Thursday, July 30, 2009

The genie is out of the bottle

Meester Genie ... and the wispy diaphanous cloud that surrounds him, aren't going back in. Today. Tomorrow (or next week). If the deranged libturds, their sainted Messiah, and his paid c*cksucking army (MSM), want the genie to climb back in. Then they must make him do so.

He/they must provide the historical atomic documents. He/they must show us dingleberry's dangan. Upon presentation of those documents, we will welcome ridicule. And only then, will we (quite happily no less) join the celebration of our fellow American's, across the aisle (we'd love to be wrong. It bothers us not a whit).

Until then,
Mohammed Chucklehead Obama, the filthy, scummy, odious, racist, Islamist bug. Who continues to destroy America, will have the pleasure of our unrestrained reprobation (suck it hard Obie, suck it really hard b*tch).


Looks like the price of real estate in Private Idaho, has quadrupled (in the space of a week) ....

Racism Is the Prime Cause for Debunked Obama Birth Certificate Conspiracy Theory

The "birther" conspiracy has been utterly debunked, yet more GOP establishment figures have embraced the transparently racist cause ... like all conspiracy theories, it springs from the fertile soil of collective denial ... it thrives on a deep-rooted, racist belief ... It's the Racism, Stupid!

Take James W. Von Brunn, the white supremacist -- and a "birther" -- who shot and killed a guard at the U.S. Holocaust Museum in June ...

[G*d I just love it when the turdmonkeys conflate us Jews with nazis! (It really never gets old)]

"At some point, people will have to say, maybe black folks aren't the crazy ones. Maybe it's not the folks of color who have lost their minds. Maybe it's you."


Game, set, match.

Justice Horace Gray Clearly Indicated Wong Kim Ark Was Not a Natural Born Citizen.

He clearly states that only one is natural-born: the child of the citizen. He says that both are citizens. But only the child of the citizen is natural born – for this is what he is comparing the other one to. So the holding indicates Wong Kim Ark was as much a citizen as any other citizen despite not being natural-born.

The Court does not say that the child of the alien is a natural-born citizen.

I really thought ... I'd have to wait a while. For some clarity to emerge. And that clarity would come from the hidden, sealed, or of course even possibly destroyed documents. Whatever they reveal? Hearing the sound of the other shoe dropping ... sometime in the future. The future is hear. Barack Hussein Obama, faux 44th President of the United States. Is inelegible to hold the office. Period.




Time to buy that bottle of Schramsberg.


Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Born in the U.S.A.

Sure, I can understand The Editorial (obligatory snarf here). Its pov, its gestalt. Even its calm, understated (but still pointed) reason. What is lacking from some of the right's acceptance of Chucklehead's birthplace, and in turn his POTUS eleigibility. Is reality. Yeah, just like the left's refusal to even visit the question [you go Gibby! (luv the fifteen dollar crack, b*tch)]. The refusal to even acknowledge the possibility.

What is my motivation? Politics? One can certainly think. I mean, would be normal to engage in such ... the undermining of your opponent. And in this day and age, bathing in excrement is just about all MSM, and the lunatic left (dog) doo. Like that vile piece of filth Rachel Maddow, last night, getting up on her high sparkle pony. And proceeding to rationalize the personal attacks on Sarah Palin's children [had to change the channel (sh*t does smell)].

But why would I bother in such an empty pursuit. Harsh criticism is what Barack Hussein Obama engenders. That won't go away, as long as he occupies the White House. Or as long as he tells TOTUS to zip it, and then spontaneously proceeds to open his own pie hole. He IS a stupid f*cking moron. A congenital liar. A rather pathetic, mentally ill narcissist. A freakin lunatic. Pretending at normal. Yes, he did indeed fake it well enough to get elected (f*ck me). Well enough ... that MSM just can't bring themselves to stop sucking his d*ck (the slurping sounds are starting to annoy).

But dealing in fantasy, fabrication, delusion? (why even bother turnin on the kompewter). I laughed, back when. A year ago. When some first made mention of the Messiah's questionable birth certificate. I had the same thoughts currently on display, by the NRO, in today's editorial. It seemed whacky on its face. Dumb. Plaintive longing. Like buying more lottery tickets than prudent or you can afford.

But disbelief is a healthy, even normal thing. Skepticism not the gravest failure. But with the passage of time. We bear witness to events unfolding that defy reason. Defy logic. Defy belief. Which make one question, seriously question ... forcing one to ask, what the f*ck is going on here? (exclamation point). Not simple, everyday petty partisan politics. Routine empty baying. But examination of the very foundation of our existence. The hundred foot bedrock of an entire glorious nation.

Barky the arrogant associate of the ACORN criminal enterprise. Barky the belligerent Islamist. Who readily chooses to arm Iran with a nuclear bomb, destroy capitalism and democracy. All in one fell swoop. Is not beyond reproach. He is not above the law. He does not exist in a place outside the Constitution of these United States of America.

What does Obama gain by letting the leaks continue to spring in the dam? Cracks to form, to lengthen, to expand. What benefit to him politically? I see none. In my wildest speculation, he would produce some manner of evidence, to silence the birthers. And he would produce it in a time and fashion, that would crush their spirit. Destroy their soul. Wrap their existences in permanent shrouds of darkness. And afterwards, he and his pet juwa Emanuel, would slap each other on the back, and exclaim We Won! (ha ha). Over a cold Trappist monk beer.

But that isn't the plan. The plan is to keep sticking pieces of gum, in the holes. That keep popping up on the dam's wall face. And keep rolling up their pant legs (as the water now gains ... rising toward neck height).

The sheer enormity of documents, which could bolster their assertions, and tamp down the growing rumble. Remain sealed. By Presidential order. Me, I'd love to be wrong. Would be great, truly (it ain't like Obama has the slighest f*cking chance of ever being reelected). Truth simply is. Whatever that ultimately is/may be. We could move on to the real issues. The ones that Obama is entirely clueless about. And confront that idiocy, which is now completely destroying America. Head on. But as long as he is ineligible to occupy the position, that MSM elevated him to. Us merry birthers won't play along (we won't). Sorry.

1 + 1 = 2

It is a very simple equation.

If it walks like a ding-a-ling fascist/socialist/nihilist/Islamist piece of shit. Talks like one. And (darnit, unavoidably) smells like one.

It is.

Some choose to call that kooky. Others ... well they can call it whatever they want. Me, I call it what it is. An attack on the United States of America. An attack on truth. On reason. On reality whole.

A sickness. An evil.

Prove you are who you say you are Chucklehead. Go on. Go ahead. I double dare ya. Me am 100% convinced that you will not serve out your term. You will be removed from office, by rule of Constitutional Law. Just as the sun rises in the east, and sets in the west. In spite of what Richard Cohen/SPLC, or Rachel Maddow, or (your little pet) Robert Gibbs say to the contrary.

On this day, Tuesday, July 28, 2009, I take .... THE PLEDGE:

If Barack Hussein Obama, the TIC (Traitor in Chief) can prove he is American by birthright. Is constitutionally eligible to hold the position of President. Can present atomic evidence in support thereof. This blog will permanently suspend.



Addendum 11:00 a.m.

Somethings you just cant make up ...

Dr. Orly Taitz Esquire ... I can’t believe it, but Benjamin Netaniahu, the Prime Minister of Israel, signed up to be my friend on facebook.

(Hat tip Craig)

Thursday, July 23, 2009

There is a new star up in heaven

Looking up at the night sky, last night, with a heart so heavy. I could only but smile at the gathering twilight. And the twinkling parade of stars emerging from their slumber. Seeing, knowing .... that there is a new star up in heaven.

And before the L*rd came and took her away. He gifted to me something so precious, so valuable, its worth beyond any ... beyond all measure.

A mother's smile.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

If I had a neutron bomb ... MSM would die

poor thing

Monday afternoon, driving back from the city. Was appalled, thoroughly disgusted .... listening to the radio, KFWB. While they were parroting the L.A. Daily News' shameless, stank disinfo. Regards the prepared lunches for the LAPD, during the Michael Jackson memorial event, at Staples.

KFWB continuing to spread the same lies about the cost, of said lunches. Which the L.A. Daily News implied [by burying that quite important detail, deeeep in the article (as in not on the front page, above the fold, where they had already taken a dump on the entire rank and file)]. Cost twice as much. Masking the fact, that the boxes prepared [to emergency field personel spec (calorie/spoilage/non refrig)]. Contained TWO complete meals. KFWB goes on with this filthy deception. Now presenting it outright. A bald faced lie (only one lunch, per the monied amount being decried).

And the Daily News (with head turdmonkey extraordinaire Carolina Garcia), resorting to sliming the contracted preparers ('upscale'), implying over charge. Or that somehow they aren't/weren't part of the SoCal economy (idiots). Not done, they go on to quote some catering clowns, who "might" (!!) be able to provide similar, for a whopping ten or fifteen percent less (wow/holy sh*t batman). This, after the fact. After ... the 3500 boxes were prepared, delivered, to site, on time, and to spec [we won't even get into the quality of any similar. That the freaks wish to discuss (though I suspect the Daily News would be veddy happy, to give our troops ... two Oscar Mayer Lunchables, and a Shasta soda)].

Ever so proud of their fully soiled, droopy drawers, the L.A. Daily News (Mariel Garza this time). Runs an editorial, the following day. To butress their lack of dignity, integrity, or honesty (even to proudly display their barren lack). Pigs. Filth. Scum. And over the week, I've now lost count of the multiple lunchgate stories and editorials they have been hosanna'ing (if you repeat a lie enough times). Not much different from CNN of late, referring to the five Iranian terror planners, as diplomats. That Chucklehead Obama, from Mombasa, had just handed back to the Ayatollahs. In a putrid, scandalous, long range transcontinental tongue washing, of their leetle mouse scrot's (in broad daylight no less).

Or ... say the L.A. Times, witholding the Khalidi tape. Or the Atlantic, continuing to publish Andrew Sullivan's deranged attacks on Sarah Palin's family [and don't even get me started on the bugs who astroturf Gateway Pundit and Free Republic (I troll, therefore I am)].

Or of course, MSM swimming in the fetid swamp of everything Michael Jackson, over and over (and over again). Raising him up, from a junkie child molester. To benevolent icon of the ages (Larry King, couple nights ago with guest, painting him as a reg'lar everyday hetero COTW). And f*ck me (I could be wrong), but appeared Joel McHale on Talk Soup, same night. Was engaged in a tasteless, transparent game of sh*tting on the Alaska Guv. With a little bit Talk Soup did about a "Target" (as in actual, involving rifle with scope). By virtue of placement/co-location/run.

Or ... last night, HLN (and pretty much every other network), playing the Jackson Pepsi video, on endless loop [see we keep tellinya, he was a victim, not a victimizer (and thus not reponsible for anything he did)]. On and on ... the drive by press goes, round and round. Sotomayor as Johnny Carson reincarnate ("fun loving, sunny nature"). MoDo yesterday, appointing herself CEO of the Insane Clown Posse. Or (yesterday) on the radio, hearing Al Franken (f*ck me twice) recalling his days in front of the TV, as a child. In order to commiserate/sympatico with the poor put upon faux Supreme, Sotomayor (OMG we watched the same TV shows!). Even the gosh durn funny pages .... provide no respite anymore. They all have stopped doing their jobs. Clueless barking moonbats. MSM now nothing more than f*cking purveyors of filth.

As a constant, engaged in promoting racial inequality, and discord. Our police are criminals, our soldiers are psycho killers. Diverting attention. Downplaying. Covering up any and all blemishes of/on the illegitimate, supra-constitutional, Obama administration.

Fully (self) badged, fifth column disinfo agents. Destroying America. Without compunction. Without regret. Proud. In support of their deranged libturd politics. Traitors all. If I had a neutron bomb, MSM would die.

Hasta la vista baby
(Though nice guy that I am, I will let them keep their ever-present large sticks).

Now, we all know I ain't got such a device [I hear they're kinda heavy anyway (snarf)].

ginuwine fake president
But .... that doesn't mean that Obama from Mombasa ....

won't continue his immoral scorched earth policies (until such time as he is removed from office, by rule of Constitutional Law).

Now if'n my hyperbile (sic) somehow offends yur sensa billity? I giss we could mebbe, try sumtin else? (Here ya go sparky).

And while you b*tches are at it ... don't forget your official Presidential Chapstick too .... (hey, I'm always here for you libs).

P.S. Chucklehead .... we're out of altitude too (Hat tip Big A)

Direct link/URL/YouTube vid

And this one's really got me stumped (how come no one wants to shake Obama's hand)?

Direct link/URL/YouTube vid

Sunday, July 12, 2009

I was only joking ......

I was only joking ...

Back on June 30, when I said:

Wait for it ...... it's coming .... wait ..... the Joo's killed Michael Jackson!

In this modern world, where nonstop autodispensary flinging, of the epithet racist. Is now an accepted part, the normal everyday bedrock of liberal politics (in lieu of ideas or thoughts or reason). Sadly ingrained in far too many's world view. Looking solely through a bicolor prism. Only black, only white ... skin color.

But in my then flippancy, and unbelieving reverie ... I was still surprised that such idiocy has indeed come to pass. That these idiots, now take further glee? Soiling the character of their fellow Americans. Anyone who disagrees with them. Anyone who has the temerity to dare speak ... the truth. And when it dies, we'll all lose. We'll all suffer greatly. Make no mistake. We are debased by their like. I thusly now no longer surprised, by the followers of the Mombasa Kenya born, Islamist bug. He who supra-constitutionally occupies the White House. He, who pretends to be 'President'. They, pretending at/with reality.

In this inverted world fiction becomes truth, and a junkie child molester is now praised to the heavens (and beyond). A Saint. And the course of such a life? Not finding its natural path, on its journey to its preordained destination. But instead ... he was killed, murdered. For money. And the progenitors of this filth? You know .... where white folks’ greed runs a world in need. Why of course ... they profit!

It ain't bad enough, that the fascists are now attempting to forcibly shovel socialized medicine, down our throats. No. Now they are also bringing those shovels, to our front doors ... "Obama's political machine is stepping up efforts to gin up support. Organizing for America is asking supporters to join door-to-door canvasses on upcoming weekends to ask their neighbors to support the president on health care." Pure, revolting, insanity.

In a world where the (white racist) Santa, is in the CCU with an IV. Where everyone is moving from unease, to panic and fear. Where far too many have lost ... are losing their heads. Keep yours. Our world. Our very lives, depend on it.

Don't panic. We're gonna make it. We're going to get through this. Stand fast. Stand firm. Do not yield to the disinfo agents, the detroyers of truth. Those who would smother America. We shall never let her die. Of this, I have no doubt.

Thursday, July 09, 2009

Hi, I'm Carolina Garcia ...

peeesa doodie

I am an editor at a beeg seedy, bird cage liner factory. I got me one a them thar deeploma's [outta a bag a Cracker Jacks (cuz ... well ... uh they don't trust me with the box's sharp corners)].

carolina garcia's been here
I am a demokwap. I ware ma potty a-feely-ation, on muh suhleev (I ain puhrowd). But sometimes it falls off (watch where you step).

just more carolina garcia
My steenky commie rag, is called duh el Lamo Daily News. Where we ever so proudly sh*t on conservatives, everyday [ooond they still pays me! (is this a great country or what)].

Sometimes ... I puts on my big pointy editor hat. And parade around the office (you don't think it makes my head look big do you?). Other times, I just abdicate all pretense of objectivity. Like today, Thursday, on the front page. Above the fold. Sliming the entire rank and file LAPD, for dear life. Just like I always (dog) do. I (dog) do this because I am swawtah than (a) ewe. And well we kinda did get tired of our own endless full page, full color foldout tributes, to the King of the Child Molesters. That we've been printing pretty much nonstop, the whole week, everyday, day after day [we can't be bothered with petty little nonsene like "accusations" (you kikes know who you are)]. Why we even got tired of the peaceful, uneventful memorial (damn, why the hell wasn't there a riot? Sh*t ... those stupid f*cking pigs).

Besides, without my sage, all seeing guidance. You stupid f*cking morons wouldn't know sh*t (mine's thah best!).

And make no mistake, we don't print just any sh*t. No Sir, Maam, or Hermaphrodites. We prefer the really shiny doodie from the AP (snif). And well, as you may already know. We're too cheap, and too lazy to try an duit ourselves (report the news). Ba sides ... that AP stuff suits our scintillatingly brilliant world view. To a T.

Editor Carolina Garcia, putting another edition to bed.
Bein an editurr'z hard wurk. Here, ya can see me straining to put another edition to bed.

bcuzz im duh editurr thadz wy
Anyway I gotta run (to the bathroom), and get to work on tomorrow's news.

P.S. Our news now comes to you in a new, convenient, enviromentally friendly container.

Ciao Bella!


Oh heavens, I fworgot to mention some of the other extremely important articles, what we wuvs to pwint, for our dear weaders. This one h'yar, appeared in our Sports Section, over this past Fourth of July weekend ...

Why has "God Bless America" been reconstituted as a live, two-minute timeout performance during the seventh-inning stretch at all Dodgers' home games this season? Shouldn't we have a problem with this?

Did you know that at Yankee Stadium, there's a rule that prohibits any fan movement during the playing of "God Bless America"? And one person last season got up from his seat to go to the restroom during the playing of the song, was confronted by a NYPD officer, eventually had his arm grabbed and twisted behind him, and was then forcibly removed from the park ...

you talkin to me?
Sig Heil baby!

Or ... that Palin defended her decision to step down after a year in which she has been forced to deal with a series of ethics complaints and publics records requests that have cost the state nearly $2 million to investigate. (And) There has been speculation that she has some legal issue that is not yet known to the public.

Also, I bbbbet you didn't know that Gwyneth Paltrow speaks Spanish? Huh? Well now you (dog) do!

NEW YORK -- Gwyneth Paltrow speaks almost perfect Spanish - and she does it with an Iberian accent. The Oscar-winning actress says she traveled to Spain as a teenager, fell in love with the country, and embraces the culture to the point that she visits at least once a year and makes sure her young children, Apple and Moses, also speak the language.

And that was before the associate of the Muslim Brotherhood, Mombasa born Obama, supra-constitutionally occupied the White House (yo go Gwenny!)


Here are some articles we will never, ever print:

BILLIONS In Stimulus Aid Went to Obama Supporting Counties

Obama Forgets Where He Met His Wife

Well, maybe we'll put this one on the front page?

The most transparent administration evah!

More transparent than a sheet of Saran Wrap split in two!

And for some really strange reason, it seems this week, we need another stimulus plan (snarf). Bbbbut just last week (my how time flies when you're f*cking America in the ass) .....

And you car company execs, now have to fly standby .... (b*tches). Ok, if you gibb us sum mo bj's? Ya can fly Coach (or Hermes, or LV, ....).


out which chute did carolina pop?
I gotta lot more news stories in my tank .... (wink, wink)

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Just get the piece of sh*t out of the White House

git wit da program

Quit ringin the deeng'a ling bell. Arguing about, arguing about ... Palin. It don't make a fook of a diff who the candidate is (or will be). Just get the piece of sh*t out of the White House. That's it.

Support whomever you want. Or even whomever you think can win. But unite. Now. Today. THIS MINUTE. An associate of the Muslim Brotherhood, born in Mombasa Kenya, supra-constitutionally occupies the White House. Is now President of the United States.

Sure, it is within the realm of possibility, that the levers of power will be slow to engage. Slow to respond. I, me however do not believe he will serve out his term. Before being removed from office. Giving atomic credence to the block lettered stamp, upon his forehead: TRAITOR!

So b*tch, piss, moan about your fellow Repubs/conservs all you want. Crack wise. Cast apersions. Denigrate. Play some pocket pool (my Daddy's blog can beat up your Daddy's blog). The country is in trouble. The country is in jeopardy. It is not some virtual distraction. IT IS REAL.

A few months before Obama officially tossed his Keffiyeh in the ring, I could see the danger in his candidacy (but not the hidden danger). And later, called the election early, for the Obie-messiah. Once it was clear the dem nomination was his, and his opponent would be McCain (game set match Obama). I did in turn ... receive a spot of reprobation, as if I had thrown in the towel. I merely could see, the eventual outcome. Writ large.

That Mac and Sarah did as well as they did, a testimony to never say die fortitude. I went along, gaining a measure of enthusiasm for the battle. Not giving up. That Obama is in fact nothing more than a steaming pile of sh*t? Yeah, f*ck me, for not trying even harder. Not that I zipped my pie hole, walking away doing nothing. An uphill battle it was. Against a downstream flood of libwuhl/MSM excrement.

Obama still walkin on water? Just ask ABC/CNN/AP/NBC.
The same media who still worship the water he walks on.

Like L.A. Daily News' editor Carolina Garcia, dribblin commie spoot out her mouth, on today's front page: Obama's words hit home in Russia/Speech at elite Moscow university appears to have impact on audience that grew up dubious of the message from America.

Or, a couple days ago (uh huh ... on the front page): Sarah Palin's abrupt exit is an odd way to lauch a potential presidential bid and no help for the battered GOP. Inside, in the highlighted AP article we got: typically erratic, seemingly irrational, casting herself as a victim, party officials wondering about governor's motives.

And in that very same issue, Garcia treats us to some more of her commie diarrhea (in AP article): First lady bringing glamour to Moscow: superstar glamour, easy elegance, charm, first lady has wowed publics in U.S. and Europe.

Please do get it straight people. Get it right. Buck up. Keep your heads. Give up on the lil internet hissy fits. We aren't the enemy. We are one. Don't let MSM, Axle with the busted tierod, his pet juwa Emmanuel. Or their legion of scum slingers: CNN/NYT/MSNBC/CBS/ABC/NBC/LAT/AP. Do not let them f*ck you and this country. In the ass. Again. Ya wanna win? Huh ... well do ya?

Ya wanna bring back the Charmin?

Then do what needs be done peeps. Prioritize (me, I don't like Romney's hair). Your country needs you. I ain't gunna let her go that easy. Sorry. I'll not watch as she is destroyed. From within, and without. Eyes forward, eyes on the prize. The charge is sounded.


Saturday, July 04, 2009

Now they come for my flag


Not even under penalty of death, will I surrender her. These agents of darkness, these escapees from Beelzebub's cloaca. Now they come for my flag. Telling me I'm not entitled to fly a flag. Telling me I'm not a patriot. I am not qualified to express my love of country. Or of course recently (beyond any and all belief), Tom Hanks telling me I am not American (wanna see my f*cking Birth Certificate b*tch? Huh ... do ya? Ya lil cunny).

Now is the time. To go purchase a weapon. Now is the time to take a very hard, serious, emotionless look at your household budget. And make that realization that the price of freedom is eternal vigilance. And that isn't free. It costs. The Republic is now under attack. From without, by militant radical Islam, and her inumerable disciples. And scarily, from within. By the warped roil of fascism now sweeping the land. Introduce yourself to your local proprietor. Buy a gun. Learn how to use it. Practice. Our lives, our world, our very way of life. Are in an all to real, unmistakable jeopardy.


Use it or lose it.

This is not a game. This is not a joke. This is not a drill.

Yet more despicable, olfactory displeasure from ... the L.A. Daily News. And of course (guess who), editor Carolina Garcia. Running back to back opinion pieces, over the course of this Fourth of July holiday. Attacking the patriotism of conservatives. Day before yesterday, giving space to Al Martinez, who takes a big giant sh*t, upon those who never wore the uniform. And yesterday, Garcia rents space to one Steve Vlasich, who proceeds to walk his horse (with full bladder) over for good measure. To piss on us faux patriots, telling us also, to STFU [but somehow, strangely, inexplicably manages to reference one Bernie Madoff (wink wink)].

Very Highly Edited for Clarity

Al Martinez 07/01/2009

(This) Indepedence Day .... I'm not flying a flag ... turned down an invitation to speak at a patriotic ceremony ... declined to participate in a parade. I'm (not) unpatriotic. This is a marvelous country born of glowing ideals with an opportunity under our new president to regain the respect we lost under the nitwit who was running the country from a rocking horse.

I was in Korea for more than a year ... War is as painful ... I don't write about the Korean War very often ... I knew a kid, barely 19, the life of Fox Company, who was showered with white phosphorous when a mortar round exploded near him .. set him aflame. His shriek ... full of agonizing realities as the phosphorous burned ...

I honor those who step forward to sacrifice themselves .... (But Please) Don't say "thank you" to a combat vet for serving ... just say "I'm sorry" ... And then next time around vote to make the hawks who love war the first to go into battle. We'll have one hell of a lot fewer wars when they discover up close what it's all about.


Martinez, standing atop the graves of the fallen, feet firmly planted on the soil holding their remains. Beaming, proudly. Not waving the Stars and Stripes, but frothily, rabidly twirling his own personal, partisan political flag. Telling us we are not worthy, of expressing our patriotism. We are incapable. We are disqualified. By virtue of our life arc (and would we please just shut the f*ck up already). For only he. Only Al Martinez can. By virtue of his past service. And only he, and he alone can enter any foreign policy discussions. Express an opinion. Everyone else? Should be sent to the front lines. For a little bullet catching.

In our unfettered expression of love of country. In deep resonant belief in her. In freedom, and democracy. And of course ... not just for us, but for others. Because of that we are cowards. Unfit. Our love of country is invalid. Our hopes for freedom for others, same. Only those who have been subjected to war's ravages, on a formally declared battlefield, with clear lines of demarcation. Can speak. Can speak up. Can speak out. Unapologetic .... depravity.

War is already here Al. It has already arrived. In New York City, on September 11, 2001. In streets and cities around the world. In houses of worship, churches, and in temples. On the streets of Tehran. In railway stations in India. Human beings are being slaughtered. Blood flows. A horrific great river runs.

Militant radical Islam is not content just and only to murder. No Sir. They taking a heretofore unknown pride, and pleasure, in human slaughter. The likes of which the world has never known. Mutilating the genitalia of a Rabbi, and his pregnant wife. As they lay slain in their house of worship.

While much of America is tearily convulsing, together ... hand in hand with MSM. Raising a deranged child molester, a serial sexual predator of children, up to the fanfare and glory of Sainthood. Militant radical Islam marches. Throughout the world. Killing. Destroying. With abandon. These disinfo agents, Garcia, Martinez and Vlasich, seek to distract. These self badged agents seek to silence. To cloud. To mask. To hide. That a lunatic associate of the Muslim Brotherhood, born in Mombasa Kenya. Supra-constitutionally occupies the White House. Hellbent on the speedy, rapid destruction of America. Smilingly indifferent, as the death cult advances around the globe. Maybe, possibly even welcoming it.

Feel free ... to try and take my flag Al, and Steve. Go ahead. Try. Feel free ... to tell me to shut up. Go ahead. Try. In your feeble ingorance. I wouldn't have it any other way. In my America, everyone is given a voice. Everyone is given A vote. Even the completely unhinged lunatic fringe, that now comprises the heart and soul of the Democratic Party.

To my readers, to those who still take pride in America. Who still believe in the ideals of freedom and democracy. On this day, celebrating the founding of this great nation. I wish you a most heartfelt, a most sincere HAPPY FOURTH of JULY!


Thursday, July 02, 2009

President Obama enacts National Kill a Jew Day

I am thuh PrEzihDent ... I am thuh PrEzihDent ... I am thuh PrEzihDent
Mombasa born President Obama, today signed legislation enacting national Kill a Jew Day.

Washington - AP - Onetime Kenya native, now illegitimate supra-constitutional 'President' Obama. Speaking at a legislative signing ceremony, in the Oval Office today said:

With this new Holiday, dawns a new day in my quest to sh*t all over them f*cking stinking smelly Jews. And to squat on America's one time friend and ally, Israel. Many of you ... just like me, have wanted to kill a Jew for a very, very long time. Well now is your chance.

Obama from Mombasa went on further:

Ya know ya wanna. Go ahead .... try it!
The Fourth of July now is no longer just for celebrating America's birth, in all her glory, no. It now exists for those of you who have yet to discover the true joy, of kicking Shimeys to the curb. Sure, a few of you maybe aren't quite sure how to begin? Well lemme help ya out.

Just for starters you could spit on one, then yell dirty Kike! (Don't forget to run away). Before moving up to the actual killin. Think how good it will make you feel [better than sex! (trust me)]. Afters? Well then you can work up to boycotting Israeli products. Going into local retail establishments, and trashing or destroying any such products, found on the shelves.

Later, you can join all our peace luv'nderstanding brothers and sisters on campus, in solidarity with all them Institutes a Higha Learnin, and thare Perfessors. And after y'all master pruhnuncyatin it, you can scream apartheid at the top of your lungs. Until you faint (better than sex!). And be sure to tell those hook nosed bagel eaters, they can't have anymore babies either!

I thank you, and my bestest buddies in my (secret) cabinet, members of the Muslim Brotherhood, will also thank you/Allahu Akbar/PBUH.

On a final note, please don't forget to denounce those hundreds of Persians, slaughtered in cold blood. For getting themselves killed, by the militant radical Islamist regime. While standing on a street corner, peacefully chanting for Democracy. And catching bullets with their bare chests (what f*cking nerve!!! what a waste of lead ... JFC!!!). Thus interrupting my oral massage of the Mullahocracy (slurp), again. Anything that gets in the way of, my getting in the way of defanging the regime, is a very bad thing.

And a little reminder, after you kill your Jew, do of course properly dress the corpse. Before grilling.

Taste the Jew first Barry, please, before you use the mustard, OK?
Come on Barry, taste it first will ya? Please, just try it before you put on the mustard, OK?

Then you take the leftover bits, put em in a box, and shove it in the furnace.
And any of the bits leftover, after you butcher and dress your dead Jew? Just put those in a box, and shove it in a furnace (easy peesy/nuttin tuit).


Did a screen capture, of today's And nowhere, anywhere, will you find the word IRAN. Even once, on the whole entire page, at all, period. Zeep, zeeero, nada (no different than Spike Lee, telling children to ignore any negative things, that they hear about Michael Jackson). But of course (Dear blog reader), you will find this exquisitely fresh steamin' pile a'excrement at AlterNet, instead:

(highly edited for clarity)

.... Israel and Jews can be compared to the Ku Klux Klan, or Nazis. Putting libertarians in a painfully awkward position. Forcing them to choose whether to defend the constitutional rights of free speech (what a fookin pain in the ass that filthy rag the Constitution is). Or to protect the earth's five and a half billion minority, from expressions of extremism and violence. By those twelve million Joo's, who somehow still manage to survive [by just going ahead and finishing the job already (Allahu Akbar/PBUH)].


How long I been warnin ya bout Islam? Huh? Didn't listen to me ... noooo.


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And what's the deal here Chip Reid? I mean really, did you forget who you work for? Of course ... that is ... if you still have a job?


Standing up for that which is right. Not ignoring wrong doing. Speaking up, speaking out. There is a nauseating odor, a dreadful evil stench. A true horror befouling the White House. Hell hath arrived here on earth. At home, in our America. In Washington DC. Sure, some of you Zicamsters ... are unable to smell. Others, are just merely plugging their noses. But Patriots, true Americans. DO NOT REMAIN SILENT. And now we see, one and all .... the beginning, of the end, of the illegitimate, unconstitutional, Mombasa Kenya born Obama administration (pray G*d). Go Helen! (via Drudge)


I didn't say Orwell. Nope. Did you say Orwell? No ... I didn't say Orwell .... did you say Orwell? No, wasn't me .... (via Drudge)


the smell that keeps on giving ... Carolina Garcia

Another day, another peesa doodie from L.A. Daily News' editor, Carolina Garcia. Front page, lower left (rather apropos). Propaganda for her commie buddies:

Isolation grows after coup in Honduras

As thousands of Hondurans demonstrate for the return of their ousted President, France, Spain, and Italy join other nations in recalling ambassadors.

Why even f*cking bother Carolina? Do you really believe that everyone is a stupid, deranged libturd, just like you? Do you even know how to read? F*ck. Do you even know what an editor does?

Do you even have the slightest clue what a stank, nasty, steaming pile of sh*t you are? (why yes, I duzz feel better/tyvm).



Call me a pussy (go 'head). But I'm gunna be hard pressed, not to shed a tear. When looking up at the night sky, this Fourth of July. While Mombasa Kenya born, Barack Hussein Obama, still occupies the white House.