Sunday, October 31, 2010

I told you it was over ....

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[And ... I told you to speak up (as well)]. The fireworks start, somewhere roun' the two minute mark. You can skip to there, if you want. You'll miss a few quotes (no big), like:

"Now my hope was ... that we'd have both parties putting politics aside."

(What ever you say ... sweet, dear, Chucklehead).

"We believe we can bring people together."

[And if you really believe the sh*t I'm selling (cough ... smokin')].

"Republican leaders in Washington ... they made a different decision."

[Drum roll please Maestro .... Booosh's fault! (What a sad, deranged, delusional, disgusting clown Commandant Sitzpinkler is)].

Approaching/a little before the three minute mark (after/once the heckle is in full swing):

"And we're funding global AIDS ... and the other side is not."

I thought it was the CIA that created/funded the world wide AIDS epidemic? [Now I'm (kinda) confused? (Help me Mr. Wizard!)].

After the three minute mark (and Chucklehead's now found his groove/verve):

"So ... what we would suggest ... I think it would make a lot more sense ... for you guys to go to the folks. Who aren't interested in funding global AIDS ... and chat at that rally."

Translation: You know ... the white racist (African baby) killers!

At 3:30 ... the body language, inflection, and demeanor/disposition show clearly. How much peril we face ... how much danger this country is in. Frightening. Truly. Just frightening.

3:40 ... and the crowd gets their we are (indeed) indoctrinated props on ... chanting Obama ... Obama ... Obama ... Obama. Skeery (f*ck me).

Coming up on the four minute mark, Bambi's bathing in the glorious glow ... of his legion's admiration (and if you put on your x-ray specs, you can see his jimmy's gettin jiggy with it!).

After the four minute mark: "Alright ... alright you guys have made your point ... you guys have made your point, let's go. (Pedanticaly/with pointed finger) Now look! ... Let me understand ... everybody ... we're alright ... (pleading) come on guys."

We're alright? No f*ckface. We AREN'T alright. And you most certainly ARE out of your freakin [ever (self) lovin'] mind.

4:30 ... he's lost his grip. Out of his element, completely ... totally. Hasn't clue one. This sh*t's hard to stomach [I got real f*ckin butterflies here (and I don't know if I can continue ... geebus)]. Horrific.

5:00 ... finally begins to dawn on him (you can see the little light go on, when he cracks a smile) ... he's been humiliated. Has humiliated himself (doubtless he'll be able to figure it out. That he's humiliated the entire country as well. Filling us with great fear, horrible dread, and loathing. And heretofore unmatched unease, as this ever darkening cloud ... surrounds and envelops us).

5:15 ... "Hey ... listen up."

Could it be any clearer, any plainer? This guy has no connection to America. None. Zero concept even ... of what it is to even be an American. "Hey" ... are you f*cking kidding me?

Geebus ... I need a drink (dang ... haven't had breakfast, and it's more an ten hours till noon!). It will get worse ... unfortunately. Until the new Congress is seated. Is in place. Has removed the gavel. From out the filthy hands of the IslamoCommieJunta (and the traitorous Congresscritters). We will be in for a very rough ride. Hang on. Hold on. Tight.

No dildo ... phuk U!jpeg

Be be sure to keep your pie holes ... unzipped though. So you can tell that diseased vermin ... to go f*ck himself. All the way up ... with a red hot poker. Should the opportunity arise.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

I Predict ....

I Predict ...jpeg

Yeah, I oft cast my eye to the future ... and spout drivel. And strangely, am occasionally right. Though I don't actually come right out and say ... 'I predict'. Five Days. In five days we await the Judgement of the L*rd. Whom we have asked (and prayed) ... to be deliver us from evil. Will he/she deliver?

No worries.

In the last couple of days, I believe I have come to a better understanding ... of what will transpire. The Dems will stay home. In droves. Some/many did vote for Hope'n Change. A few (like the co-proprietor of a blog, I once was a proud participant) ... "just wanted to see a black man President."

Well ... obviously, the sick joke is on them. They didn't get much, much of anything. No hope (destroyed). No change ... [lies, corruption, and fraud (only more)]. Someone entirely bereft of word, integrity, or deed. (Most) certainly ... not a man (let alone a black one). And they definitely didn't care a whit, for the bum rush they did get, from the Luo anti-colonialist traitor. When they accidentally dropped the soap, in the shower [I told 'em ... (dared 'em) not to so much as blink (let alone bend over, to pick it up)].

The Dems will vote however. Yes they will. Make no mistake.

But ... they will NOT be voting with their hands. No. They will be voting ..... with their feet. And stay home. Disgusted ... Completely ... Totally ... Disgusted. Unable to bring themselves to vote Dem (Bless Them L*rd). And, they won't be able to bring themselves to vote Repub. So ... they will just stay home.

Needless to say, margins of victory will be clearer, greater, and more pronounced. MUCH MORE ... than Muslim State Media has been peddlin'/pud pulling (out front their glorious 'Islamic Cultural Center'). Obviously ... of course ... tis indeed a plebiscite on [the still hanging out in the closet (member of the BRMDC [baby raping moong*d death cult])] Obama. And ... I think the shot (through the ballot), heard round the world.





"Saying there's no way Democrats can keep control of the House,
Ireland's largest bookie on Wednesday said it has already paid off all bettors who wagered the GOP would capture the chamber. 'In our opinion this race is well and truly over with nothing short of a miracle stopping the Republicans taking down the House', said Ken Robertson, communications manager for Paddy Power, the Irish bookmaker. Mr. Robertson said the odds had tipped so much in Republicans' favor it made no sense to continue taking bets."


And, I would be lying (yeah I would), if I said zee Eye Rainy Un’s don’t come round here … on occasion … now and again (winky winky) …

'Obama unlikely to last his first term' ... "It is very doubtful at this time that he will last his first term" ....

(Both links of course ... via this morning's Drudge)


Addendum, 7:30 a.m.

POLITICS: New faces and Obama's veto pen may put up new political hurdles

[Tag line is from muh local smelly commie rag (duh L.A. Daily News/Carolina Garcia ... editor/turdmonkey extraordinaire)].

WASHINGTON (AP) by Julie Hirschfeld Davis

" ... tea party-fueled anger ... antiestablishment fervor ... activist to-do list ... fed-up electorate ... crop of unruly newcomers"

Ooogy boogy booh! Hey Julie ... it's WE THE PEOPLE (you smelly f*cking maggot).

"whether a turbocharged Republican majority could muster a bipartisan compromise"

There is NO compromise (you imba seal).

"Senate's top Republican, Mitch McConnell of Kentucky: 'I think humility and gratitude is the appropriate response to the midcourse correction ... not ... chest-beating or spiking the ball in the end zone'."

That's OK Mitch, I understand. But ... well ... sawry. No can do. We will be partying. Partying juss like it's nineteen ninety nine (tyvm).

"On health care, there's little doubt that a Republican majority would quickly set a vote to ax the overhaul law — a symbolic move that has no chance of succeeding given Obama's veto pen."

What evah Julie ... "symbolic move" ? The AP pays you ... real money ... for this shite? Geebus. "Veto pen" Julie? You know what he can do with that pen sweetums :-)

"The GOP would then follow up with attempts to block key elements of the measure by denying the money to implement it."

That's what we (here on planet earth) likes ta call a done deal [How do I spell that? You're joking ... right Julie? OK .... alright ... DUN ... dee you en (an ox)]. So shut the f*ck up (already) you smelly cows at AP/al Qaeda Propaganda. And stop murdering the truth [you're gunna need a much better plan than that elmo. Imploring the AP ... to do the right thing? Come on now ... the only thing that the AP does know how to do ... is DESTROY the truth (well what then elmster .. huh? Bueller ... Bueller ... Bueller ...)]

YouTube direct link/URL

And just for all the politically correct pencil d*cks, 'bout to burst a blood vessel: Shoyr ... we're keeding (yeah ... like Santa's really gunna bring me one?).

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Back'uh the bus cracker!

Back of the bus you mofo'n piece of white trash!jpeg

Seven days ... just seven days.

Do not turn your back on anyone ... be ready ... for a n y t h i n g.

"(Chucklehead) said Republicans had driven the economy into a ditch, and then stood by and criticized, while Democrats (had) pulled (their monkeys) out (and had started spanking 'em). Now that progress has been made, he said, 'we cain't have spayshul innerests sitting like (some) Shogun. We gotts ta have (them) class families ... up in front. We doan mind duh Republicans joining us. They can come for the ride, but they gotts tah sit in back'."


Saturday, October 23, 2010

Instant post ... (just add a load of fresh Obamanure)

And they call this a pumkin ... no, really they do!

No campaigning in a polling place? Aww ... you're joshing me ... furreal?


Come on out you teabagger!

Dayam ... these white babies sure are ugly!

Don't you pee on me you piece of white trash!

Let em eat potatoes! Whuddya mean it's cake ... does this look like cake?

I'm not a witch! OK ... maybe a werewolf (but this ain't London, and Barry ain't Merikun' ... so there).

You say my other left? I thought that's what you said. What I wanna know is where da fook's TOTUS?

So he lied about his service ... BFD. Me un Barry lie like rugs!

These fancy boots are made for gardening, and that's just what we'll do. One of these days these fancy boots are gunna spread manure all over you.

We'll be here at the Rumba Room all week ... try the Arugula salad with Dijon!

You say it kinda looks like my beard? Well ... I'll just have me a little talk with Napolitano, and see if'n we cain't fix your little wagon (how ya like me now beach?).

I know what cake looks like ... believe me ... and this isn't cake.

You wanna piece of me? Huh ... well do ya punk(in)?

Monday, October 18, 2010

Lock and Load (your Kryptonite) B*tches!


In just two weeks ... a mere fifteen days, we're coming. We're coming, to take our country back. And NOTHING, not NO ONE ... will stand in our way.


A hundred foot tsunami? No ... this will be a global, political killer. Like nothing ever seen before.


Not a wish, nor a dream, nor a prediction.

YouTube direct link/URL

Reality. And it is almost here. THE most important election, In the Entire History of Our Nation. Lock and load. We're coming ... to take our country back.

YouTube direct link/URL


Sorry libs ... giss it juss ain't your millenium?


Friday, October 15, 2010

Odds and Ends ....

Caught a few seconds of Madcow last night, around 6:20 pm pst.
She getting jiggy widdit ... the DOD saying they will abide by the judge's ruling (effective immediately). And ... as she mooed her pleasure, she had an NV bottle of the Widow, in her hooves. And began to open it (I didn't stay for the finale). One would think she'd be spittin' mad, at Gates/Holder/Chucklehead's announced plans to gain an injunction? But of course my dear little blog reader .... you would be wrong.

Just a bit earlier, had the flat panel resting on the Commie News Network. And saw Client Number Nine, interviewing the begging buggerer, for a few seconds. And goes without saying, Andy reaffirmed his affection for Bambi, as well. Only able to muster some mild disappointment. What COWARDLY UNPRINCIPLED FILTH Maddow and Sullivan are.

A few minutes later, 'round 6:25 pm pst, scoped Hannity, with Daschle on. And Sean, asked Tommy .... if he could name THREE Dem candidates, who were running ... on their support of HCR? You know ... "The Single Largest Piece of Social Legislation in Eighty Years!" And poor leel Tommy couldn't do it. Though he did name two ... and was beamingly Proud!

Getting to the news' hour proper, at 6:30 pm. All three 'networks' led with housing/foreclosures (ya know ... 'greedy bankers'). Though I will give Katie a whole 1/8 point (credit), for her second story, being the Florida judge's ruling on HCR. 1/8 point, because she devoted maybe twenty five or even thirty whole words to CBS' coverage. And no, that is not an exaggeration, sorry. If you blinked .... you missed it. No context, no meaning, or even a hint of the ruling's impact. Truly ... quite impressive denial [or maybe they just can't see the iceberg ahead, in the dark (snarf)]. Though I'd still tend to go with derangement/clinical mental illness (without any question/qualification).

In the middle of Katie's 'broadcast', she trotted out some statistic. That 40% of all voters are now 'Independent' (whatever that means). As if the stat has any meaning, any at all. Any relevance ... to the approaching hundred foot tsunami, that is about to to crash upon these shores. Somebody wake up Katherine Tchaikovsky, and tell her the news (on second thought).

Just to show I'm fair and balanced, I'll give Arab Broadcasting Co's Sawyer, an 1/8 point too. For covering the brutal, merciless slaughter of a human being, on Falcon Lake [but take it back, for not disclosing the true nature, of the death, of the investigating officer (Sawyer/ABC ... yet again just more cowards, filth)]. She then went on to the Cheney non-apology 'story'.

As I had alluded to early yesterday, in comments over at Jim's. There indeed was just about zero coverage of the Florida judge's ruling, on HCR. No, I didn't watch every minute, of every network's coverage (yeah, it's possible there was more ... I just didn't see it).

And yet (at the seven o'clock hour) .... Greta led with it! Employing clear, powerful, hard working, in depth coverage (patriot, great American).


More odds and ends:

Thurs, Oct 14, AP's This Day in (Re)Writing History ...

Ten years ago: Two hijackers seized a London-bound Saudi Arabian Airlines jetliner ... taking it to Syria ... then Baghdad, where they surrendered peacefully (you know, they were merely bored ... and just went out for a little joyride).

'Obama related to Palin, Limbaugh'

Just more disinfo, obfuscation, and misdirection. Kinda trying to give/impart papers to the whelp. You know, that f*cking piece of traitorous filth, who has insinuated themself into the West Wing. And still ... is NOT a citizen, of these United States. Is NOT constitutionally eligible. Period.

'Election 2010' ... 'Black vote may sway 20 races for house'

"Polls indicate many minority voters are discouraged and won't turn out Nov. 2 as they did for Obama two years ago, yet a solid showing among blacks could still swing several House, Senate and gubernatorial races, according to some analysts."

Because after all ... the color of your skin determines how you vote (and not the content of your character).

Caught just a few secs of "Chucklehead's Town Hall Meeting” as well. Weird and freaky it was (though in today’s atomic, the AP doin’ their best to cover for him ... as usual: “What emerged was a sharp genuine question and answer period”). And well ... do any of you know anyone under thirty, who owns a sportcoat? (Let alone wears).

And so it goes ....

Monday, October 11, 2010

Carolina Garcia ... pure filth

What is that smell? Oh right ... it's Carolina Garcia.jpeg

So (as usual) having a lil spot'o breakfast this a.m. ... and reading my local smelly commie rag [duh L.A. Daily News, with editor (turdmonkey extraordinaire) Carolina Garcia]. And today's lead story ... front page, above the fold ... looks enticing ('Big or small staff? It depends').

Wherein Daily News staff writers (and they've got the awards to prove it!), talk about the actual physical size of local L.A. government. Blah blah blah ... (the fifteen various L.A. City Councilmen/women) ... thirteen staff members ... fifteen staff members ... twenty two (staff members). OK, kinda innerestin'. Then they proceed to recount the manpower staffing for (the five) L.A. County Supervisors. Blah blah blah ... twenty three members ... forty nine members.

Whoa there Nelly ... 49? Bbbbut everyone else has so few. Wuzz da deelio ... what's going on h'yar? Who is this profligate spender (that's flushing the taxpayers dollars down the turlit)?

And there it is, in the fourth paragraph, on today's front page (can I get a drum roll please) ... a "conservative Republican" (Co. Super Antonovich). Hmmm ... that's not good, not cool. But wait there lil blog reader ... it does get beddah.

That is ... if one actually bothers to to turn to page twelve, and read the rest of the 'article' (past the five small, measly paragraphs on the front page). I mean who wouldn't want to take a peek? Forty nine persons seems just so dang wasteful. Especially compared to the four LA politicos that were pictured/touted on the front page (they having only 22, 22, 15, and 13 respectively).

Still here? OK ... now we're getting somewhere (taking the small bit of time ... to look at/read the rest of the 'article'). And there it is (buried back on page twelve). Turns out every single City Council Member is given the SAME EXACT AMOUNT OF MONEY [to spend on staffing (1.06m)]. And the staffing budget for every single County Supervisor ... is uniform as well [but amount is higher (3.4m)]. And those city/county officials, in turn ... can allocate staffing levels as well their activity, contribution, work load/hours ... as they see fit.

So, we get one Co. Super, who spends their 3.4m ... on 23 staffers (Gloria Molina). And another (Antonovich), who spends his 3.4m ... on 49.

Carolina Garcia ... pure filth.

But merely par, for this (libturd trash) editor. Who practices omission journalism, Islamojournalism, misdirection, and obfuscation as a daily manner of course.

Keep scribblin girl ... I just love your work!jpeg

Keep up the good work Carolina ... scribble away! [Ya really gotta love such derangement, lunacy, and devotion to the cause (and such a ginormous capacity to guzzle KoolAid)].

Friday, October 08, 2010

The Meek Shall Inherit an IslamoCommieSh*thole.

YouTube direct link/URL

Only watched the vid once so far [I want to savor it (and I haven't yet watched the 'seal falling' vid!)]. And it is a world entire. Of valuable information. Clear. Pure. Unmistakable. Displaying a piece of unadorned filth. Excrement. A shiny, well polished turd ... steaming up the ether. And this piece of sh*t has situtated itself in the White House. Now heads the government, of these United States.

Does the Luo anti-colonialist traitor stop the assault? No. Does he emplore the crowd to respect different points of view? No. Does he honor his own (filthy) lie to honor and respect those who do differ? No. Does he invite debate? No. Does he question his accuser? No. Does he stop his political speech?


He goes right on ... merrily spewing his filth, derangement and lies (about unemployment, the economy, health care, and Repub campaign financing). And pointedly allows his lunatic sycophants to openly assault and batter another American, in his presence. Physically defending HIS point of view.

This isn't what leaders do.


But it IS what Khalid Sheikh Obama does. And it isn't what Americans (at heart) do (unlike the firefighters in Tennessee who showed up, just to watch a man's house burn. Not lifting a finger, because they hadn't been paid).

Me ... greatly admire, without end, the vid's producer(s). And find the individual(s) to be truly Great American(s). Brave. Courageous. Jubilant lovers of freedom and the Constitution. And while I wouldn't intentionally go within a hundred feet (shoot ... a hundred miles) of any of the sh*tfests, that Khalid Sheikh Obama is now holding around the country (at taxpayer expense), near every day (does this turd ever do a single day's work?). I find the concept worthy of unanimous and universal support. Everywhere that piece of filth goes, every single time ...




(Hint: rolling up your thin/flimsy 'I love Bambi' sign, into a cone/megaphone helps). Yes, bring extra help, do. Plan. Station your operatives inconspicuously, a slight distance away. To capture the images of the insect horde, feasting on the remains of the Constitution. Me, like I said, I won't get anywhere near these freaks [I do know my limitations and so no need to test (wink)]. So, you have to indeed be ready to give blood, when these cockroaches attack. Not a great plan. Not one I'm fond of. One I wouldn't normally think of/consider/proffer. But it IS a Thorsian Hammer.

(Shoot ... bring a prop if you're feeling frisky?)
. And it will further help bring about a more rapid end, to the parasitic infection which now plagues us, and attacks us from within. By the faux/fraudulent/felonious/traitorous IslamoComieJunta. Not only won't Obama be reelected, he won't even receive his party's nomination (should he somehow last long enough to not be removed from office, by rule of Constitutional law).

And today? (Via Gateway) "Americans deserve to know who's trying to sway their elections—we can't allow special interests to silence anyone who stands up to them." Insane, deranged f*cking lunatic. And I cannot wait for Judgment Day.

On and on, these turdmonkeys proudly fling doo. Some might call it politics: "To give (Dem) Adler an edge, (Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee operative) Ayscue had recruited a then-unidentified man to run as a third-party candidate. That candidate would act as a spoiler to confuse voters."

I call it election tampering. And this is ALL, this is EVERYTHING that Khalid Sheikh Obama is now doing, nonstop, 24/7.

'Barack Obama accused of exaggerating terror threat for political gain'

And .... it seems like Chucklehead's now handing out Medals of Honor, just like candy bars. Naked, staged, empty partisan nothingness ('twer me, I'd wait for someone else to bestow the honor/tyvm). Just like Gloria Allred, majordomo of the left coast political ambulance chasing corps (that's pronounced 'core' Chucklehead). Except first, she saps Nicky on the back of the head, with a blackjack. Before tossing her into the middle of the expressway. To be run over by strangers/all and sundry. And only then ... does the ambulance show up.

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

This is not a game. This is not a joke.

Photobucketjpeg via Scenic

This is not a drill.

Couple weeks back ... the entirety of MuslimStateMedia/Traitor Media (along with every slimy, filthy f*ckin' libturd talking head in their employ). Was going on and on (and on and on) about one Derek Fenton. And how this o n e American was going to cause the whole world to convulse, shudder, and break its axial restraint. Simply by burning a very small piece of paper trash ... in public. In the light of day, on a street corner (... the horror!).

And his crime so great, so unbelievable, so horrific, MSM dare not show even one single image (cuz they don't want to start a global conflagration). Derek Fenton, American, exercising his First Amendment right, IN America. ON American soil, in an American city. As protected under the Constitution of these United States (you remember the Constitution don't ya?).

Failing to paint Mr. Fenton with the blood, of the victims, of the ceaseless terror of militant radical Islam [see the Taliban doesn't cold bloodedly slaughter people (with malice aforethought), noooo. It's them Tea Party people!]. A few weeks pass, during which time there's not one single mention of Derek Fenton. Anywhere. Anyplace. On any MSM platform.

Then last week [just/only two weeks after Derek's incredible pulp (fiction) massacre] ... whuddya know, there it is. Muh local smelly commie rag (that's right, you guessed it ... the L.A. Daily News), runs this AP crappola. But (instead of a file photo, of one Donny Rumsfeld) splash about one of the most heralded libturd propaganda images.

Carolina Garcia at it againjpeg

A U.S. soldier, with a large vicious dog, getting in the face of some poor put upon "insurgent" (in custody). Like uh ... that's not going to inflame the syphilitic loins of some jihadi? [MSM: do as WE say ... (not as we do), you f*cking conservative *ssholes].

And then last Friday, watching skanky Aunti Beeb, diddle herself into a frenzy. Going on and on (and on and on), 'bout some uniformed Pakistani soldiers, executing some Taliban (with blindfolds on). Showing us some grainy cell phone vid. And dwelling, with gusto, on the enmity they (the Beeb) are producing. Only to abort the now lengthy orgy (slurp) at the very last moment [propaganda interruptus ... "images to shocking to show" ... so we won't (even if we don't show the boolits flyin' ... we're still going to show you the video, of their bloody lifeless corpses ... none the less/TYVM)].

But it doesn't stop there .... no. Flipping open Saturday morning's atomic, smelly commie rag (thuh L.A. Daily News, Oct 2). And what do we have? Yeppers. Some more.

It is hard to fashion exacting rhyme or reason to/for the actions of those in media. Sure, one can very easily say they are (quite seriously) deranged partisan operatives. Clinically mentally ill. Who haven't clue one about journalism. Let alone the real true gravity of their actions. Or even any understanding (any at all). Or that they even care ... a single iota [just like that piece of filth (soon to be impeached/former president) Khalid Sheikh Obama]. And 9-11 trutherism, is now paraded around by all and sundry (MSM) ... as mainstream (see ... those nice Islamic terrorists didn't incinerate 3,000 human beings, no. It was them greedy fookin Jews!).

Acting without compunction, ONLY in pursuit of putting points on THEIR own personal partisan scoreboard. Flippantly attempting to bring about their OWN prognostication (like militant radical Islam needs an excuse ... any excuse at all ... to murder). In fact though, they are destroying the bedrock foundation of a free America. As MSM willfully destroys the truth, during their self immolation (of the fourth estate). Lying prostate at the feet of the Luo anti-colonialist traitor, and his bestest buddies in the caliphate.


Loud and proud they are, cheering like lunatics ... the arrival of the fascists and the IslamoCommieRevolution.

Knowing not from which our freedom is derived (nor having any understanding thereof). Hardwired ... to their (sampling with lossy compression) iPods ('til their ears bleed). Thumbs all a'twitter ... glued to their Blackberry's ('til their thumbs bleed). In between bouts of PS3/X-Box/Wii ('til their minds bleed). Completely disconnected. From the real world. Having no relation to ... (the) atomic and gravity [kid ... ya wanna fly? Ya gotts ta learn how to land (chief)].

In the Oborg's derangement, somehow ... they are of the belief that the caliphate's arrival will bring about their long dreamed of utopia. Mindless ... insipid. They will destroy us. They will destroy you. They will destroy this country. Even ... merely ... for their own amusement. These filth among us, care not a whit for their fellow human beings. Have no moral compass. Care not even for themselves. They have not the tools to fully participate in this rough and tumble world, rapidly spinning out of control. Relying only on the pablum that John Stewart et al, daily spoon feeds them. Supremely confident ... in their ignorance.

Tyler Clementi didn't die (only) because he was gay. Simply, wretchedly ... because he was different. An individual. Not like them. And therefore worthy of nothing but scorn, snarkasm, hazing, belittlement, intolerance, and humiliation (same for conservatives or members of the Tea Party). Mr. Clementi coulda been the first visitor from outer space,or he coulda been the first concert violinist to play behind his back/with his teeth (or even setting his instrument afire/smashing it at concert's end). No matter.

Raised on hedonism, nihilism, and (holier than thou) Hollyweirdism ... these libwuhl morons spout drivel, nonstop [behold our scintillating insight! (the planet's melting. You're white/you're a racist. Obama just needs more time/is misunderstood. Did I say you were a racist?)]. And with open arms and a blind eye ... welcome the caliphate and attendant sharia law (under which women are enslaved, gays are murdered outright, and Jews are tortured).

The Oborg [as well the titular head of the BRMDC (baby raping moong*d death cult) Obama] vociferoulsy champion a (fifteen story) monument to the practices of Islamism. At Ground Zero. But won't lift one single finger, to actually save the life of another human being. To them, nothing has value, nothing has worth. Existing only to spit on principle, or disavow reason. Shatting on freedom of expression and the First Amendment. Hipper than thou ... is their all. Their everything (in their nothingness).

All the while MSM prints all manner of obscene lie, upon lie, upon lie. Misdirection upon misdirection. Obfuscation upon obfuscation. And omission ... upon omission. They determining what info we see ... are privy to. ONLY they decide who gets to see what. ONLY they determine what is the truth. ONLY they. And certainly ... not the citizens of these United States (and especially not them Tea Party folks). I've never seen anything like it. It's as if the Oborg (and their members in MSM) really well and truly occupy some sort of unknown, unseen alternate universe/dimension.

It is madness. It is insanity. And it is evil ... Pure F*cking Evil. And without question, it IS dangerous. Twenty eight days. 28 (and only). Hold on people, hold on for dear life. Hold on to YOUR country. Hold on to your family. Your principles. Hold on and pray. For ...

This is not a game

This is not a joke

This is not a drill