Sunday, July 31, 2011

Give out the word ... abandon Earth

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H dub said: "no new taxes."

Boehner said: "no blank checks" (... & no tricks).

Sh*t fool, we're coming up on 10 a.m. (PST) now, and it looks like you're doing all you can. To give that stanknasty IslamoCommie traitor, a whole stack of blank checks (and tossing in a box of flavored corn puffs for good measure).


Yeah, I (as in me) weren't titanium spined, on the debt ceiling. Was flexible (don't hate). Thought it would get us some forward motion/progress. Towards where we want to go, where we need to go. Obviously, I ain' that smart. And guess what? Those who did stand on principle, indeed were the light, were the way. Were our only salvation, our last hope, our last chance (that's right, all past tense) on this rudderless, sinking ship.

I understand pragmatism (she does have her charms and wiles), waiting .... for November 6, 2012. And those magical few extra Senate seats. Well, what makes you think you're going to get them (my sweet dear jellyfish), huh? Yes, the White House IS ours, Make No Mistake (none). But ya didn't fight til the end, for the Ryan plan (nor PennyMac). You gave up. Instead of cutting that piece of filth off at the knees? You bake that traitorous scum Buraq Hussein, a f*cking birthday cake! This isn't politics, it is insanity. Pure. Revolting.

No, I'm not as freaked out as the morning after ... the health care reform bill was passed (and I don't have the TV or radio on now, as I'm plinking this. So I have no idea what the clown patrol is up to?). Whence the fully lethal fascists' handiwork could be seen. Docking the HCR mothership in the sky, casting a long dark shadow, over this whole (former) Land of Liberty. But I am through with go along, to get along. Yes. Even with pretending (once in a while), to be civil with those (walking talking pieces of excrement) across the aisle.

Watching Pelosi, yesterday afternoon in the House. Yammering, doddering, crazed (as usual). Pointing her craggy finger (still moist/redolent with eau de Obama) ... at the Repubs. And every other turdmonkey Dem in the House, wildly barking the same out their cloaca's: OMG... (there's) Republicans (here) ... run away!

You can't write or script this fiction. You can't, it is not possible [not even by an infinite number of (drunk) monkeys]. Those who can still spell r e a l i t y? Now find it as scary as it has ever been, ever. Not just incredulous, to witness citizens living/existing entirely in another completely different dimension. But seeing our (so called) leaders and heads of govt., permanently out to lunch as well ... [who the f*ck was Pelosi speaking to, huh? Geebus (cue video Truman Show/Truman asking his wife Meryl: "who [the fook] are you talking to?" [he speaking with aggrieved, desperate consternation])].

Where the f*ck is my spaceship ... I want off this planet. There is no end to this madness. As long as I live, as long as I breathe, I will never surrender my principles again. For anyone. For anything. For any reason or any entreaty of any kind. For they be the only life raft left in this Universe. The last and only one remaining. That's it. There are no more escape capsules.

Bipartisnaship? Compromise?

Beam me up Scotty, there is no integritive life on this planet.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

And so it begins ...


Nightime, November 9, 1938 ... Berlin. Now, now I know exactly what it was like. Exactly. To be in that moment singular. And hear the sound ... the sound of breaking glass. Last night, at six forty in the evening. Diane Sawyer, and the Arab Broadcasting Company arrived at my home unanounced. Armed with sticks ... armed with bricks, and torches and pitchforks.


At first I did not believe my eyes. Did not believe my ears (wait a freakin' minute ... those are MY windows!). When during a segment of the ABC World News, devoted to all things Breivik. (An off camera) voice over/commenter, mentioned Breivik and one Spencer (Robert). In one breath. The same breath. Asking of noone in particular (as filthy, stanknasty libturds often do), was it "right wing websites" that are the (direct) cause of Breivik's actions?

ABC not mentioning oh ... say ... Zip's site, noooh (exploded libturd cranium cleanup, on aisle three). But, showing a screen capture of (da Yid) Spencer's site, Jihad Watch. Spencer, firmly in the pantheon of (ever so) mild mannered, highly reasoned thinkers [like (da Yid) Daniel Pipes before him, also now being conflated with Breivik]. Brevik didn't slaughter nearly a hundred innocents, in frightfully chilling blood so cold. No.


It was the Jews.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

There's something out there ... in the darkness

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There's something out there ... in the night. Waiting ... watching. Below the waterline. Unseen, calm. Silent, motionless. And as we approach, our engines ... unbelievably ... not at dead slow, nor slow, or even half. Our engines are at throttle full. Blindly we speed into the void. Into the unknown.

Many (even some like me) think it possible, we have already tripped over the wire. Passed moments Archduke Ferdinand. And that there is no going back. As we race, pell-mell.

Unto Oblivion? That I know not. Nor the length of the cut, or how deep the gash. And whether we sink ... down to the sandy bottom, to a watery grave. Or remain afloat, with or without engines. Or without any remaining fuel. Or even a prop, with which to make shore. Adrift. How long this battle, how great. How many lives will perish?

This struggle against evil, against the forces of darkness shall take many forms. Comprised of many fronts. In ways heretofore unknown. In manner and method which shall yet be revealed by the transgenic, baby raping moong*d death cult. And their abettors in the Reich Ministry/Associated Press/MSNBC/CNN/CBS/ABC/L.A. Daily News. Who are ever so cheerfully doing their part, to aid and comfort the (fully lethal) fascists. D o .. n o t .. b e .. m i s t a k e n, this war ... it has already begun. In whichever fashion, in however many fields? And however many, consumed by however many bombs.

A deranged lunatic goes a killin' in Oslo, and the whole entirety of the Islamist caliphate has a collective, shuddering, spontaneous emission (yeppers, a lotta goats went to sleep lonely that night). And, if you accidentally left your plasma aglow overnight (tuned to al Jazeera). You found "right wing extremist" etched and burned ... into the bottom of the panel. MSM taking rips of the freebase too, getting (flag planting) giddy with it (there isn't a stack of bloody corpses too high). Doing their own convulsive, spasmodic floppity crack dance (on the sidewalk). Posting virtual wanted posters of Michelle Bachmann (not sure if she has an alibi, or can prove/confirm her whereabouts, for Friday). And action charts (with exit locations), of what to do, should you encounter anyone at Whole Foods ... buying tea bags.

The libturd nation, at a loss ... confused, vexed. Unable to explain why, after the messiah (with his bare hands), hath slain Osama. Anyone could possibly still fear the Mooselimbs? There are no laws against stupidity, none against idiocy (though yeah, if the libs had their way). But whence you ignore the laws of gravity? Then the time between ascent (Hope'n Change), and descent (Nov 6, 2012). Is your own mofo's.

And the time between now and open global war? ... Years? ... Nope, that interval will be counted and measured ... in mere days (be it thirty, be it sixty, be it ninety). Which should give Buraq Hussein enough time to transfer thirty billion dollars, to al Qaeda in North Africa, and two billion dollars to the Muslim Brotherhood, in Egypt [which the Iranians (Sunni or Shi'i ... it all spends), the Norks, the Chinese, or even the Russians will gladly accept].

There IS something out there people. Thisaway it wends.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Crime of the Century ...

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Now they're planning the crime of the century
Well what will it be?
Read all about their schemes and adventuring
Yes, it's well worth the fee

So roll up an' see
How they rape the universe
How they're goin' from bad to worse

Who are these men and women of blood lust, fascist screed and inglory?
Rip off the mask and let's see

The darkness that is now descending upon the globe, around the world whole. The evil now that now gathers, with a speed most ferocious (masking the horror that awaits). Can be directly attributed to MSM/Reich Ministry. All of the blood that flows from this day forward. All of it. Every single f*cking drop.

Matters not which piece of Islamist filth (at the behest of his smiling friendly neighborhood imam). Removes which finger, from whichever spring loaded detonator. Wired to whichever anti-personnel bomb that's strapped to his torso.

Islamism has now been given carte blanche by MSM/Reich Ministry. Ideologically welcomed ... with arms open wide (more like on knees/wearing jewel encrusted platinum kneepads). Rallying support for the caliphate. Adding fuel to the fire burning under Islamism's cauldron of hate.

All the beheadings, all of the bombings that now follow, will have MSM's fingerprints. All of the countless innocents more … fed into Moe, Ham, and Ed’s fifteen story tall wood tall chipper, same.

The sickening nauseating traitor Buraq Hussein (and the IslamoCommie Junta), can give al Qaeda in Libya/North Africa $30 Billion. And, toss another $2 Billion to the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt (for good measure). And, NATO can bomb the less holy Muslim Ghadaffi [laughingly trying to install the more holy (radical/violent) fundamentalists].

But without the help of MSM/Reich Ministry/Associated Press/MSNBC/Carolina Garcia/CNN/CBS, t'would all be for naught. Their words/actions inflicting as much damage, as much carnage ... as any terror attack. Without their help [and yeah, we most certainly can include Zuckerpunch (in the) Facebook], we simply would not be in the danger we now are [or the horror unimaginable, we shall yet face (it’s coming people)].

Hawk up a mighty oyster ... present it to the face of one of these keyboard killers today. If it's the least thing you do in this battle? And yes, it would be a crime not to. Trust noone. Believe only in what YOUR eyes inform. What YOUR heart believes. Only what YOUR reasoned mind knows. It is OUR only defense.

The most valuable thing I own in this life, isn't even mine. It is yours, is her's ... is theirs. It belongs to any/every one whom so shall believe in it. Who shall take it upon their shoulders, to defend.

The Constitution.

Der Fuehrer and the Reich Ministry's attack from within, upon America (and the Constitution), continues unabated. Reality, truth, and reason provide no sustenance to these potted plants (and if they could just get rid of that pesky First Amendment, how pretty they would flower). Only lies, only propaganda keep these pod people alive (and after all ... without all the obfuscation, misdirection, omission journalism, fabrication, fantasy and delusion ... they would merely be Fox News).

However many Independents, Libertarians etc. trip and fall (over the jar of smelling salts). Getting out of bed the morning of Tuesday, November 6, 2012 (on the way to the polls). Or (on the same day) however many (African)Americans, realize Buraq Hussein ain't American. And those groups together (with us), in turn ... toss the IslamoCommie piece of traitorous excrement out, on his f*cking *ss.

It won't change the climate. The weather shall remain unchanged. Those aren't cats and dogs people, MSM/Reich Ministry will still be raining heavy liberal diarrhea down on you, on me, on the Constitution. And upon that which we hold most dear, this idea ... America.This disconnect from reality will still grow ever thus. 140 characters at a time.

And when these freaks wind that elastic band all the way (past double knots). They still will mindlessly continue to attempt to stretch it … even further (Murdoch's fault!). And when it snaps, it's recoil won't be subsonic. A mighty wail will be heard when reality hits the libturd nation, up side the head ... at 2,200 mph. But in that singular moment, they still will be unable to recognize truth, reason. And when the motor officer asks them if they got the plate number (of the dieselpusher motorhome that just ran over them)? They still will not be able to even spell the word (on the vanity plate) ... R E A L I T Y (let alone buy a freakin’ vowel).

Something's gotta give people. This cannot continue without consequences. It cannot. Something IS gunna snap. Yeah, sorry. There simply are far, far too many malevolent forces at work ... now in play. Many in concert, others merely synchronous. But this is no accident. Death Race 2011 is already well underway. The blatting rattling cacophonous wail of uncorked exhaust … soon to be bouncing off a city wall or building ... near you.

It won't be pretty. No. But my sweet dear drinker of tea, you ain' got nothin' to worry about ... cuz it's all Bush's fault (or maybe ... Prez Bachmann simply just forgot to take her Midol?).

In a (Associated Press) world, where Charlie Sheen's overt antisemitism, is now: "public ridicule of the show's producer." Where Iran is mere moments away from crossing the Rubicon [and stepping ashore (having now cleared THE most difficult hurdle, achieving 20% enrichment)]. Where the most insane, most stupid, most vile, most filthy kapo (Wasserman), offers herself up. As the poster child for der Fuehrer's reelection [if somehow she catches fire in a car accident? This Jew however, might deign to tinkle on her (just the kind of guy I am/And well) ... I wouldn't want to face a/any anti-good samaritan prosecution (now would I)]. To your face Debbie? Look me up, be happy to let you see what's in my eyes (I'm sure you won't mind if I pack my nostrils with Vic's first).

Friday, July 15, 2011

One step beyond ...

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Beyond politics, beyond partisansh*t, beyond madness even.

Caught a few minutes of duh Mooselimb State National Broadcasting Company (MSNBC), this a.m. (approx 4:45 a.m. PST). And them pattin' themselves on the back [for having one a'them icky Republicans on (the Mournful Shmoe program)]. In this case, t'was Congressman Ryan. Brave, gutsy mofo (furreal) ... sharing the frame, while the MSNBC *ss monkeys drop trow, and have a fluff party (in his face).

Ryan resolute, infinitely clear, implacable. But ... he might as well a'been speakin' Mandarin. You can turn the sound down/off (as I regularly recommend), if'n you want to more clearly understand the interspersed/following simian repartee ... of Joe and Mika (and the other assorted libturds in attendunce). And watch, just watch. The faces, and the eyes ... patronizing, deprecating, slandering, grimacing. The anger, the hatred seething out. The mental illness of these creepy filth.

Strap yourselves in people (a'course ... you're already strapped right?). Gunna be a rough ride. Real f*cking rough (yeah, I'll say it again). Myself ... not looking forward to what's coming. I simply am not (sh*t, the triple A's already lighting up the sky). The battle for America, civilization, and the World is underway. It is going to be a struggle of great length. A battle beyond comprehension. One step beyond ... Good vs. Evil.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Got umbrella?

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Yeah, six weeks a bit long between blog posts [and I haven't even ventured out onto the greater web, in nearly the same interval (yikes)]. Made a little (regularly scheduled) pit stop ... for some under the hood/chassis maintenance (and wasn't much in the mood/mode). No matter.

While we the seeing, we who have eyes ... call the ball. The blind and wretched libturd nation, and their supplicants in the Reich Ministry. Continue to purvey their puree of lies (free spoons and bibs to all viewers/readers of CNN/MSNBC/AP/NBC/CBS/ABC/NYT's). Unceasing propaganda. Steadfast, firm in their ignorance. Proud (mighty) of their derangement.

And as the caliphate grows ... from diapers ... to baby steps ... to enervated/agitated juvenile. Left foot, right foot they now march. Across the globe. Cheered on here at home. By the left/Hollyweird/MSM/6' cockroach Buraq Hussein (and his passel/possie of stanky critters hiding out in the cabinet).

More clashes will emerge. Not only/just on some unseen sun baked Middle Eastern desertscape. Nor the borders of a tiny besieged country (smaller than a postage stamp). But here. At home. In America. On the very streets where freedom and liberty once dwelled. The system (as it were), will begin in some manner ... to breakdown (cue Tom Petty). As the shifting earth begins to tremble. As the foundation weakens under the constant hammer blows that the filth, cowards, and traitors now deliver. I cry. I cry in fear .. for what is yet to be.

As faith in our government, our institutions, and our leaders begins to wane. Those who think the Constitution a quaint anachronism, will become emboldened. While others, others will simply panic (can you say Nagin's N'awlins).

What exactly will transpire? Only the future knows. But if you're anywhere near a major metro area ... say L.A., S.F., Seattle, Chicago, NYC? Then t'would be prudent (if you've got the ducats) to at least put in a three month store of food/water/fuel/batteries. At minimum. And a six month cushion would not be paranoid (no Sir/Maam). Ooond if'n ya gotts a lil extry jingle jangle in your coin purse? A fair supply of boolits (various calibers), bolts, and blades ... a good mix thereof. Will insure you've got something to hold (other than your johnson). When the proverbial dookie hits the fan. The question of course ... how much shite, and how big the fan?

The ease with which the traitor Buraq Hussein swings his sledge upon the Republic. As the Reich Ministry wipes his brow [and his butt (Maddow: "unlimited corporate money is financing the Tea Party"/July 7-MSNBC)]. And the speed with which those blows now find purchase. Chills me to the marrow. All the while weedle Timmy Pawlenty takes swipes at Congresswoman Bachmann [singing Lady Gaga's praises in the same breath (that's some leadership there aye)]. And Hume mindlessly gets his Santorum on, and does same. And f*ck, don't even get me started on the unbelievably large army of Kapo's ... Stewart, Bloomberg, etc., dribblin' Buraq spoot down their chins.

We shall indeed prevail upon Tuesday, November 6, 2012. Yes, we shall [I'll be surprised if the mooselimb turd isn't impeached before then (though I shouldn't be)]. With help from some unexpected stalwarts, fiercely clinging to the crags [Gutfeld, last week (among the mild ribaldry) ... simply doing some reg'lar old school journalism/who, what, when, where, how (yeah, freakin remarkable it was, to see what the past once once looked like)]. But it is a long journey. A trying journey. Both sacred and profane. And where once was a great America, we may arrive to find only destruction ... only desolation. We may see only barren smouldering remains? On that eve, will the true extent be known. Will we be able to scavenge the remains ... huh? Will we be able to piece the Republic back together? Praying she survives the raw, yard long Frankensteinian scars.

This is the time. This is the place. This is the moment. Live free ... or die mofo's. We take up the standard (just try to remove it from our hands ... go 'head). Unmoved, unbowed. At the fiery gates of hell its very self.

Addendum, Wednesday, 7:30 a.m.

This war, this war will be like no other. Will be fought on many fronts. On many fields of battle. In ways heretofore unimagined. Ways yet to be revealed. It will sear our hearts. It will confound our souls. It will weigh ever so mightily on our spirit. And, as I've said a thousand times oer the last while, it has already begun ...

"News Corporation has withdrawn its bid for BSkyB, Sky News City editor Mark Kleinman has exclusively revealed. The media group feels the situation has become 'too politicised' for it to continue with its takeover offer, a senior source told Kleinman."

Yeah, sure, of course ... a media war/virtual war/cyber war only part of the looming clusterf*ck. And that lovefest? Will be the largest the world has ever known. So, someone's got a stiffie for Fox, like that's news right? Cept of course, as usual, tis ALL smoke and mirrors.

How duzz ya know dat elmo?

Was watching a few minutes yesterdee, of the C-Span. Some coverage of British gubment hearings, into the affair. And well whuddya know ... the activity wasn't central, let alone exclusive to Fox (or begun at their behest?). Seems the info stolen/hacked was sold/vended/distributed to over three hundred different journalists. But ya'd never know that if you wuzz watching MSM's delirious, bash Fox orgy [maybe put on some latex next time, before reaching for the remote aye? (It's scary out there)].