Monday, January 31, 2011

This will not end well ....

This will not end well ...

2011. World in turmoil. Islam in ascendence. The caliphate growing ... growing in size ... growing in power. With each passing second, each tick of the clock. Helped along by the automagic IslamistPropagandaMachine/MSM. That events currently unfolding ... in the Middle East. Have nothing to do with Islam. Nothing at all [though if one forcefully squints, they can sometimes make out the teency (minor obligatory) MSM footnote].

Twenny fo seven .... crankin that sh*t out. Lie upon lie [upon lie (eet's the Egyptian economy stoopit!)]. By filthy editor after filthy editor [like that stankhole .... Carolina Garcia, uh duh L.A. Daily News (which now reads like the Huffington Post/Daily Kos .... bearing NO resemblance of any kind, to a "Newspaper")] ... regaling us with today's latest, libturd brain drippings:

Twenty-five arrested at protest (Pg A4, Monday, January 31, 2011, L.A. Daily News):

a secret conclave of wealthy conservative business people met to discuss political strategy

Aaaaah!!!! Oh my G*d ... a secret conclave of wealthy conservative business people (kill em .... kill em all ... kill em now). And they are meeting to discuss ... political strategy (why hasn't Obama/Holder/Pelosi/Reid done anything yet to stop them .... WTF is going on?!).

supporters who had rallied to complain that corporations were being given unfettered control of the nation

Everything will be better (when it's) under (complete control of) the caliphate ... [you are getting sleepy ... your eyelids are getting heavy ... (trust me, wuud Al Huh lie to you?)].

The activists were protesting the conservative political agenda being furthered by Charles Koch and David Koch, the billionaire brothers who own an oil conglomerate that is the largest privately-held corporation in the U.S.

What do we want? Free gas (for our Japanese Prius').
When do we want it? Now! (Course ... there will NEVER be any mention of Guv Moonbeam's oil trust).

Signs read: “Tea Party Founded and Funded By The Kochs.”

I guess they are to be pitied? [still wouldn't keep me from hurling a loogie (juss da kine uh guy eyeam)].

The Koch brothers have funded the effort behind Citizens United ...
(and) ... can secretly spend as much money on political efforts as they desire.

How stupid can a liberal be? Only the L*rd knows [we have yet to witness the depths of this insanity. Things will get worse ... they will ... all too sadly. And strange, how we n e v e r hear about the 750 million dollars Khalid Sheikh Obama spent (on his campaign), some of it culled from o v e r s e a s/the Islamic Middle East).

Erwin Chemerinsky (dean UC Irvine law school): Citizens United was one of the worst losses for democracy in American history (UC Irvine ... the institute uh highya learning where summa the intramural soccer squads ... are named after Islamic terror groups).

DeAnn McEwen, co-president of the California Nurses Association: "The Koch Brothers’ agenda is most definitely a death panel agenda."

[Deeeep DeAnn ... d'ddeep (hold hands/sing kumbaya)].

Out on Bob Hope Drive, protester Lauralee Davis said she drove in from Yucaipa. "I want the Kochs to be stopped from buying politicians, tea parties and think tanks."

Yep Lauralee .... that extry $20k a month from the Koch's, sure helps with my budget! Yes indeedy [oond gee, I wonda where the money came from for all the matching, imprinted sportswear that the crowd's wearing? And all the commercial pre-printed signs they are carryin/waving? (anyone done biz with a silk screen shop? ... That IS a very nice chunk of change)].

Course, Carolina's choice of news service, for this article, left out all the Code Pink(o) photos [strange that, cuz evra-one knows they are the ultimate arbiters of truth, justice, and the (commie) American way]. [Photo #7: freedom of speech ... (but not for you!)].

Reality is going to hit ... sooner or later. And it will hit hard. War is coming to the world. And with traitors in our midst, things will get ugly. Mighty ugly. This will not end well.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

As G*d is my witness ...

As G*d is my witness ...

[Scribbled yesterday morn, many an hour before Ronald McDonald/Mayor McCheese's SOTU (is it just me, but shouldn't that be STFU?). And no, I didn't watch/listen to a single word (oooh that's a surprise), let alone peek at a single word of analysis, today]

Woke this morning late, quite late. And as I dragged my raggedy boo-tay outta bed, proceeded to go through the motions of saying hello to Auntie Caffeine and Uncle Nic, out on the patio. Then standing ... motionless ... frozen ... arms at side ... as a funeral cortege passed before me, on the street below. Two precise rows of motor officers escorting a comrade to their final rest.

As the compact procession snuck into view, then somberly continued out of sight. I was overpowered by sadness .... by the realization how wrong that piece of filth Obama really is. How malignant his narcissistic personality disorder be. How deranged, how delusional. How disconnected from you, from me. From the world. From reality. How he is not one of our better angels. Has not a care for this country of ours, nor the slightest concern for even one of its citizens. Let alone three hundred million.

Each a person, a human being, an individual. Who collectively are America, are Americans. Obama obviously being neither [an Islamist by any other name (though summa ya rather insistent it only be commie/socialist/anti-colonialist)]. And he, Barack Hussein Obama ... the greatest danger this country has EVER known (or will ever). IT IS F*CKING INSANE. Everyone carrying on, completely ignoring the 800,000 lb gorilla in the room. Soft peddling (the notion of) his hidden dangan. The one kept under lock and key. And that key? That key ... is kept in his own pocket.

Until such time as Obama's atomic Hawaiian file [the one that contains NO contemporaneous proof of his birthplace (as in none)]. Is shown the light of day.

Until his State Dept. records are given the disinfectant air of exposure. Answering the question: How did an American born citizen travel to Pakistan, on an Indonesian passport?

Until his collegiate academic records are made privy to everyone, answering the question how did an American citizen, receive financial aid ... reserved for a foreign student?

Until then? Don't tell me to shut up (don't even f*cking try).

Far far too many brave, courageous, selfless AMERICAN men and women gave their all. Their everything. And more. Preserving, protecting, and defending that thing most wondrous ... the Constitution. On the way to their final rest. For me to remain silent, while Khalid Sheikh Obama wipes his *ss with it.

Either his is Constitutionally eligible to occupy the office ... or not. Sans any evidence to the contrary (and they have shown zero willingness to provide any, any at all). He shall remain what he is. A bug. An insect. A traitor. Nothing more. Nothing less. And most certainly not President of these United States, under its own Constitution.

As G*d is my witness.


Addendum, 8:00 a.m.

Yadda, yadda, yadda .....

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Addendum, Thursday, January 27, 8:30 a.m.

Put a fork in 'im ... he's done.

He's done ..... put a fork in 'im [it's all ovah 'cept the shoutin (prolly why so many elected Pub's, seem to be rather nice to the lil cockroach ... of late)].

And like uh uh uh ... who ya gunna believe huh .... me (Mike Evans)? .... Mindlessly yammering Bambi right into a steel cell, in a Federal Penetentiary. Yesterday.

Or today('s) ... new/improved/official/guaranteed (money back) version: "Only this I can you tell you is 100 percent fact"

[Cuz ... uh ... yesterday ... I had just been dropped off ... wasn't feeling well. After having been kidnapped by aliens, and whisked away to their laboratory, deep in outer space (yes ... they did probe me [but I'm feeling better now ... much])].

And one of these days, Orwell's gunna come a walkin, right through that front door. And he's gunna be mighty f*cking pist, really (lemme tellya).

Soros'll be one of the first stops, on my upcoming grave pissing tour (sign up now, space is limited. Free beer, provided to all tour members, between pisstops).


Thursday, 12 noon

I am completely at a loss .... have no ideas. How to confront, how to battle the Islamist Propaganda Machine, that is the Associated Press [sure ... go 'head .... feel free to hawk up a mighty large oyster ... for presentation to the face ... of any AP reporter, writer, employee, manager (or of course, any newspaper editor who runs their shite)].

This isn't just some blogger, ranting on (and on). This is like being transported back in time, to nazi Germany. Exactly like. As the National Socialists destroy truth, and then set about to destroy a race entire. And it is happening .... happening right now. Every single day in the AP's output/content. Nonstop these last two years.

It is now incumbent upon ALL patriots, ALL G*d fearin' souls ... who have not yet dropped down upon their knees (in submission to the caliphate). To wage war against the Associated Press.

IN ANY MANNER OR FORM one's conscience allows.

In the defense of liberty, in the defense of truth. In the defense of those Christians & Jews, yet to be slaughtered by the caliphate. Yet to be fed ... into Allah's giant global woodchipper (now running twenty four hours a day). Just like the ovens at Auschwitz.

And unlike six million, who walked in with eyes open, staring down at/as their own feet carry them to their death. You will have to look me in the eye, if you even wanna try (go ahead, feel free).

Of course, generally ..... the mooselimb cowards can only work up the nerve to kill babies, women, and children, in public squares and cafes. Using a remote bomb [or some/one uber lucky Gee-Hawdi (who is graduating from atomic goats, to [72!] virtual/heavenly voy-ginz)]. I am no longer amused by the AP ... the Associated Press. Quite the opposite. Anyone having any ideas, other than the nonsense they've just read?

I'm all ears.

For I fear that things are only going to get worse. Markedly so. Attacks by Islamists. Attacks by the AP, on the truth [the AP typing, and gargling the terrorist's jizz (at the same time)].

Welcome to life in 2011 under the AP/caliphate:

Putin vows revenge for Moscow airport bombing
By LYNN BERRY Associated Press © 2011 The Associated Press
Jan. 25, 2011, 7:35PM

Putin's Fault!:

(Putin's) tough-on-terrorism stance has ... led to a rising number of deadly attacks in Russia.

Remember dear blog reader, it is ALWAYS someone else's fault, like say the victim's, and never (never) the perps:

Lax security also was blamed for Monday's explosion in ... Domodedovo Airport.

F*cking Islamophobes:

No one has claimed responsibility for the attack, but suspicion has fallen on Islamist separatists from Chechnya.

And really, the Islamists are just misunderstood teenagers:

the restive Caucasus region who have been battling Russian authority for over 15 years.

And it couldn't possibly be those sweet, dear 'separatists' (must be someone else):

Chechen insurgents have claimed responsibility for an array of attacks, including a double suicide bombing on Moscow's subway system last year that killed 40 people. They also have used Domodedovo Airport before, with two suicide bombers slipping through its security in 2004 to kill 90 people aboard flights that took off from there.

Liberalism ... it's a f*cking disease. By (never ending) AP logic, it's the vic's fault (for trying to prevent even more attacks, even more slaughter). And yeppers, the vic's fault (times two), for allowing all them Gee-hawed Johnnies to languish .... languish without even one freakin ski resort (the horror ... the horror):

A brutal (sneef) crackdown on the insurgency has produced a backlash that has led to almost daily attacks on police and security forces in the Caucasus and brought the terror to Moscow ... In an effort to address the poverty and high unemployment that feed the insurgency ... the government (is) building ... five ski resorts across the mountainous region.

It ain't terrorism, or sharia, the enslavement of women, the torture of gays, or the murder of Christians and Jews ... that we have to be afraid of. No. It's them uppity mofo's ... who just won't get wit the suggin uh dat mooselimb meat. That we gotts ta worry 'bout:

Following past major attacks, Putin has used the threat of terrorism as a pretext to consolidate his control and justify new curbs on democracy and civil rights.

And so it goes [is it noon yet? Well blow me down ... it is :-) ].

Friday, January 21, 2011

On second thought ....


Had the tele on yesterdee .... soyfin duh channels. And there ... (whuddya know) be Michael Steele, hizself. On Rachel Maddow (excuse me/wtf?). Happy. Smiling. Carrying on. And I ask myself .... he sellin' a book? Peddling a movie? Like uh Michael .... what's the deelio?

Me, not actually going to dig up/hunt/find/take a look/watch the particular/specific content/banter (as in more than the fifteen or twenty seconds I did watch). It's Rachel fookin Maddow! (never happen/ya cain't pay me). But I was more than a little surprised, to see Mr. Steele, in Maddow's company (understatement).

Is it possible that Mr. Steele is really that clueless? Or is there some superseding element (that) I am missing? [One could say ... maybe ... he's just giving form, to all this rampant talk of bipartisansh*t (we keep hearin' bout)]. Inescapable was the feeling, no one else wanted him (on their program). And thus, to what purpose, what aim ... his appearance (there)?

In such, one could see maybe, what they (as in me) might have been missing. He is lacking in a rather vital function. Critical discernment. So, while he had made a mistake or two/three over the course of his Chairmanship. I thought that normal, under any circumstance. And felt comforted he was in our arsenal.

And then, when putting Priebus side by side, alongside Steele (on the run up to the election for Chairman). One couldn't help but ask ... is this some sort of joke. But, tis no joke. Priebus, and all the rest who stood welded to their votes, through seven rounds of ballots. Already knew ... while the new Chairman appears worthless in near all endeavors involving a public forum (maybe he's some wunderkind administrator?). The (projected) timer on the (potential) teeking boomski that was Steele, has been silenced.

Course, that's not the same thing as saying the ship's currently headed in the right direction (noooh). Only that your intrepid blog host mighta been suffering from a little foot in mouth disease (omg). And all the many strong plus' that I felt Steele brought to the job. Not worth the angst (of now knowing, how close we were to possibly going off the rails). Now Priebus is the one ringing the bell ... Priebus' blowing the whistle. And just like before, everyone's got their own little agenda, their own blinders. As the whistling locomotive steams down the track towards 2012. Myriad uncertainty grows, surrounds, and envelops us ... with each passing second.

And that's the only thing we can be sure of.


Saturday, January 15, 2011

A tip of the hat to you Sir, Chairman Steele.

jpeg (cadged from today's Drudge)

While I've often plinked my Thanks, for Sarah's hauling ... of so much of our water. We have been equally blessed ... by the efforts and hard work of Michael Steele. Seeing Priebus yesterday, beaming from the podium, saying: I'll keep this short. He then proceeding to recount his life story ... from diapers to disco. And all I could do was roll my eyes ... back up in my head. Geebus. F*ck me. Harkens (back) to the saying (from antiquity) the Pale's never miss an opportunity ... to miss an opportunity (for peace).

And now ... the similar. Repubs never miss an opportunity ... to flush an election down the turlit. If you fookin clowns want to spend all your energy ... in some holier than thou, cross town scrimmage? Go f*ck yourselves.

Me, not much interested in all the behind the scenes beltway muck (why I don't hang at Dan's anymore. Too disheartening. Way). Though yeah, it does indeed shine a light, on the unsavoriness of some of our own [got an oyster at the ready, to hawk up for Rove (and Krauthammer is making himself near totally irrelevant, by the minute)].

Mr. Steele did keep a light and jaunty step, over the shifting Tea infused ground. Managing where I thought few could. And really, few if any could (have). He was a highly valued asset. A trusted blade. And if he weren't righty enough? Go f*ck yourselves. Really. The country's now cirlcing the porcelain bowl. And you freakin clowns are playing auto-whackamole. We're here because of his sweat, his labor, his skill, his dedication and his hard work (pulling along with the rest of us). Not in spite of. Amid the insane, revolting/sickening I D I O C Y of MSM'S 24/7 self perpetuating propaganda (like a f*cking machine, they are crankin' that sh*t out). Mr Steele fought the good fight. A leader. Who will always have my trust, always have my support.

Take a few weeks off Michael. Relax. Enjoy yourself. Please, please do. And enjoy some time away, away from the freakfest .. the runaway freight train, racing pell mell in a blur ... right off the edge of the earth.

You Sir, have earned it.


The Repub party ..... boldly going nowhere.