan, TYVM (and no, we won't even add the obligatory: we know the reason why).

In no partic'lr order .....

Peace will come when the Arabs will love their children more than they hate us.

Originally an article in the IHT, about the Pale's disbanding a small children's orchestra (for having played a recital in Israel, to/for holocaust survivors). Now ... the default changes, and redirects the link. A more politically correct version now resides here. (Jooo's fault!)

Bush's Fault:

President Obama has promised to change the way the government does business, but in at least one respect he is taking a page from the Bush playbook ...

Yep (uh huh), Palin's fault.

Let em eat cake [well, it will at least give em something to do for twenty minutes? (Fwench aristocracy notwithstanding)].

Ketih Olbermann has higher ratings than you do? (Ouch CNN,that's really gotta hurt).

He sells synthetic (not cotton) towels on television (and county fairs). As different from sea shells down by the seashore. Then tries to french kiss a thousand dollar hooker, in his flowreeda hotel room? Come on Shlomi ... take a few days off. Maybe give yourself a vacation. I mean really dude. Don't ya know that's extra?

And no, I haven't read it (sawree). But dddang .... sometimes ya just gotta go with tha flow.

Mebbe rethink inviting a liberal to your going away party? ....

When deputies asked the woman why she acted the way she did, the woman said "she felt that it was the right thing to do at the time,"

Say puhlease (wit sugah on top).
(Come back and visit again, real soon).

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