Friday, April 30, 2010

We Didn't Start The Fire

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Tomorrow evening, Saturday night, as you look ... as you gaze upon the evening sky. And see American cities in flames. Burning. As you see a red river flowing in its' streets. And with tears in your eyes, you ask yourself ....




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Addendum, Saturday May 1

Sad to say, looks like the only possible outcome, in mere hours is ... there will be blood.

As the Arizona abomination makes clear, there is a desperate need for federal immigration action to stop the country from turning into a nation of vigilantes suspicious of anybody with dark skin.

Blood in the streets of America. And smelly libturds like Dana Milbank will own it. All of it. Widening the divide. Cranking out vile odious propaganda, in support of King Hussein's attack on America and Americans. Raping truth in the *ss. With proud deranged joy.

These reeking pieces of MSM pig sh*t. Scum. Traitors. To your face Dana? You don't even have to ask. And anytime you wanna bring that that excrement round my snout? Good luck. Real good luck.

Cowards. Filth.

The primer cord's in the hands of Pharaoh's supplicant bot army .... mere hours from now. It will be lit.

And gee ... yeah, would be great to be wrong. But this is what they've been cranking out, of the disinfo factories of their empty minds. And then selling, peddling on every virtual street corner, while dancing on stilts, wearing clown suits.

But of course, when that bell us rung. And when its' dismal clang is heard, the Oborg will rejoice in unison, cheer and shout:


To quote Dan Quayle .... a mind is a terrible thing to lose.



Time to take out the garbage ....

"threw posters bearing the image of US President Barack Obama into dozens of piles of wood and other flammable materials they intend to burn"

Because when it smells ...

The US Fifth Fleet and US aircraft carrier USS Eisenhower in the Gulf of Oman were not allowed to shoot at an Iranian Fokker F27 aircraft which on April 21 hovered for 20 minutes 900 meters over the carrier and no more than 250 meters away, even though they saw its flight crew gathering intelligence on the Eisenhower and its warship escorts.

... it really, really

There is a rising conviction among some in the Netanyahu government, The Jerusalem Post has learned, that the PA is aiming to secure a new UN Security Council Resolution, updating 1967’s Resolution 242, providing for the establishment of Palestine and fudging the refugee issue.

The idea of such a move, runs the bleak assessment, would be to establish a state not at peace with Israel, but rather to continue the conflict with Israel.

smells ...

A Palestinian source quoted by the UK paper said David Hale, a deputy of US Middle East envoy George Mitchell, told Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas last week that if there was "significantly provocative settlement activity," including in east Jerusalem, Washington may consider allowing UNSC resolutions censuring Israel to pass. According to the paper, the source said "it was understood that meant the US would abstain from voting on a resolution rather than use its veto."


On a roll ....


Suck it Chucklehead ...

We, the undersigned:

Rear Admiral Charles Beers, USN (ret.)
General William Begert, USAF (ret.)
Rear Admiral Stanley W. Bryant, USN (ret.)
Lieutenant General Anthony Burshnick, USAF (ret.)
Lieutenant General Paul Cerjan, USA (ret.)
Admiral Leon Edney, USN (ret.)
Brigadier General William F. Engel, USA (ret.)
Major General Bobby Floyd, USAF (ret.)
Major General Paul Fratarangelo, USMC (ret.)
Major General David Grange, USA (ret.)
Lieutenant General Tom Griffin, USA (ret.)
Lieutenant General Earl Hailston, USMC (ret.)
Lieutenant General John Hall, USAF (ret.)
General Alfred Hansen, USAF (ret.)
Rear Admiral James Hinkle, USN (ret.)
General Hal Hornburg, USAF (ret.)
Major General James T. Jackson, USA (ret.)
Admiral Jerome Johnson, USN (ret.)
Rear Admiral Herb Kaler, USN (ret.)
Vice Admiral Bernard Kauderer, USN (ret.)
General William F. Kernan, USA (ret.)
Major General Homer Long, USA (ret.)
Major General Jarvis Lynch, USMC (ret.)
General Robert Magnus, USMC (ret.)
Lieutenant General Charles May, Jr., USAF (ret.)
Vice Admiral Martin Mayer, USN (ret.)
Major General Fred McCorkle, USMC (ret.)
Rear Admiral Mark Milliken, USN (ret.)
Major General William Moore, USA (ret.)
Lieutenant General Carol Mutter, USMC (ret.)
Major General Larry T. Northington, USAF (ret.)
Lieutenant General Tad Oelstrom, USAF (ret.)
Major General James D. Parker, USA (ret.)
Vice Admiral J. T. Parker, USN (ret.)
Major General Robert Patterson, USAF (ret.)
Vice Admiral James Perkins, USN (ret.)
Rear Admiral Brian Peterman, USCG (ret.)
Lieutenant General Alan V. Rogers, USAF (ret.)
Rear Admiral Richard Rybacki, USCG (ret.)
General Crosbie Saint, USA (ret.)
Rear Admiral Norm Saunders, USCG (ret.)
Major General Sid Shachnow, USA (ret.)
Rear Admiral Jeremy Taylor, USN (ret.)
Major General Larry Taylor, USMCR (ret.)
Lieutenant General Lanny Trapp, USAF (ret.)
Vice Admiral Jerry O. Tuttle, USN (ret.)
General Louis Wagner, USA (ret.)
Rear Admiral Thomas Wilson, USN (ret.)
Lieutenant General Robert Winglass, USMC (ret.)
Rear Admiral Guy Zeller, USN (ret.)


Islamophobia is code for sharia enforcement.


Coming soon to America ...

British Muslims Attack Israel's deputy ambassador

Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Roses


Couple weeks back, after nearly four months. Without any color, or lightness, or blooms. The roses flowered. And it was beautiful. A wonderful smile inducing bit it was.

Within a week of nature's bounty, I was witness to a young white [as per the new URLC (uniform race law code), that King Hussein has enacted (for all media outlets and platforms). Requiring specific descriptions, of all skin types and colors, of/for all Americans] woman. Not helping herself to one, or even a couple (like I'd care) roses. But with my jaw on the ground, unbelievably ... she was mowing down every single last bloom.

I managed to call out: they're nice to look at .... mind leaving a few?

To wit ... no response. Not even a glance. But an eyes/face down scurry ... a ways away, to her front door.

A week later, two days ago. Another, different white woman. Taking roses. I only espied her at the completion of her task. And thus, had nothing to say ... as she clutched her half dozen ill gotten flowers, while already walking away.

Yesterday, beyond all belief ... a third, different white woman. Ripping and tearing every remaining bloom's stem, in order to abscond with the garden's last remaining delight. And when I repeated myself (from the previous week): they're nice to look at .... mind leaving a few? Same type of response.

What the fook was I thinking huh?

Obviously, NOT like the libwuhl generation. Not merely entitled. To take. To take whatever. From whomever. To reap the fruit of other's labor. To steal their modest wealth. Their joy. Their beauty. But empowered.

The bushes now so forlorn. Ugly. Nearly destroyed. Where once was a little island of sunshine ... now just hideousness. A foul emptiness. Just like Buraq the Magic Pony is doing to America.



Destroying it.

All the beauty. All the roses. Crushing the sublime joy under his cloven hooves. Until nothing remains. Naked destruction. Wanton desecration. Where not even a weed can survive.

On November 2, in one hundred and eighty seven days, there shall yet be flowers in the garden.


Once again.


Great minds (spel't mentull meejits) ... teenk alike:

Women With Suntans Will Be Arrested, Iran Police Chief Warns

Though of course Bambi, has only instituted a tax (for now).


And was parked on/at CNN for a few seconds last night, and heard (Jeffrey?) Toobin, mention the AZ immigration law, and the Supreme Court. In the same breath. And slipped a groove, busted a gut ... laughing.


But, to live, is to hear Olberdouche (also last night). Tout some lower/ed ratings number, for one Glenn Beck (and if you're a fan of the Dear Douglas Adams, one could not help but think ... tis proof positive ... of the existence of G*d).


Monday, April 26, 2010


We want the f'ng beast alive!

We DON'T want it dead. We want it to fully enjoy the humiliation. The crushing defeat. The Federal espionage trial, of a foreign agent. We want to feed our faces with Cheezit Party Mix, all during the trial. Goofily guzzle most tasty beer, during the penalty phase. Dance like whacked out disco transplants, during the imposition of sentence. We want to see the bug squirm. We want to see it suffer ... under our boot.

We do NOT, under ANY circumstances, want to see it die. We don't want to see a single antennae, on its' odious head harmed. Or be elevated to sainthood via the martyr main line/highway [but of course we won't complain much at all, bout any harsh sentence imposed (winkity). And we WILL push for a Constitutional amendment, strictly limiting a President's power to commute or pardon the/any sentence handed down, to his predecessor].

So people, today we now see the October Surprise in full view. No waiting. Not for October. It is on proud display, now. Countless little pricks, little stabs, little cuts. Little slices. Attacks. On truth. Destruction thereof. Every second of every day. Destruction of these United States of America. Dissolution of one nation, under G*d. American against American. Dragging us into hell its very self.

They will be found out ... for the traitors they are. While they yet still smile, still play at ... still pretend. That they are merely partisan emissaries ... from Private Idaho, mounted atop their pink sparkle ponies.





There will be more reports of persons, NOT in proximity to the pwezzidunce, and NOT endangering him, at any time. More reports of raaacist militia, squatting in the bush. More reports of whitey this. Whitey that. Whitey whitey whitey. Run for your lives! Whitey's outta control! G*d save us ... G*d save Bambi, from the Klan! Aaaaaaah!

This is it people. THE October Surprise. It's all they have. And nothing more In their naked derangement. Their mouths stuffed to choking, on his hatless mooselimb meat. Their final gasp (as it were).

But it WILL only get worse. How bad? Who can say. As they, now also create a state of open enmity, with our very closest ally, Israel. Tain't wishful thinking, to say "Former President Obama". IT IS REALITY. And it does approach. How long? Months. Mere months. Panic is now setting in, at the regime de coup. Real panic. They know prison terms are in the offing. The solid banging, the unmistakable clank of heavy steel doors, slamming shut, rings in their future.


In the atomic, his value is priceless. Beyond measure. Yes, while it/he continues to attack ... from within. I feel confident, this destruction is already being checked. And while I wouldn't even bother with an oober tall leaded cut crystal flute, but go straight for a long straw instead. Should Chucklehead slip and fall in the shower, cracking his cockroach head wide open. Spilling out his/its' yellow guts.

I dearly want liberty to return to our nation. I want my country back! And I'm not going to trade it for anything.

Get a freakin' clue.

We will not be robbed.

Direct link/YouTube URL

This is war people. Real war. Real human lives. In real unmistakable jeopardy. As incomprehensible it may seem. And without repeating myself ... we ARE taking prisoners. And will ever so gladly trade them. For a country. Rock steady people. Rock steady. The rebirth of America is within sight. EYES ON THE PRIZE. We care not a whit about some f*cking oversized cockroach. Even one so precious, so (not) amusingly clinically mentally ill (with attendant messianic complex).

Start knitting sweaters for that bug, people.

We need it, we want it ... alive.


Addendum, Wednesday, April 28, 1:00 p.m.

Deathcare watch:

ALBANY, N.Y. – A New York assemblyman ... wants his state to become the first in the nation to pass laws that would presume people want to donate their organs unless they specifically say otherwise.


Chucklehead's teeth, the only ones seen!

WASHINGTON - APRIL 26: U.S. President Obama is presented with an autographed New York Yankees jersey .. during a ceremony (at) the White House. (Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images).

And if you look real closely there my sweet little conswervo's, the only pearly whites on display? Yeppers ... Chucklehead's!


(Al Qaeda Propaganda) Just making up sheet as day go along (as usual):

"Democrats appeared increasingly confident Monday they will be able to take advantage of Americans' " (anger)

"the evening vote was just part of a legislative ballet keeping bipartisan talks alive"

"Democrats believe that ... the scent of a Wall Street scandal (has) given them the upper hand"

"The financial overhaul bill is a priority of President Barack Obama and, after health care, its passage would build on his legislative successes"


Cry libwuhl baby, cry ...

How Mexico Treats (its') Illegal Aliens
By Michelle Malkin


All the lies that that smelly piece of sh*t, L.A. Daily News' editor Carolina Garcia, can print:

2009-New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg says he is furious the federal government flew a presidential Boeing 747 and a fighter jet near the site of the World Trade Center. The incident causes brief panic among lower Manhattan office workers fearing a nightmarish repeat of the 2001 terror attacks.


"A low flying plane, later determined to be an Air Force One jet, panicked New Yorkers."


Chucklehead, duh quackiest lamest duck of all time ... feeds a few crumbs to his (free)base(smokers):

F Minus
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What me worry (more fantasy and delusion from ... who else ... al Qaeda Propaganda):

"Republican voter registration in California ... slipped"

"Democratic registration increased"

"The Republican image sustained a lot of damage ... in California it hasn't ... recovered"

"Secretary of State Debra Bowen said voters who decline to state a party preference account for 20.1 percent of the 16.9 million Californians who are registered."

"Pitney (political science professor at Claremont McKenna College) said decline-to-state voters have tended to identify more with Democrats."

" 'California is also strongly Democratic by that measure as well', Pitney said. 'That's an underlying fact that gives a bit of an advantage to both Jerry Brown and Barbara Boxer in the fall'."


Stuff you can't make up [even more shite from Carolina Garcia (sniff)]:

Page D4, Monday, April 26, 2010 (five columns, near quarter page display):

Salute to the Armed Forces

No matter what the era, veterans have always answered their country's call to arm (sic).

On Memorial Day, Monday, May 31st, we will publish a special tribute page to those who are so courageously serving or have served our country.

Remembrance ads on the Memorial page are $48 each.


Eezit meeler time yet?



Thursday, April 22, 2010

It's always darkest ... before the dawn.

Always darkest, before the dawn.

So many links this morning. So much hardcore news. How can one keep track? How can one cope? Easy. Real easy.

In six months.



Ess eye ex.

We're going to retake America.

From out the hand of the foreign born mooselimb traitor. From out the hands of his supplicants. From out the hands of the corrupt felonious criminals, who give aid and comfort to those attacking from within. Destroying this dear, cherished country of ours. Lending support to those who attack our allies.

And completely out the hands of the traitor media. No one's buying King Hussein's camel sh*t anymore. At any fookin price. No one's swilling MSM's presweetened KoolAid anymore. And sooner than not, we're going to show that stinkbug the door. C'ya ... bbbuhbye. So long. Arrivaderci. Sayonara. Adios.

US: Iran strike 'off table' for now. (Via Basil)

What is there to say?

Cat got your tongue?

Speak up ... Bambi, we can't hear you!

Mumble mumble mumble: Would the U.S. Shoot Down an Israeli Jet? Ummm ... uh ... uh ... you won't say. (Also via Basil)

I can almost hear you now Chucklehead. But maybe if you take that Pale swizzle stick out of your mouth?

Dude, you're still mumbling.

Kill the Jew?

I thought that's what you said.

I can hear you perfectly now. You say you have to go to the bathroom?

De do do do, de da da da
Is all I want to say to you
De do do do, de da da da

How umm poetic. Catchy beat even. Wow, I deen't know you wuz a stylin wrappa. Second verse? Sure, go ahead, we're here for ya Mad Mumbler ... go man go. Play that funky music.

And a one and a two and a three ...Violent racist white nazi homophobic trash.

Dude ... that was like so suhweet! Where you from man? Where'd you get them mad skilz? Honolulu? You sh*tting me man. Not really? Oh ... I thought so. From Douchebakistan? Wow, where's that at?

In the land of sunshine, lollipops and rainbows.

Cool. I bet they got unicorns and all kinds a sparkle ponies there too, am I right?

And you say everyone lives happily ever after?

Like wowza Bomma, you're the greatest President ever!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Alright ... who slip't da cid in my lemonid?


Last night, 8 p.m., Tuesday. Parked my keister in front of the flat panel, Fox loaded, the fair haired, blue eyed Billy O'Reilly. And watched in amazement (before changing the channel post haste). As he did his very best Robert Gibbs impression. Indistinguishable.

Using the same code words of the libturd nation (hint: Rand Paul/neocon, King Hussein/greedy). Cozying up to Bambi ... unfolding the sleeper sofa, breaking out sheets, pillow, and a blankie, for the Mooselimb King. As Billy purported to talk about financial regulation.

Had to stop and ask myself ... WTF?

I giss Bill's trying to portray himself in some sort of moderate light? That he's a reasonable sort (not like those whacked out Tea drinkers). But it became official (in the windmills of my mind), when changing one channel over (in my cable lineup), to CNN. That I had landed in some bizarro, inverted universe (who slipped the acid in my lemonade?!).

Lil Cooper Anderson ... live, in real time. Recounting, presenting the horrors of militant radical Islam. Showing Theo van Gogh's shroud covered corpse. As it lay slain. On a city street. In broad daylight. The fatwa against Salman Rushdie. Even the Moe, Ham, and Ed cartoons (of course ... not full screen graphic, but in background).

When Coop trotted out Aayan Hirsi Ali?

I've got blisters on my brain

I knew with absolute certainty, that I had just been dosed with a few mic's of blotter. April 20, 2010 ... and CNN's just waking up to the all too real, foul, sickening, evil caliphate that approaches?


Yeah, I did climb back down ... off that pink, puffy lysergic cloud. When it became painfully obvious, from whence it came.

Dhimmitude disbelief.

Oh no .. Bambi isn't pwezzidunce no mo.

Poor leel Andy was upset. That Revolution Muslim (residing in/on my blogroll under: Durdy Runny B*ttholes), had issued some sort of fatwa. Against South Park's creators, Stone and Parker.

They, who got down on their knees. And officially made the journey to the land of Dhimmi. Pinning on the shiny, sparkly badge even. Thinking such would protect them (not showing an image of the profit, of the pedophile moong*d death cult). And their reward ... for stuffing Mad Mo's meat in their mouths?

Oh the Hugh Manatee!

The world IS a dangerous place. The atomic, littered with the corpses of millions of victims of militant radical Islam. And the virtual ... helping the caliphate's advance to all four corners of the globe. Nightly bringing Lobo to our doors. With their slight of hand, misdirection, and lies. Masking its' approach ... lo these many years now.

And now that he's droolingly rabidly pounding on their door? They cry out WOLF! Go ahead cry. Cry ya little skankasaurs/sores. You cannot exchange your special, numbered, reserved seats in the first ring. For ones one degree cooler, in the seventh. Of hell. You made your kneepads, go sleep on em.

You provided the yellow lane indentification sticker. You provided em with the hybrid vehicle. Sh*t, you even built the express lane they traveled on to get here.

Say hello to the caliphate.

Now go f*ck yourselves. Oh wait, you already have. As well us, and the entire nation too. While strapped in for your ride, on the express train to hell, be sure to request some ice water (for all the good it will do ya).

Express train to hell ...

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Hope for the best ... prepare for the worst

The libturd nation comes calling
(Yeah, you bet that's one ooogly pic. These libturds, these zombies, these creeptastic freekazoids ... who come calling. Befouling our world entire. Victims ... uh duh Brain Gobblers, from the Planet Stinky Pinky).

World's a funny place. In me yute, played hookey from school for the first time, to go see Bobby. Less than a week before he was gunned down. By a Muslim terrorist (can I still say that?). For his support of Israel's right of self defense.

But I never once in this life, had gone to participate in a protest or demonstration. Never once, crafted a protest sign. And I suspect that I wasn't alone in popping muh cherry, on Thursday. I'm thinking hundreds of thousands spoke up, spoke out, in public. For the very first time as well. No virgins here, we all ... us Enemies of the State. Hardcore now.

Sure, old news to one and all ... Mooselimb State Media didn't devote more an a second or two (if that?). To covering the enormous shifting of the earth's tectonic plates. And since there wasn't ANY violence. Nor gay bashing. Neither/nor did we roast, any of the persons of color in attendance. On large outdoor barbecues (and their million candlepower smiles, from so deep inside their hearts. No different than mine. No different than anyone else's there. And that love of country, burnished and singed into our hearts. Will surely help to relight the flame of this nation's liberty once again).

Timothy McVeigh's ghost? Nowhere in sight (what's the deelio Bubba?). Flags of the National Socialists? Nope (but to hear them tell it, flying the Stars and Stripes is well ... tantamount to Nazism). Not only did the two hundred or so Tea Parties, all across America, not lead the evening news. They didn't even finish [twas merely a figment of our imaginations (but local coverage, of a few nazi scum downtown, yesterday. Showing the New Black Panther Party, holding signs circle/slash/swastika? You gotta be joking right ... those *sswipes wouldn't piss on a Jew if he was on fire)].

I can only imagine, Rachel Maddow stayed up the whole entire night ... watching, waiting. Hoping ... praying. And ultimately, when morning finally rolled around? She stood in front of the mirror. Holding a 45 ... to her head. But, since she ain' got no brass (shrill as she is). She just couldn't go through with it.

And the only Moby's in the crowd? Meg Whitman operatives, dressed in casual office attire, handing out full color glossy multipage brochures [and well, there was a tremendous amount of leafletting going on, by all and sundry (note to Meg: was really pist with your last round of gutter attack ads, lowering the discourse ... waaay down. And now, yet again ... another different round? Fook me/geebus ... what a choice, Cherry Jerry Koolaid Brown. Or someone who mistakes a flip of the wrist, holding a trowel loaded with mud. For leadership)].

What I took from the experience? Our hearts and minds spoke to the many more tens of thousands, who were witness. The Dems will not recapture any of our hearts. Nor the narrative. That be lost completley. Though they will continue to sh*t upon the truth, upon us, and upon reality whole.


If the Maggot King (Hussein) dares cross us again? We'll amuse him even more (cue Pesci/Goodfellas). He wants to stoke this fire? Let him (what a pinhead). 198 days ... until Judgement Day (mark your calendars people, count down the days). The survival of this entire nation comes down to just, and only ... one day. November 2, 2010. Not 2012. No pie in the sky. No counting unhatched chickens. We lose this November 2? Then this nation dies. A frightful, inglorious death.


Concentrate on the near event horizon. That's all we have to do. Carpet bombing the voting booth. With ballots. The vile ugly insects, maquerading as humans on CNN and MSNBC, at the AP/NYT's/L.A. Times. Make me sick to my stomach. Hiding behind their ignorance. While parroting lies and repeating fabrications. Without end. Without compunction. Robots. Borgs. Machines. Without conscience. Without shame, let those POS' try that sort of nonsense to my face [mad props to Coulter (even if she ain' down with the birth certificate), for even sitting between Smiley and Tyler. While they dropped trow in her face].

While there once was a tradition of excellence in journalism. Integrity. Service to the citizenry. Duty to honor the truth. Now? Merely and only ... agents of the fascist state [the economy is up! Taxes are lower! Chucklehead smiled, again (gasp). Sarah Palin ran over my puppy!] . Virtual stormtroopers. The ready shock squad ... Schutzstaffel.

They are filth. Pig sh*t. Openly degrading themselves. In their partisan fellation of their King. Desecrating the nation, defiling all Americans. Misguided. Dangerous. Mimicking the caliphate. A mirror image even. They can no longer be entrusted with this safety of this country. No longer be trusted with our very lives.

While I have spouted a number of times ... to go ahead and let them continue on with this insanity.


Just like militant radical Islam teaches intolerance, preaches hate. Begetting violence. So too, we are now witness to physical attacks on conservatives, because of this indoctrination. Reality is. Ignore it at your peril. Up on their televison pulpits, encouraging complete and total disrespect for the truth. And in such, comes a disregard for the law. A state of unreality. And since it is a universe of faux construction, the violence they visit upon other citizens, is also not real.


Don't wait. Don't postpone. Get one like uh ... yesterday. A hard rain just may fall on this nation. In which case, would do you a sight more good to be holding something, other than your puds.

This country has never been in more jeopardy. And things will get hotter. We need to hold on tight. Hold on for dear life. I honestly believe we're going to make it. We're going to get through this. That doesn't mean when we get there, the libturd nation will join us. Back here on planet earth. But simply hope for the best ... plan for the worst (and no, I don't have a well stocked basement larder ... or a gas powered rotary saw ... or a cache of gasoline ... or ...).


Go ahead and wait. Watch. See if we are sucessful ... stomping these bugs ... as we enter the voting booth. Wait and see how the Supremes rule? And whether the bravest man alive, Lt. Col Terrence Lakin, receives the commendation and glory he so richly deserves. One man, standing up to the the entire U.S. military. One man, standing up to the all powerful, the almighty King Hussein, and his legion of MSM scumslingers. Exposing the Mooselimb traitor among us.

We ARE strong enough.

We are reasonable enough (even in these times of trial by fire).

To wait.

But if they crank that tuning peg ... if they wind that key. Till the string breaks? It will recoil at speeds in excess of 700mph. Better stand back. Because all bets will be off. Yes, I believe it possible they will be unable to refrain. Further jeopardizing my country. But I do not fear them. I do not fear events. I do not fear the future. We will suceed. We will not fail. But even if? Somehow, someway ... the unspeakable happens? We as a nation died standing up. With our boots on.

Our glory is now. Today. In the trying. In the struggle. In the effort. In the battle to save America. Win or lose. I was ever so proud Thursday. Had to grab hold of myself a few times. When a spot of moisture would appear in the corner of my eyes. Though we march, carry on ... continue the war. Only the future will reveal its outcome. Each day passes. Each day we inch closer ... to the promised land. One foot in front of the other.

November 2, will be a quite rude awakening for many. MSM continues to amplify the divide. The disconnect. This divorce from reality. This cleave will not narrow (see above pic: victims ... uh duh Brain Gobblers, from the Planet Stinky Pinky). It will only widen. They've shown no propensity, no willingness to change or alter course. I'd like to be optimistic. But the signs are not promising. Bottle fed by Hollywood since birth. Oer their lifetimes. They do not know, do not recognize the atomic world. The one we live in. Have no connection to it.

When King Hussein and his legion of scumslingers, stretch the strings past the breaking point. Open rebellion will follow [you can only brutishly strike a nation in the face, so many times. With such vile, odious, filthy lies. Before they indeed respond to such. Own your words libturds ... or STFU. With this endless ... racist this, racist that (over and f*cking over again)]. In their insanity, they hope for such. They pray for such (oh G*d, I sure do hope the recycling center is open, I need to go buy more gasoline, to pour on the divide). Rather than fear for the life of this great nation, as we all do. They instead root for. Welcome ... its destruction. Keep your cools. PLEASE. Keep your heads. We're gunna keep this country of ours.

Hope for the best.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

High Noon ....

Tick tock ...

We stand on principle. Unmoved. Unbowed.

To remain FREE citizens, in this once free land.

As proscribed in the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights.

As heralded in the Declaration of Indpendence.

And we will NOT sacrifice those principles in the struggle. Not even for one single lousy f*cking seat, in either house of Congress. We will not become them, under the pretense of defeating them. These insects, these bugs, these maggots who feast on our liberty.


In my America, the one they now are destroying with absolute vigor and uncontained glee. WE control ourselves. OUR lives, OUR destinies. As it once was, it too shall be again.

Judgement Day approaches

Those who would cross us? Those who now inexplicably, are rowing in the wrong direction? Unable to distinguish left from right? Unable to refrain from fraggin' the coxswain? GET THE F*CK OUTTA THE BOAT ... NOW! And no, I really don't give a flying leap at a donut if you can swim?

Stand your ground ...

We're not backing down one inch.
Nor millimeter.
Nor nanometer.
Get a clue.

King Hussein is now destroying America!

We hang our heads in shame
As King Hussein continues to destroy America. A path from which he will not diverge. It is going to get a lot warmer. Much. Between now and November 2nd, Judgment Day ... this country will be on fire. As Chucklehead torches this land. In his derangement and pure insanity.

It will get much warmer before November 2, guaranteed.
We can weather this firestorm. We can and will survive. We must.

Congratulations Mr. Supreme Court Justice!
Jesse babe, congratulations on your Supreme Court nomination!

The million tons of napalm King Hussein has at the ready, he will use to attack us from all sides. Via his now entirely predictable scummy behaviour. With a guaranteed hyper-cynical Supreme Court nominee. Via his pocket MSM army of mini Goebbels and mancows. Who pray we fight fire with fire, and nightly dream ever thus. By transference ... crushing our friends, crushing our allies before our very eyes. In order to destroy our spirits. He is a lunatic. A foreign born mooselimb TRAITOR. The likes of which, we have never before seen in America. Where because of his and their crimes, against the truth. It is now against the law ... to be white.

On this Thursday, April 15. At 12 ... high noon. STOP. FREEZE. Park it. Zip it. Pull over to the side of the road. Tie it up. Wherever you are. Whatever you may be doing?


And for one minute, for sixty entire seconds. Cover your face. And hang your head in shame. Do not move. Remain motionless. Still. Listen to the world around you. Before it is lost. Forever.

Sunday, April 11, 2010


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Your orders have arrived, forthwith:

THURSDAY, Suit up, Mount up .. and Ride.

The Republic is under attack.

Do not moan, do not beg, do not cry.

Do not cower nor bend (one) knee.

Do not close your eyes, do not walk into the Federal bonds of slavery.

Do not surrender to the political terrorist Obama.

Not now.

Not ever.


Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Judgement day approaches ...

Judgement day approaches ...
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We are now witnessing the rebirth of these United States of America. On Tuesday, November 2, 2010 ... this nation will arise. We WILL toss the serpents from the garden. We will send them back to hell. Judgement day fast approaches.

As the snakes are brought to heel, we shall once again be a free nation. FREE. Free to pursue our lives. Without Federal restraint. Out from under King Hussein's thumb (yeah, the one he usually keeps you know where).

Sure, Mephistopheles hath already taken the souls of these empty vessels. That comprise the libturd nation. But on the first Tuesday, of this rapidly approaching November. The orcs ... they will come a crawlin'.


From out the depths, coming to cart off the lunatics. Drag their shattered remains ... back to hell. Zombies, and nothing but. Mass hypnosis. Derangement. Evil ... pure f*cking evil. Zero connection to reality. They cannot see their own hands, in front of their own eyes.

Thuh buhlind.
Cannot distinguish light from dark.

We will hear their screams, yes their shrieks, their moans. Their insufferable agony (and if you listen very closely, you just may be able to hear it right now. This very minute. For it has already begun).

And we will be laughing.

On November 3rd, they can watch. They can see our anger fade. Watch our frowns turn upside down (sheet ... I'm smiling right now). While peeking out from behind the gates of hell. They are without shame. Sans reason. Sans rhyme. They will not be missed.

(Elmo's theory of relativity) ... in galactic time, today not a blip, a blink or a blimey. In American time, it IS one the true hinge of history. Our very existence hangs in the balance. Our very lives. And the life of this great land, this country, this place. This idea.

Neener neener ... I can't hear you!
While the surreptitious snake, permanently encoded with the mindlessness of militant radical Islam. Turns his back on G*d and country, plugging his ears.

any mooselimb cawk'l doo
He tries to stuff every mooselimb salami he can find, into his mouth.

All the while, his sainted visage graces the entire front page, of every smelly commie rag in the country. Painted with the brush of a legendary sport's icon. Tucked into the crouch ... unfurling a pitch of hypersonic velocity.

Hey you T'baggers ... bring it on!
You know, a lefty with the right stuff.

Mooselimb State Media's endless 24/7 parade ... of warmly lit, gilt framed hagiography ... never stops. Every outlet. Every platform. Every hour. Every f*cking minute. And when dear leader isn't busy (Damascus) sword swallowing? He busies himself. With sh*tting on you, on me. Upon us all.

It is all he knows.
It is all he is capable of.
That's it.

Buraq the Magic Pony's one trick. What a beaut the sweet little sparkle pony says: a magnificent gift (from me to you) ... of yummy brownies. And the libturd nation? Maddly scrambles ... for every morsel, every crumb.

We do not fear their insanity.
We do not fear you, Chucklehead.
You cannot hide.
For judgement day, it approaches.

Be sure to bring some ice water b*tch!



Just in case you really haven't figg'rd it out yet ... dildo. We don't like you, we don't want you. Our logic and reson have proved you wrong. Go back to Douchebakistan ... where you belong! You cannot bury us ... in your avalanche of lies:

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