Thursday, September 30, 2010

Say it to my face ... you f'ng piece of sh*t

Yeah You Chucklehead!jpeg

"As Congress moved toward a messy end to a session fraught with partisan fire, President Barack Obama campaigned for Democrats in Iowa and Virginia, accusing Republicans of being dishonest ..."

Lather, rinse, repeat ...

"Obama addressed all those concerns, and more, during his two-day, four-state tour ..."

The messiah spoke!

"Despite all his mingling with middle class voters, however ..."

OMG ... Obama had to mingle with white people (aaaaaaaah!).

"he repeatedly pivoted from a voter's question in order to fire criticisms at the GOP's record on taxes, student aid, even home weatherization."

Translation: don't f*ck with my chalking gun ... b*tches!

"Showing some frustration, Obama said: 'Your taxes haven't gone up in this administration'."

Translation: It ain't November Third yet is it? So STFU already.

"The president said that some manufacturing jobs won't come back and the parishioner might need to develop new skills to work in growth sectors like clean energy."

Translation: eat cake!

"Even in an election season, the president said, he can't always tell people what they want to hear."

Why stop now twinkletoes?

Lather, rinse, repeat ...

"Sunday at a tea party rally organized by actor and singer Pat Boone and some of his neighbors in Beverly Hills. They were Hollywood producers and actors, pastors, politicians ... "

Funny that, the article doesn't mention ONE single politician.

"The crowd was mostly white and older ..."

Say it isn't so Vicky Kim!

"another carried a frilly pink umbrella"

Oh the humanity!

"Many carried ... flags ... and signs criticizing President Obama."

OMG ... they're criticising the president!

Lather, rinse, repeat ...

UN 'to appoint space ambassador to greet alien visitors'

Now I'm finally beginning to understand all the Green crappola/nonsense .... Green environment/earth/movement/jobs/products/companies .... it's a Martian plot! (You heard it here first!).

YouTube direct link/URL

Finally got around to watching the Obama slave speech. And ... my first response was ... oh OK, I get it. A vote for the Dems on November Second, is to end slavery. And a vote for the Repubs, is to continue it [though I thought for sure George Clooney said he/Hollywood had already freed the slaves? (during his Oscar acceptance speech)].

On NOVEMBER SECOND ... one hundred thirty million AMERICANS ... will go to the ObamaCareClinic. And get themselves an Obortion. And guess what ... afterwards we're gunna have one big f*cking party.

YouTube direct link/URL

Believe that!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

The Associated Press said what?!

The Assocated Press said what?jpeg

CNN replaces its US chief

AP Television Writer

"CNN slipped behind MSNBC into third place this year in its prime-time ratings (ed: how low can you go?), where Fox News Channel remains a dominant number one. Cable news viewers have increasingly become interested in hearing news filtered through strong, partisan viewpoints and CNN has resisted that approach for fear it would hurt its brand as an impartial news source."

Lather ... rinse ... repeat:

Down On The Farm With Michelle Obama


"Many kids may never learn that ketchup comes from a tomato and french fries from a potato, Mrs. Obama said ... The day's meal was prepared by the restaurant's chef ... as well as three White House chefs who flew up for the occasion ... (to) Blue Hill at Stone Barns (one of the most renowned restaurants in the New York area), where the women lunched ... Mrs. Obama, wearing a themed print dress by designer Tracy Feith ... (and) silver ballet flats ... The spouses were serenaded by a string quartet from the Juilliard School in New York City as they ate."

Addendum, Monday September 27, 10 p.m.

All the smelly propaganda Carolina Garcia can printjpeg

No longer content to run only unadulterated Associated Press shite, on the front page [or even (unbelievably ... 3/4 page) full color reproduction of studio supplied/created art/ad/poster for the anti-white movie/bloodfest ... Machete ... on the front page (yeah, that's right ... the front page ... as earned media)].

No, Carolina Garcia (editor ... turdmonkey extraordinaire, of the L.A. Daily News) now resorts to scraping the very, very bottom of the propaganda barrel ["Insurance lifeline for young adults" by Deborah Schoch and Diya Chacko/California Healthcare Foundation Center (WTF is the California Healthcare Foundation Center? You ask [I sure the f*ck did])].

"Welcome to the California HealthCare Foundation Center for Health Reporting, a new venture in journalism ... The center operates out of the USC Annenberg School for Communication & Journalism and is funded by the California HealthCare Foundation, with a three-year, $3.285 million grant."

"The Center('s) ... partnering with news organizations ... to explore questions about the quality and costs of health care and ... Californians’ ... access ... The center ... is actively seeking media partners — newspapers, broadcasters and new media — to cooperatively pursue health stories of local and statewide interest."

"While affiliated with USC Annenberg and funded by the California HealthCare Foundation, the center is an independent news organization with no agenda but journalism excellence."

If you say so twinkletoes ... geebus ... judging by the one, singular (ridiculously/utterly stupid/amateurish) 'article', that Carolina Garcia pasted on the front page above the fold, on Sunday. One can only channel Eddie Murphy's Yiddisha/Chinese shopkeeper: $3.2 million ... vutt a bah-gin!

Lather ... rinse ... repeat ...

The innernets ... run away ... run away!

"Although you rarely hear racial insults on Main Street these days, there's a place where unashamed bigotry is all too easy to find: tossed off in the comments sections of some of the Internet's most popular websites, today's virtual Main Street"

Lesse ... duzz I even need ta glance roun' the sphere ... an AP writer with a name like Jesse Washington? Huh?

Roll the dice elmo ... shoot the works!

Lather ... rinse ... repeat ...

"a new AP-GfK poll shows ... Democrats struggling to defend their control of Congress have lucked out in one way: Republicans are at least as unpopular as they are, the poll shows."

Lather ... rinse ... repeat ...

And some more, from the sh*tfest known as the L.A. Daily News (prominent on Thursday's editorial page):

I see white people!!!!

"Nearly every weekend this summer checkpoints were mounted along busy Southland arterials. An intimidating cadre of well-armed police ...

(If you) speak Spanish ... you're in trouble ...

My wife and I recently had a front-row seat to checkpoint discrimination ...

everywhere police are seizing cars from unlicensed drivers, the overwhelming majority of whom are Latino."


YouTube direct link/URL

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


YouTube direct link/URL


Koran burner Derek Fenton booted from his job at NJ Transit ...

"The protester who burned pages from the Koran outside a planned mosque near Ground Zero has been fired from NJTransit, sources and authorities said Tuesday. Derek Fenton's 11-year career at the agency came to an abrupt halt Monday after photographs of him ripping pages from the Muslim holy book and setting them ablaze appeared in newspapers."

November Second. 48 days.

I got news for you freaks, yeah I do. Think you're safe in Scapa Flow? Do ya? Protected? Good luck. If somehow the traitors' October Surprise succeeds? (And we are expecting ALL MANNER OF ATTACK). Then there will be nothing. NOTHING that can hold back the ginormous ice calves. You may want your leel maggot infested Islamocommie revolution. And you can even keep trying to shove it down our throats. Wanna f*ck with us? Huh. Wanna try and destroy this country. Right in front of our faces. While we watch?

Go ahead muthaf*ckas and try. Go ahead. Drag me to hell. I've already been there [and that my friends is NO joke (in fact, I've been there a whole bunch of times [in case you were wonderin'])]. You ain't taking my country. Sorry. Tain't gunna happen. And ... I ain't afraid of dying.

Powder's dry.

For now.

48 days.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

F'CT ..... Filth and Cowards and Traitors! Oh My!

Obviously, the fair use/copyright (karaoke) 'version' is on display, above (and no need to bother 'watching'). But, do the linky ... for the original thirty four second clip (ya won't be sorry).

Filth and Cowards and Traitors! Oh My!
Filth and Cowards and Traitors! Oh My!
Filth and Cowards and Traitors! Oh My!
Filth and Cowards and Traitors! Oh My!
Filth and Cowards and Traitors! Oh My!

I make a large point (in my personal/atomic life) to not turn on the TV, until the very end/completion of my day. After having spent however much time online, breakfast ... lunch ... (a spot of) afternoon refreshment ... (and penultimately ... most often) platterspinning. So, as much as I wanted to catch any of the a.m. 9-11 events, in real time (those that did not have KSO or Dum Dum in attendance anyway). I deferred, as is my usual wont/m.o.

But, I didn't want to miss any coverage of Pamela and friends. I didn't think there'd be live, complete coverage. Though, I thought a chance maybe C-Span [nope ... Chucklehead (taped) speach] . Or, at least some extended snippets/breaks from/at the GZ Mosque site. During any of the multitude, of network broadcasts.


Starting at 12:30 p.m. PST (already a half hour into the GZ Mosque hoedown).

There was nothing.

Lemme spell that out for you N O T H I N G.

And continuing, for two hours ... three hours ... nothing.

At the most trusted name in shoes, CNN (Commie News Network/C*cksuckers and No Nuthins), after passing one o'clock. We had 'Fred White' in studio, as talkin' (horse's) head. Switching back and forth to a location 'reporter' [who was so beamingly happy, to carry the disinfo flag, for the home team. It looked like she really was going to wet herself (no sheet/furreal)]. We got: "gathered crowd ... over two blocks long, just finished" ... yada yada ... blah blah ... Christ was there [yeah he did walk on water/and yeah we did drink wine (it's the coolest trick ever, to watch him wave his hand over the bathtub ... presto ... Cabernet!)].

And I thought to myself, well that's a little odd. (The event) ending so quickly. And really small crowd (described, not shown). And ... strangely ... the camera (and 'reporter') are nowhere near, nowhere within sight, of the demonstration [I didn't see, wasn't shown one s i n g l e American flag (needless to say, I was expecting an ocean of Red, White, and Blue)]. And then ... I realized, she was reporting (as it were) ... on the counter demonstration.

So ... I sat ... I watched ... I waited ... for CNN's coverage of the Ground Zero Mosque protest. And I didn't have to wait long, here it came (yeppers, drum roll please): "still going on".

That was it.

The sum total of their coverage. Though they (ever so) generously cut away to some short, tubby, brow beaten, sweaty, mildly agro type (in the street). Arguing ... with some cool, casual, samson locked, suave, patient, learned type. I'm sure you can guess who, was on which side (no prizes). Other channels? Yeah ... right.


Everyday. Every hour of every day. For weeks. For months. We heard (over and over again): "Ground Zero Mosque controversy." "Ground Zero Mosque protest." Ground Zero Mosque demonstration." We musta heard it at least 100 times in the last week alone. And easily more than 300 times in the couple of weeks preceding [without exaggeration (even Chucklehead graced us [from on high] with some dribble, out his pie hole)]. Muslim State Media (MSM to you and me), 24/7 they fanned them flames (burn ya f*cking Islamaphobes, burn).

But actually covering the fire they started? You must be joking (my dear). On other channels, plenty of coverage of Chucklehead speechifying (and his reg'lar/normal dookie shuvl'n). But wait, it got better (say it isn't so elmo). Back to 'Fred White'/CNN ... she had a gang of [Euro? (I wasn't man enough to keep the sound on)] talking heads on (chyron/static underbanner: "How the world sees us"). I'm guessing some of her (Journomooselimb) brothers and sisters. Regaling us, with how religiously intolerant the U.S. is [no, really, ya can't make this sh*t up (and no, I didn't listen to a single freakin word. And truth be told I ALWAYS turn down the sound/change the channel/cover my eyes [or the screen] whenever [that piece of excrement] Khalid Sheikh Obama is on. I mean everytime)].

The sickness. The madness. This cynicism most foul, of trotting out the Constitution. So as to attempt to hide behind it, in order to destroy America? Evil just is. My G*d. If somehow, we fail on November Second. It is over. It is all over. The end of Democracy. The chillingly cold blooded murder, of the United States of America.

Moving along ... a little later ... at 2:40 p.m. PST ... I nearly had a stroke. When the (we make up the) History Channel, gave platform/airtime to ... (better grab hold something) a 9-11 truther [during (part of) some program ostensibly about 9-11?)]. He, going over a number of the (Stromfront) talking points, of how (not mentioned, but implicit none the less) Joo's planned, over time. Then carried out ... the destruction of the Twin Towers. Yeah, wow. Broadcast on 9-11.

Later ... when finally ... I'm drowsily headed for some zzz's. And I'm going back, in my mind, over all the day's imagery of KSO. And even the last few days [the six foot cockroach, standing in front of rich gold curtains etc. (filled me with great longing)]. And I ask myself: "has he ever ONCE said ... G*d Bless America?" (I won't even check. If I'm wrong? ... I'm wrong)].

Hiring (as it were) Khalid Sheikh Obama, to run the country. Is like giving the job of mohel to Mel Gibson, at your nephew's bris [seemed like a right jolly good idea (when you were snorting big fat rails, of boogah sugah, at the VMA after party)]. I talk a lotta slap (no sheet surelock). But I have produced a (very tiny smattering) of (feature) news, on Los Angeles television [back in duh day. Even getting pancaked a time or two (before current [I assume] airbrush)]. The grizzled veteran journalists, whose wings provided shade, in the Very Short (exclam) time I was there. Would Not. Could Not ... believe this disgrace. That now masquerades as news. And now, most certainly are (at warp speed) spinning in their graves.

The ease, the rapidity with which the 4th estate, has become the 5th column (the totality). Is really, really, really, really scary. The left's/msm's HATRED of their fellow citizens (the right/tea party/conservatives/Christians/Jews). Is greater than their LOVE of country. And their love, for their hatred, the very air that they breathe.

So, had the tube (as it once was) on, for just a moment, while prepping a cuppa joe, this a.m. And CNN's already at it, again. Some sort of instantaneous, video planetary realignment. Today is 9-12! Today is 9-12! .... Today is 9-12! They, giving us a boatload of coverage, of the day's events. We're talking beeeg boat ... telling us what the weather's like in DC. The exact location (and directions) to the event (!). Sharing with us the anticipated 'mood', signs, recommended attire (weather), likely 'message'. On and on, and on and on. So ... I sez to meself (as I often do) ... wtf? And then I get it. Oh yeah ....

9-11's already forgotten (poof). Done. Finished business. Sing it with me now ...

Filth and Cowards and Traitors! Oh my!
Filth and Cowards and Traitors! Oh my!
Filth and Cowards and Traitors! Oh my!

I'm not a lawyer (barely a blogger). But methinks it be time to start studying the Federal statutes on treason. And no, I'm not joking. [This post up, without any prescan of the sphere. Without even a peek, as to how the GZ event went up/off. And I haven't a clue. Not one. Having not seen one photo. One vid. Or one account yesterday, on MSM (but fair to say, I'll take a peek in a bit)].

51 days nows. Just and only. Judgement Day approaches. Easily, one of only two or three (or four). Of THE most important days, in the ENTIRE history of our nation.


March muthaf*cka's .... MARCH!!

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Return of the Blood Libel

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(With much trepidation) well now, here we are. In a moment most unsublime. This is insane. One of America's top commanders, leading generals ... is making the Islamist's arguments, for them. Now ... taking time out ... from all the back room negotiations/deals (with the Taliban) and money transfers (to the Taliban). To also be their mouthpiece. Sliming, smearing citizens of these United States, of America. Wiping the blood of its' soldiers upon (see ... it ain't the Taliban that's killing people. Nooo .... it's them Tea Party people!).

It's Bob. In his backyard 'burban abode. Booting a barbarian book of bile, on the barbie. Merrily blowing off a little steam. Getting a little sun, a little exercise, while taking his first amendment right, out for a stroll. As is his wont, just because he can. Like back in the day ... (remember) when we still had a Constitution? What a weenie ... Petraeus. Geebus ... fascism never sleeps. Cripes. I am ashamed of what is happening to my counrty. And now ...


I fear not the Taliban, the Islamists ... the bugs who come creepy crawling in the night (come and get me). But the smiling cowards and traitors who have sidled up among, alongside us [to your face Petraeus? Anytime. Anywhere. Anyplace ... *sswipe (now go f*ck yourself)]. Hey, maybe we should cut out the tongues of all those critical of Islam ... huh? Shut down all the TV stations that don't sook Bambi's swizzle stick (Faux News!). Maybe ... we should shove all American women ... into Burkha's? [You'll get used to the oppression, objectification, and slavery after just a couple of centuries ... (trust me)]. And then (of course), take your young daughters to the Obamacare clinic, to have their clitori crudely sliced off [with a shard of glass picked off the ground (as the intellectual offspring of the Taliban, [without fail] do a million times a year)].

Cuz you know, we wouldn't want to do anything (anything at all) to upset our new bestest buds ... now would we (and/or take away another deranged pyrhic, partisan political victory from Bambi). Just more of Chucklehead's divide and conquer strategy [Taliban = Friend, American (whitey) = Enemy]. (Now his ONLY mission, before being removed from office, by rule of law) destroy this country, turn it into a thousand Bantustans [anyone happen to notice Barry's (instantaneous) change in vocalization/inflection/dialect, during his dog speech? What a piece of crap (most smelly) ... fomenting, with cold intent. Racial discord].

Anyone in a conspicuous position of leadership, who suggests YOU have the blood of American soldiers on your hands? IS a tool of the caliphate. Sure, yes, you CAN take such ... into consideration regards the governance of your actions. But if you self censor, in advance, worried 'bout what the goot foogers back in the stan might think? Then you ARE a dhimmi. You have already surrendered ... to the caliphate.

One thousand five hundred years. One and a half millenia ... of rape, murder, and mayhem have preceded Bob (in his backyard 'burban abode). Not the other way around. If anyone so much as flicks a booger in the Islamist's direction, MSM and Bambi are there ... with pitchforks and lit torches: : fight against negative stereotypes of Islam, wherever they appear.

The Constitution is OUR'S (mofo's).

This country is OUR'S.

It is not the private property of the TRAITORS in the White House [who wipe their butt's with our flag. And use the (written on hemp) Constitution, to do nothing more than roll'n smoke J's, out on the Truman Balcony].

Sure, you may not want to burn a Koran, kewl [shoot, you may even disagree with me (oh no!)]. And, you may not use all of your Constitutional rights (on any given day). But they are YOUR'S. To use. Anyday YOU want. Anyday of YOUR choosing. And NO ONE CAN TAKE THEM AWAY. Unless .... you surrender them first. This is America. In this country, we ARE free. The supra-Constitutional caliphate will only be in power, until November Second. After that .... just let 'em try to tell us what we can ... and cannot say. Let alone think.

MILLIONS of American casualties did not fight. Did not go to war. Did not sacrifice ... their bodies, their souls. Oer the centuries. Merely/only to allow fascists to tell them: put a sock in it (so as not to risk 'insulting' our enemy). What you do. What you say. Is for YOU to decide. And you alone. And no one else. Tell me to STFU? Libel me with the blood of my fellow Americans? I'd say I was laughing in your face, but I'm pretty sure everyone knows ... I'm spitting.

Disagree with me? Feel free. Do. Please. Your right. As an American. And I would not have it any other way. Just the way we do it HERE … in AMERICA. One person … one voice … one vote. No one speaks for you. In America ... YOU get to speak for yourself.

So, while (skanky) Auntie Beeb gets her (stanky) frillies all uproarious (again): "will lead to bloody wars and reprisals" (ostensibly quoting al jizzera) ... "is an unprecedented attack" (on Islam) ... "Muslims in fear for/of their lives" (no, really).

Clinton, Holder, Petraeus [who had prior, arranged contact with the Associated Press (this was not lone wolf/off the cuff stuff peeps)]. Arguing for you, to surrender your Constitutional rights. To the freakin caliphate! Not hypothetically. Not theoretically. Not for the sake of argument. Not maybe. But now, today, this minute. We ain't in Kansas no more people. We're somewhere I've never been before. Somehwere I've never seen. And yeah, my circuits are sparking/shorting/arc'ing (tyvm). And yes, I am afraid.

But I'm gunna stay cool.

Gunna stay calm.

Difficult that may be.

Keeping my eyes on the prize.

Judgement Day.


Fifty five days .... and counting. In the mean time, we ain' gunna shut up. And we ain' gunna drink the f*cking Kool Aid. Sorry.

Photobucket jpeg

Just the kinda folk we are.

A M E R I C A N S.

And don't you forget it.

Sunday, September 05, 2010

Tha-noo-noo (really new) memes ...


Number One:

Obama ISN'T the Manchurian Candidate (no Siree Bob). He's the ANTI-Manchurian Candidate:

Commenter number seven! Going by the name of "picomanning", (Oregon) timestamped: Sep 02, 2010 @ 01:20 AM ...

Obama (is) a carefully planned diabolical right wing conspiracy ... Obama was indoctrinated sometime as a teenager through the use of sophisticated hypnotherapy and post hypnotic techniques to be 'contradictorially reprogrammed' by retired CIA operatives.

His career ... and progress as a rising left wing political star, had all been planned and manipulated. His school records and birth certificate ... hidden with full support of left wing power! ... His personality was 'created' to be engaged in power building and climbing, up the scientology stairway of leftist politics.

The ... motive was to cause as much damage to the liberal wing of the democrat party as possible ... "The reality says it all. The falling leftist dominoes are in play"

Cuz you know mane ...... it's da Joo's fault (as usual). A (most) clevah (supah seekrit) cunning plot (by the cabal) .... again! (Gratuitous bwahaha here).

Number Two:

You fookin (pasty) raaacist Rethuglican's didn't win in November. No (leesten to me mane). Ya didn't, you didn't beat us, nope. Cuz we didn't vote .... neener neener neener! So there.

The new meme ... we didn't vote. Ergo ... you didn't win! jpeg

What's most interesting about the link? The August 31 comic, doesn't even exist!

Of course, the flip side of meme Number Two is .... DIEBOLD! But for the life of me, I haven't a clue why we didn't flip the switch before/on the last election? Right (woulda saved a whole lotta heartache methinks). Not that I go to, or attend any of the meetings, of the supah seekrit Joo cabal [not that I was ever even invited (bastards!)].

Number Three:

Not new new new, but ... still fairly recent (none the less) ...

Pearls Before Swine direct link/URL

... you know, them evuhl white folks. Rich and greedy. Greedy and rich. Buying the election. They been pounding this one (with a ten pound sledge), since Meg tossed her hat in the ring (and Carly). Over and over. And over again (bang bang): "large amounts of money" ... "clear concern at the amount of money" ... "billionaire" (run for your lives!).

Even though the DNC actually has MORE money on tap [as well ... the usual suspects/pieces of commie excrement (from link: "The combined spending with SEIU and other unaffiliated unions on congressional and other races this year could top $100 million")].

Lie upon lie, upon lie. A f*cking blizzard. Non stop. Twenny fo sebben. HANG TOUGH mofo's. Keep your cools. Show em your/our resolve ... on Sept 11. Smile in their faces. They can't beat us. They cannot. AND now THEY KNOW IT. Go 'head ... let em fling doo, all they want [it suits them (Emperor's new clothes). It'll wash off. The subpoenas however? Good Luck You Pieces of Filth. Good Luck.

And, since Commandant Sitzpinkler said da war in Eye Rack be ovah ... [(and)we met our responsibility]. I was wonderin (as bloggers do), does this mean we have to give back all the oil we stole? (Just askin).

And ... since we're on a roll (jelly or Kaiser ... take your pick) .... in (barkin/baying/howling) moonbat brigade group think (kin ya say Oprah's new protoge ... Rosie O'Donnel). 9/11 was an inside job [and, according to those of similar brain wave frequency (Stormfront) ... that would be tha Yoo's (as in you and me)]. So really, if one does indeed employ tin foil hat brigade reasoning (as it were). A mosque, directly in the shade of Ground Zero. Makes all duh fookin sense in the (deranged, microcosmic) moonbat world.

All we are saying ... is give terrorism a chance. jpeg

Blah blah/YMMV/No cockroaches were harmed in the writing of this post [though Keith Olbermann IS gunna need hospitalization sooner than not (but hey ... I'm starting to actually enjoy the insanity!)]

Photobucket gif

(Can I get a woo hoo?)

November Second approaches! (Careful ... don't zippit too fast there Bambi).

yuk yuk yuk ha ha ha jpeg

Ooops, sorry (thought you forgot your hat). My mistake. jpeg

Clowntime's almost over!

Smoke em if ya gotts ... jpeg

So ... smoke 'em if ya gotts ... (I'm still on da wagon/tyvm).