Saturday, November 27, 2010

I woke up laughing ....

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Shoot .... I busted a gut, with loud raucous laughter, yesterday afternoon (when first hearing the nooze ... Bambi got an ouchy/owie). Was as if the powers that be, hanging out in the ether ... really wanted to see me smile (for whatever reason). And smile I did, a big ginormous smile unto the heavens. Beaming that joy right back, in gratitude. Bambi looked so pale, so ashen, so ghostly (my eyes like saucers). His world, well and truly ... was rocked. The manly hoops legend, looking like nothing more than someone's lost (crying) five year old, at the county fair [and yeah, I have played the court at Venice Beach, TYVM (though it took three straight uninterrupted months, of daily shoot arounds, to get picked to play on my very first squad. And of course ... didn't touch the brick once, but we did win)].

Later, yesterday eve, caught a few more minutes ... of Dub, doing another interview. This time with Billy O' ... in a more composed setting, than with Sean H. And of course, his calm, his measure, meter, reason ... giving me pause. Making me question my virtual/written intemperance ... yesterday. Would appear Dub thinks/believes we will at least make it to Tuesday, November 6, 2012? Of course ... he does have the benefit/experience of a different perspective, on events unfolding (no snarf required). Me, not so sure. Not so confident. Doesn't mean I don't appreciate his now growing, rather exquisite ex-Presidency.

I'm unable to suss, unable to see ... where this path leads. Unable to gleam ... the unfolding cube before us. Though my (easy) prediction yesterday, of Young Kim being emboldened, indeed ... already proven true (in less than twenty four hours).

Sure, we want the White House in 2012. F*ck yeah. And Bambi expiring before then, could influence same? But, as I've said countless times in the past twelve months, I really don't know if we'll make it that far?

And looks like plenty'a bustle already ... at the starting gate. I'm not qualified to handicap, just not that cemented to the data stream. I like the expanse of Newt's facile political mind, certainly. And for the very first time, feel that maybe Sarah, might be just a wee tiny bit over exposed (this week)? But, that doesn't mean, we would be where we are, without her. Carrying untold acre feet, of our heavy water, for us. This past two years. And, she did come out of the Nov 2 gate swinging ... the right bat ... quite easily stroking the ball past the infield. Making it plain, making it clear ... where she stands (even the blind). And, it ain't with the IslamoCommie traitors, now soiling the West Wing. Destroying this Nation. With vim, with vigor. From within.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Barry slurps Jong-un's junk

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[And daing (me) ... first time I’ve noticed ... the freakin dildo dropped his muy expensivo watch! (And yeah, it IS Thanksgiving, and decorum sez the post's title ain't in keeping with the Holiday [tough teeties I say ... but do feel free to enjoy your Holiday, as best suits you (Please do)])].

"Stands with South Korea"

Wow, think of that one all by yourself there Bambi, did ya? Is that umm .. like uh .. double secret probation? What's that Chucklehead ... I can't hear you (take that freakin Nork wang out your mouth b*tch). Stands with South Korea, shoot ... maybe you'll do some heavy lifting, like maybe picking up the phone even:

"Obama told (So. Korean Pres.) Lee, in a phone conversation yesterday, that he plans to place a call to China to urge its cooperation ... (and) Robert Gibbs said in an e-mail late yesterday that Obama would make the call to Hu in the “next several days."

OMG Bambi ... say it isn't so!!!

I'd add the obligatory bwahaha here, but there really isn't anything funny, about Chucklehead, anymore, at all (titled IP header, in above link: obama-call-likely-to-be-spurned-as-china-s-north-korean-support-holds-firm). Sorry to say folks (really), but we now ... well and truly ... are at the precipice of the abyss. What transpires in the next few days, weeks, and months. Decides the ENTIRE future of this nation. In perpetuity. Throughout eternity. As well the world. This Nation now, it teeters ... teeters precariously ... in the balance.

As KSOT (Khalid Sheikh Obama the Traitor) lies prostrate, before Young Kim (Bambi ... with mouth agape, and tongue straining/reaching). The Nork's will become even more emboldened. And Iran ... same. As well Al Qaeda, Hamas, Hezbollah, Islamic Jihad, Abu Sayyaf, Ansar al-Islam, Jemaah Islamiya, and every freakin deranged lunatic/third world despot, every single last pretender. As they now all, can ever so plainly see, there ain't nuthin dangling under Barry's skirt. Let alone anything between his ears. Both empty. Both a void.

Things can, things may ... spin out of control. And quicker than anyone could possibly believe. As our currency further erodes/weakens/shrinks/disappears ... intentionally (Thanks ever so much Chucklehead). As the debt climbs/mounts, as the deficit expands by the second ... TSO's are now literally shoving their hands down our pants (you can't make this sh*t up). (Living under) fascism, not freedom ... is now becoming our all too real world existence (in these United States of America). And as separation of (liberal) church (MSM), and state, becomes completely invisible/non-existent. I know not if/when the decline will instantaneously go vertical. But it could happen, make no mistake.

What to do?

Wait? Until the new Congress is seated? Maybe. Until the Supremes finally rule on Deathcare? Until articles of impeachment are introduced? Who's to say. But the devil's here, and he is here now. And he wants his due.

At risk to my person, my being (drama queen elmo), I might suggest one member of the Praetorian Guard, just one. Sidle up to the mirror ... for a cold hard look. Then muster the clarity, muster the fortitude, and then master the courage.

This is not a game.

This is not a joke.

This is not a drill.


Or ... maybe ... perhaps ... something just a wee bit more subtle (like suggesting yet another round of golf, on this Thanksgiving Holiday)?

And (unfortunately) just more sh*t ... you simply cannot make up (truth is indeed stranger than fiction) ... via Drudge.

I say fascism. Tumescent. Joyous. Unrestrained. (Also via Drudge/more sh*t you just can't make up).

Ans that f*cking turd ... burning OUR money ... like it's going out of style (faster than he can print it!)

.... Oh yeah, Happy Thanksgiving (as it were).

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Chester the Molester Soetoro

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What a piece of filth. Anyone who believes Barack Hussein Obama, has more than a snowball's chance in hell ... of being reelected. Is out of their freakin ever lovin mind (no if's and's or but's). He won't even be nominated, by his own party (though yes, one could argue Pelosi's reelection portends yet even more madness/derangement/lunacy/idiocy). Let alone last out his term. Before being removed from office, under rule of Constitutional law (just wait. Just watch).

His mother WAS a stanky whore [I won't even bother scrounging for the link/jpeg ... of the evah so wuvly, sittin nekkid (hint: Dunham nude). In front of a Christmas tree (ho, ho, ho)]. And Barry Soetoro, was NOT raised by his mother/grandma ... but by a gay transvestite. In a third world country. Barack Hussein Obama is a freak of the highest order. A coward, a traitor. Nothing more. Nothing less. And could not be described as being anything even remotely proximal to ... 'American'. In any way, any shape, or any form.

The current brouhaha over the TSA's security regime, masks the underlying truth. The increasing sickening reality. Of the all too real danger, this Nation faces. Not externally or just/only from Islamists. But from within. By the faux/fraudulent/felonious President. Who now daily victimizes us all.


Not a wit, bit, iota. Has absolutely nothing to do with the safety of our citizens, or our nation. It is only about power. Just, only ... the power of Barry. To impose his deranged will ... upon us, the people of America.

Who in their right mind thinks a sexual assault is what this Nation desires, when going to visit Grandma for the Holidays?

No one.

Only Barry, only that bag of sh*t thinks he can supersede the Constitution, of these United States. At whim. Only Barry proclaims to the land: "flying is a privilege, not a right" (and this, from the vaunted Constitutional Law Perfessor!). And only an idiot (in this case traitor), would completely ignore the impact his fascist retainers have, on business and the economy (in these now increasingly desperate times).

It's real simple (yeah it is).

People simply won't fly. And in turn, the (quite large) specific economy related to, the (equally large) indirect, and the general ... will all be impacted. And not just a little. This economy needs no tipping point, no further help in being pushed ... over the edge ... into the abyss. But this is exactly what Chucklehead IS doing. Spell it anyway you want (or paint it, color it, shade it)?

There is nothing funny about Khalid Sheikh Obama. There is only danger and extreme peril. For this Nation. And all who hold her dear ... cherish the very idea.

It no longer amuses me, to continually play word games. In describing how I feel. Dancing around the head ... of a sekrit soyvice pin .... ya know ... wouldn't it be great if Bambi slipped and fell in the shower (real, real f*cking hard/boom shaka laka)? Or ... choked on a chicken bone (cue John Belushi, doing his Mama Cass/Liz Taylor impression). Or Barry, deciding he wants some toast, while holding a fork ... sitting in the tub, taking a bath (a girl can dream). Or maybe ... uh playin golf, on a wet grassy hill, during a major lightning storm (looks like a three iron there chief!). Let alone coming up with new synonyms, for (a bag of) excrement.

Tuesday November 6, 2012 will officially demarcate the terminus of this nightmare. And it is coming, fast. Until then, we remain on station, on guard, keeping watch over this great Nation. With a more than wary eye, for the traitors who attack from within.


Addendum, 5:45 a.m.

It never stops. The boosheet, the lies, the obfuscation, the misdirection. (Via Drudge).

TSO's are now (obligatory drum roll please) .... victims!

From link:

"Aviation security blogger Steven Frischling said he has received comments from TSA front-line screeners complaining of verbal abuse.

'Molester, pervert, disgusting, an embarrassment, creep. These are all words I have heard today at work ...These comments are painful and demoralizing', one unnamed TSO posted on Frischling’s website.

Another said: 'Being a TSO means often being verbally abused ... when a woman refuses the scanner then comes to me and tells me that she feels like I am molesting her; that is beyond verbal abuse'.

'The thing to keep in mind is that stress affects screeners as much as it does travelers', said Tom Murphy, director of the Human Resiliency Institute at Fordham University ... 'While senior government officials explore how to achieve optimum security in less intrusive, and therefore less stressful, ways my recommendation to travelers is to try to see this from the screeners’ point of view'.

Guy Winch, an expert on the psychology of complaining and customer service and the author of a forthcoming book, 'The Squeaky Wheel', is concerned with the stress levels TSA employees may be experiencing this week on the job.

He explains ... the 'emotional labor' TSA workers must do ... Winch says having a mental health professional on staff or available as a referral 'can be crucial in helping the people who did not make these rules but are charged with enforcing and implementing them nonetheless'."

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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Just STFU and start licking b*tch!

STFU and start licking b*tch!jpeg

... we'll tell you when to stop.

(Via Cagle Cartoons/Larry Wright)

Sunday, November 14, 2010

The jokes just write themselves ....

Ya put your libwuhl hoof in ... ya put your libwuhl hoof out ..jpeg

"Administration officials praise first lady's interactions in India"

(Above in quotes is) Exact header, page A8, from my copy ... of today's atomic, local ... IslamoCommieRag [duh L.A. Daily News (though in linked version, they did manage to capitalize foyst lady)].

From link:

Michelle Obama danced with children and then danced some more. (And) she played hop-scotch ... For that, Mrs Obama won glowing praise from administration officials who said the events she did on her own in India were among the most successful of President Barack Obama's 10-day, four-country tour of Asia.

Won't bother checking/scanning/cetera ... but I'm gissin' I ain't da only fooh ... bloggin bout dis h'yar [no smiley face required (Ees vee all indoctrinated?)].

Ees vee all indoctrinated my little lieblings?jpeg

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Buraq the Magic Pony jumps the halal shark

They call him Bambi ...jpeg

(While killing a few goldfish at the same time).

What more proof do you need ... huh? Failing to divide this great nation ... into Black and White (though he tried ... and tried mightily). Barack Hussein Obama now seeks to divide the nations of the world ... into believer and infidel. Muslim and Christian/Jew.

Standing atop not just foreign soil. But upon consecrated Muslim ground. Khalid Sheikh Obama, duh twelfth muddy, unofficial head of the BRMDC (baby raping moong*d death cult). Takes up Islamist propaganda talking points. Having already previously tossed Israel under the HopeyMcChange bus. He now sidles up to the tattered, broken boned country, to pull his hand back, and let fly a mighty proud b*tch slap.

Standing in the capital, of the largest Muslim country in the world ...

Heyyyyy ...jpeg

... he tells Israel they cannot build homes. In the capital city of THEIR own sovereign nation, THEIR ancestral homeland. Standard Islamist fare/trope/tripe/misdirection [see ... if only them Jews would do what we Islamists tell them to do, they could have peace (in the mean time ... we will still keep right on killing them Jews ... every single chance we get)].

Rather than face the music at home (how do you spell subpoena). He puffs up his chest, while chillin with his mooselimb buds ... in Islamville. Meanwhile, back here at home, in America. Dum Dum Bidenski and Shrillary ... tag team Bibi. One ... holding, softly caressing Bibi's hand ... while the other whispers sweet nothings in his ear.

Yeah, we won the election, we sure f*cking did. But it ain't over yet, not by a long shot. A traitor ... lemme spell that correctly ... a TRAITOR ... now occupies the office of President of the United States. Likely foreign born, most definitely NOT a citizen, let alone Constitutionaly eligible to even hold the office. Raised in a foreign Muslim land, imbued with anti-American sentiment. And only. He is no American ... let alone a Christian. Or even a man.

We have a ways to go yet. Before this calamity is over. And things can get worse. A lot worse. A whole lot worse. It is hard to believe that it is even happening. That this nightmare is real. But it is. And events yet to unfold, will pound this unreality into our hearts, will sear our very souls. It will be unpleasant.

We asked the Lawd to help us on November Second. And he/she did not fail (Thank You L*rd ... THANK YOU). That does not mean King Hussein will resign ... will curtail these attacks on Americans, America, and her friends and allies.

It is up to us now. To continue to lay waste to those who conspire in acts of treason, against these United States of America. We will not rest. We will not be silent. Until this great nation has excised the malignant gangrenous cancer which attacks from within.

Friday, November 05, 2010

It's a Festivus Miracle!

What color KoolAid does Carolina Garcia drink?jpeg

If ya have the exquisite pleasure of reading (smelling) ... the L.A. Daily News (and you're a libwuhl). You'da thunk Christmas had already arrived, three days ago, on November Second:

California turning a deeper shade of blue:

"Democrats' apparent sweep of statewide offices - led by Jerry Brown's return to the governorship - leaves California's liberal leaders with responsibility to repair the region's economy and Sacramento's reputation. If they succeed, activists and analysts said Wednesday, they could help to repair their party's brand nationwide."

Put down the crack pipe already Kevin (dude ... you've got blisters on your lips). And if ya think these freaks are a little off (their meds)? Then/well maybe ya wanna see something really REALLY scary? [Caution: NSFS (not safe for stomach [I warned ya])].

Wanna see something really scary?jpeg
(Sorry 'bout that).

And tis another day (and so) another pile of shite from ..... who else? Right, Hitler's Willing Executioners ... the Associated Press:

"Now a divided government could be taking shape, with President Barack Obama and ascendent Republicans facing only two options: compromise or stalemate."

Umm no Liz ... there ain' no Vaseline for Bambi. Sawry. He's gunna have to Ben Dover ... and take it like a man (the one he isn't, nor ever will be).

"If voters don't know what they want beyond something different from the status quo, how can a government deliver, much less one that's divided?"

Some body PLEASE stop smacking Liz with the idot stick ... willya?

The horror ....

BBC Journalists Go On Strike Over Pensions

"Thousands of BBC journalists have gone on strike in a row over pensions which will disrupt radio and television schedules."

'Obama heads to Asia after rebuke by voters'

"Rebuked by voters, President Barack Obama is turning overseas, heading to Asia for 10 days of diplomacy, tourism and dealmaking that could boost the battered chief executive and highlight his political skills on the world stage."

Couldn't we just buy him one of those booster seats ... (ya know) like they have at Dennys, for two year olds?

"RAPPER Lil Wayne was released from prison yesterday
after serving eight months of a yearlong sentence for weapons possession. CBS News reports that his buddies are planning an 'elegant, extravagant evening of celebration and strippers to welcome him home'."

President Obama has just announced he will hold a satellite press conference (at 1 p.m. PST), aboard Air Force One [while en route to Indonesia (for his long planned Mooselimb bar mitzvah)]. To discuss this major breaking news story (of great import to the nation).

Meanwhile ... the Fed, they just keep printing more (and more) f*cking money. Gold keeps climbing ... the Yen, the Pound, the Euro ... same. And the Dollar? Now officially circling the drain. We ain't outta the woods yet, no ... not by a long shot. But we have been giving a glimmer of light, a sliver of hope, with which to hang on to. And we ain't letting go. Not until we march that b*tch right out the door, across the manicured lawn, and to the street. At twelve noon ... in front of three thousand cameras. Where the whole freakin Nation's gunna take turns, kicking his sorry stankbutt ... to the curb (enjoy the trip/fall Chucklehead!).

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

As promised ....

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Spent more than four hours (f*ck me), and at least half a dozen interrupted attempts (like back in the days of Windows 98 & dial-up), to upload me very first (!) YouTube vid, this morn [hint: if you don't have a fat/glass pipe, don't shoot in 720P :-) (so much for video blogging aye)]. Filmed [as it were (with one take/no edit [only bought one bottle])] yesterday afternoon, a number of hours after voting. And before switching on the tele, or listening to the radio. Without any official confirm of projections, or exit polls [I already knew (as you'll find out, immediately below)].

Didn't take a whole second ... to know, to see. What the election's outcome already was. As I parked, walked, and strode up to the poll, yesterday morning. Lot empty, no bustle of cars pulling in and out, like in '08. No hubbub, no line thirty deep running out the door. Spilling out onto the street corner [and no one to give me dirty looks (like in '08), as I then (unasked) helped/escorted the handicapped old lady with cane (who had just pulled in), into the poll (and thus she) completely bypassed the line (I went in and asked first, on her behalf, unsolicited)]. There was no buzz in ... no buzz at ... the hive.

As I entered the poll proper ... nobody was inside, no one was voting. Empty ... the null article. Creepy, yeah. But oh so clear, tactile concrete proof ... of Muslim State Media's endless torrent of filthy lies. It was an interesting six months. As we counted down each day, waiting ... hoping ... praying. But y'all did it. Did your part. Saved this great nation of ours ... G*d Bless You! Each and every one of you.

We're not going to waste a single fookin minute, measuring for drapes. We got us a big freakin axe. And we're gunna start swinging that mofo, the very second we cross the threshold of the House chamber (stand back). And bring down the faux, fraudulent, felonious, traitorous IslamoCommieJunta [it'll happen (would I lie to you?)].

The TEA Party IS the sh*t. Believe that. No, not a gratuitous swipe/knock at the GOP. But my little experience, with the formal Ella-font machine (in my iotaic experience as a 'volunteer'). Was disappointing ... to the max. Incompetent. Amateur, without redemption. I mean ... who the f*ck need's 'professionals'? Really. I don't know if Chairman Steele can do anything to rebuild (and what with Rovian arrows pointed at his back 24/7). I do so very value his public efforts on our behalf (Thank You Sir!). But the feesh here in Cali ... is dead, and ripe (Cali election results aside).

And daing/fook me .... Jerry F*cking Brown! Thanks Meg ... Thanks for your exceptionally lousy campaign. Thanks for your truly weak and unprincipled 'leadership'. Jerry F*cking Brown ... aaaaahh!!!!!

Anyway ... I'll get the ball rolling ...

(Ginormous crowd shouting in unison/metronomic drum beat, in deep resonant baritone):

Q: What do we want?

A: Constitutional amendments.

Q: How many do we want?

1) A Vice-President, who assumes the office of President, via the impeachment of his predecessor. Cannot commute/pardon any sentence, for any crimes, committed by his predecessor.

2) For any President convicted of treason (and or impeached for high crimes and misdemeanors), any of that President's Supreme Court appointments. Are subject to review/recall.

Y'all can ask Santa for whatever you may want. I may think of sumtin later ... but for now, I'll just settle for those two leel trifles [I ain't greedy (hey ... maybe we can relocate Hamastan too?)]. Anyway, Thank All of You.


YouTube direct link/URL (Via Breitbart, via Drudge).

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

What the f*ck are you doing here?



NOW (Don't make me come over there ...).

Today's front page, from none other than turdmonkey extraordinaire ... Carolina Garcia, editor of the smelly IslamoCommie rag, duh L.A. Daily News:

"Likely Congress gridlock could threaten economy"

"ANALYSIS: Nation will be hurt by stalled legislation."

Ooogy Boogy Booh!

Didn't read the AP shite ... like I need to?

If it is the last thing you do in this life.
And with your very last breath.
(Or) however many years more, you may happen to dwell upon this mortal coil?
You will be able to truthfully answer.
The question ... 'Did you vote ... in 2010?'
You will be able, without hesitation.
To say yes.
And hold your head high, aloft, proud.
Heart beaming, filled with pride.
That you answered this Nation's call.
Even if it may be ... with your very last breath.

Now get the f*ck out and vote!