Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The Destruction of Rudy G


Primal Fear

The Slaughter of the Candidacy of Rudy Giuliani

Weeks gone by, article after AP article, printed by the dildos at the Los Angeles Daily News. Page after page of "earned" media for Hillary, and Barack. Even complete total pages, entire pages (no joke that). Top to bottom, left column to right. Devoted to their devotion of THEIR candidates.

And month followed by month ... nary a story about Rudy (though on occasion a tiny fleeting reference). In the large body of articles devoted to the various campaigns caucus' and primaries [years past, most of the campaigns would have received some coverage (call it I don't know .... doing your job?)].

Instead? The electorate gets the likes of CNN, taking out a large hammered steel blade .... and swinging for the head of Giuliani's candidacy. Three days ago ... Sunday the 27th, giving pointed lengthy prime time coverage to those whose mission has been painting Mr. Giuliani, with the blood of the victims of 9/11 ('Islamist bugs didn't murder 3,000 people, hand held police/fire radios did').

CNN swaddling themselves in the pretense that he couldn't possibly win in November [even if he somehow did achieve the nomination, these (righteous beacons of hope) are droolingly lying in wait. Essentially ... Rudy already be toast (and dutifully, the most trusted name in shoes, CNN, wants you to be 'informed'). Beautiful that].

Yes indeed, Rudy has run a campaign that quite widely missed the mark. (Now with rear view mirror) foolishly giving the media an excuse (a shiny badge), not to give him any earned media. Zero. Not contesting the early scrums (chanting with repetitive fore/aft head motion: Florida). Then not changing course, not trying to steer the campaign back to (media) light [all the while Huckabee and Thompson siphoning valuable energy and interest]. A truly remarkable while of politics and media i'twas.

But it is only going to get worse my Neocon brudders and sisters. Militant radical Islam will not stop trying to end the life birthed to us (by the glorious vision of the founding fathers). In America, in our very homes, we now are but a half step away .... from a land where only one singular mainstream media view exists, across all major platforms and outlets.

The fourth estate smiling, deliriously covered in the filth of their own delusions. Hypnotizing the darling youthful nihilists, conveying them .... to lock step with the insect horde (and with a wink and a nod), handing out fifth column uniforms (replete with shiny spangles).

Smothering the breath of choice, garroting different voices, splashing acid in the eye of other views, and erasing perspective with a fleet of steamrollers .... leaving only an echo chamber. So vast it stretches through time. The global caliphate approaches. Be afraid. Be very f*cking afraid.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008


For "a skinny kid with a funny name"

.... (who is) boldly go(ing) where no man has gone before.

while ...
climb(ing) every mountain
ford(ing) every stream
follow(ing) every rainbow

And doing it with only one stinking lousy dollar!

But you know Sparky, with just a leetle bit more ... you too can

I know what you're thinking there little bobcat. You're saying to yourself, how can I believe?

How can I get on board?

And can I git me summa dat audacity?

Nothing to it.


And in no time at all .... (shazam) presto chango, you are a real ginuwine Presidential candidate!

(Is this a great country or what).

So smoke em if you gottem.

Or if you're trying to quit .... don't forget to take your chill pill.

And always remember ....


I'm Tre 'B' (Berry-Bawka-Bomma) ....

And I approved this audacious Democratic message of love, hope, joy, puppies kittens, and change.

Friday, January 25

Yeah .... what he said.

Friday, February 15


Superdelegates get campaign cash

Obama's political action committee has doled out more than $694,000 to superdelegates since 2005, the study found, and of the 81 who had announced their support for Obama, 34 had received donations totaling $228,000.